The Horsemen

Instruments of Armageddon. Agents of Extinction.

A fowl wind swept the lands, blanketing the luminous Vescrutian sky in a ominous omen. Quietly an unknown evil coalesce in ‘insert wilderness name,’ and silently ‘insert same wilderness name,’ was destroyed by abhorrent nightmares razing the lands in horrific violence.

The Riders Hordes of Horrific design march tirelessly through Vescrutia’s wilderness. Destroying towns, landmarks, Natural Resources or
Corrupting the strong against the vulnerable. Seducing man against himself and nature with panic, despair and bedlam. Bombarding them with whispers of madness, the call of the void.

War. Famine. Desolation. Death. Riders. The only perceivable words observed from their dead language. They disfigure all they touch, draining Vescrutians natural resources with freighting precision, appearing at night and always behind the presence of strong Lunar light.