Astral Chaos Introduction

The Kingdom of Astral Chaos
The Astral Chaos is a thriving community of crafters, warriors, scholars and dreamers. The kingdom is surrounded by mountain ranges and lush forest which house unique life and nature resources. Among the many resources to be harvested in the alps of chaos or the forest of resonance is The Azure. The Azure is one of vescrutia's many forms of Prana. The Astral citizens harvest the Azure from the lands and use the element to produce weapons, armor, advance their tech, fuel their machine and whatever else they can think of.

The Astral is Protected by an impenetrable barrier and governed by its three founders The Astral takes an active approach to removing tyranny, villainy, and deceptions. Citizens spend their time forging new skills, crafting new devices, tending to their studies, or simply getting to know themselves or their neighbors. Though the kingdom has existed for hundreds of years a lot of The Astral citizens are survivors of war, refuges.

Sanctus Imperium
While adventuring through the forest of resonance Zeik and his companions found an Arcane Artifact pulsing with Prana and covered in foreign script. The travelers, gifted in arcane knowledge,investigated the 'Crystals', triggering an energetic reaction that encased them in a temporal field. The travelers found their wildest imaginations could be crafted right before them and were shown visions of worlds consumed by a darkness beyond their reach.

The travelers, warriors from different walks of vescrutian life, built a fortress to stand as an unbreakable pillar against that darkness and named it the kingdom of Astral Chaos. Astral City is hidden within the Forest of Resonance and fortified by the Alps of Chaos. They built their kingdom and crafted instruments to repel the invading Riders.

The Sanctus Crystal serves as a vital piece in arming the Astral citizens with the strength to deter evil at every corner. The Sanctus Crystal has the stored consciousness of world's destroyed from within.

Sanctus Crystals are capable of projecting physical matter into the Crystal's reality.