Changing Landscapes

The borders of the Alliance have taken a turn for the worst. At each edge, hostility brews. The Spirit in the air grows stagnant, forcing residents to vie for bandwidth. With the descent of the Horseman comes its wretched grip, strangling the flow of energy from Makai throughout Vescrutia.


The Astral Chaos and the Neo Nytmare bolster their defenses watching nearby territories slowly fall into chaos. Normally peaceful communities turn on each other to harvest the Spirit from each other, its replenishment cut off by the Horseman.


To their knowledge, The Horseman's influence grows weaker where strong Spirit flows from Makai. The Astral and Nytmare both channel massive amounts of Spirit from Makai, allowing them to produce a safe area for their residents and those seeking refuge from the surrounding states.

The Mission for the Alliance

Take part in the Resistance and protect Vescrutia at all costs.

The culture in the Astral and the Nytmare facilitates the healthy flow of Spirit from Makai. Help your fellow man however you can to keep the Spirits high within the Alliance borders.

Harness the power of the Courts and Houses to do your part and transform Vescrutia.



Next Steps...

See what's on the horizon with blog updates and stay tuned for more info on the state of Vescrutia.