Introduction to The Neo

Neovian Conservatory

The Conservatory was founded by ZK and Atra to explore the depths of the Neo Network they could reach and stretch the limits of the Bestiary to perceived completion. Lumin has lifetimes worth of Cordis Novae to draw energy from. The Lucis Acolytes devoted their lives to finding out more about Lumin and the Bestiary through study and training. The Conservatory is a dedicated to the discovery and cultivation of Arbiters all across Vescrutia. At inception, ZK and Atra worked with the Lucis Acolytes, using their knowledge of the Bestiary to learn ways to active Arbiters in other creation. ZK and Atra made a deal with the Acolytes to learn how to teach the secret of activating the Arbiter. In exchange they would flesh out the contents of the Bestiary and build Lumin’s brightness.