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No unread posts Hyperion Colossus

The charred lands in a strip of volcanoes. Magma pits and sulfur floes burn at the remaining life. Further out, the plant life flourishes from the ashes of the dead. This string of volcanoes is almost constantly active, erupting at not only the slightest provocation, but also whenever possible to relieve the pressure under the surface.

-- What was once a mere volcanic mountain range known formerly as the Volcanic Elios is now a great burning volcanic deity trodding about the Mountains of Scorn, known as the Hyperion Colossus. Born of the Insanity's creation prowess, it was given the power to live, to grow and to evolve as it may, once as a small volcano. It has grown, absorbing more and more of the mountain range in the name of the Insanity and spreading its influence with the marks of Consecreation, which leaves the Insanity's sigil branded in the very being of this hellacious land. It has grown so vast now that its head easily surpasses the clouds, as it has aged and matured quite significantly since its conception. Now, the Hyperion Colossus is the guardian of the Mountains of Scorn, and serves as an entire mountain range in and of itself. It and its younger sibling, Mt. D'Stroi, are the rulers of this land, making up he Mountains of Scorn as their home.



Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:37 am

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No unread posts Mount D'Stroi

The single most violent peak on the face ov Vescrutia. Wth an oddly snowcpped peak coupled with constant lava flow, this terrifying monument of natural destruction retains its fearsome image with complimentary storm clouds and lightning, freezing winds blowing red hot stones and blizzard condition snowfall that makes it the hottest and coolest place on Vescrutia. The inhabitants at the foot of the mountain ward off outsiders for their own protection, very forcefully.

-- The grant mountain that once stood strong and proud in its own magnificence has now been given life, will and purpose of its own as one of the many created children of the Insanity. Born as Mt. L'Roi, a turtle-escque creature harboring tusks of pure molten heat and a burning hearth within the grandiose volcanic struucture piercing the heavens atop its back, it became a moving, growing, evolving being now known as 'Mt. D'Stroi,' It casually roams the Mountains of Scorn erupting as it may, creating lakes of fire; pure molten Insaniy in its wake indifferent to all other things around (save for its elder sibling, the Hyperion Colossus.)



Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:05 pm

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