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Echoes Etched In Stone

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:41 am
by Grave Yamino
How long had it been, since he walked the Astral streets? It was an odd sensation, as familiar steps guided Grave through a city that looked almost nothing like what he remembered. It had been some time, years at that, and the Kingdom was full people he had never seen before, filled with buildings built upon treasured memories.

He sighed, as the thought of the marks left by his loved ones and friends had all but faded from this place they had given their lives to leave and in an act of curiosity or maybe desperation, among the crowds he stopped. Suddenly all was stripped away and there was now only Grave's thoughts and focus as his senses spread throughout the city. He traveled down unfamiliar alleyways, winding streets as he searched for a trace of something familiar. Within in the spiraling towers, he could feel him, Zeik, his King, his friend, his influence had not waned as he still guided those of the Chaos. Grave smiled, yet not a single stone was etched with his own essence.

The world around him returned to him, a light chuckle escaping his lips as he turned to continue his journey but from the corner of his eye he noticed an all to familiar scene. A group of teenagers laughing as they walked out of a nearby tavern, joking all the while about the day's events and upcoming exams. He saw himself in them, his friends...Mayumi. He let out another sigh, though this time it was at himself as he walked passed the young group and entered the tavern their nostalgic scene vanishing as the tavern doors closed behind him.

It was a quiet place, at least for now and it was no trouble to walk himself over to the bar, it's keeper killing time by wiping down already clean glasses. "What will it be?" he asked as Grave took a seat on one of the bar stools.

"A glass of milk would be nice.."

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Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:10 pm
by Savaj Vanguard
“..and two more long islands please, he’a pick up the check.”

-Said the young women pulling up a stoll right next to Grave, dawning unique Neovian equipment, including a very fashionable olive green military parka. She had a very warming smile, maybe too warm due to the four empty mugs collecting dust on her far side, but Savaj could handle her liquor.-

“Hi there, I don’t think we’ve met..”

-She said flashing her crest white smile and booze reddened cheeks with inspiring eloquence despite her current state. Savvy had became a regular at this bar before she was seventeen. After of course traversing every bar worthwhile within the Alliance in a matter of few days thanks to some fancy interdimensional seal carved into her hands and a crippling drinking habit.

Regardless, The Astral Chaos was one of the ninteen year olds favorite places to get hammered. And Grave was someone she’d never sloppily swayed past on her way in or out.-

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Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:30 pm
by Grave Yamino
It wasn't long before he was with company. As mentioned, the tavern as of this afternoon wasn't all that busy and from the corner of his eye, he watched as a slim figure closed the distance between them.

He had noticed her when he came in and chose his spot as to not encroach on her space. Though now he saw that such consideration was unwarranted. Her stool let out a light screeching noise as it's metal base contrasted against the ground. A common occurrence to be sure, as the barkeep paid no mind, simply another layer upon the scuffed floor. Grave had thought the dim lights where part of the motif but he now understood that it was most likely a crafty to hide the marks on the floor and for a moment he felt bad for the one who'd eventually have to try and buff those out.

"No, we haven't."

He said as he turned to her getting his first real look at the young woman. At first, her stylish dress and artistic flare almost made him miss the military marking on her jacket. Was this something new? Individuality was a given when he was last here and though they were without doubt soldiers in an army it never felt like it until it did. "So it seems not just the buildings had changed", he thought.

He smiled at her in kind, she was cute and from her looks, she had to be somewhat close to his age or at least he hoped so. Grave had met a handful of people either magically aged or genetically altered to seem more than what they truly were especially here in the Chaos. Yet, what did he know and based on the empty mugs she had left on her end of the table she was "old" enough to be a patron here and could hold her own if barely. He chuckled for a moment as he was no one to try and compare to when it came to drinking, him being a lightweight and all that. The barkeep looked to Grave for the slightest sign of consent toward the woman's request to which Grave responded with a simple nod, and with that, he went off.

He outstretched a hand to her...

"I'm Grave."

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Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:09 am
by Savaj Vanguard
“I’m charmed.. and that’s some name you got.”

-Savvy said after getting a more initmate look into Grave’s radiant emerald green peepers. Her’s were similar in color alibet several tints darker. Sage was a color her mother often identified with wisdom but that was typically the last thing someone thought about Sav at first glance.

..he seemed nice though. She returned his handshake at the same time the bartender returned with her drinks.-

“..And don’t worry, my twentieth’ is comin’ up in a few days. ‘Sides, if i’m old enough to kill, I’m old enough for whatever the fuck else this life offers.”

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Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 6:48 pm
by Zeik
-A man draped in tattered robes walked into the tavern, he kept his hood over his head and made his way to the bar. His presence was like a whisper, most of the patrons of the Tavern didn’t look up to see the new comer. The hooded figure pulled out a barstool next to Grave, but kept his face affixed to the bartenders. The shriek of the barstool attracted a little attention, but most would ignore the poor appearance of the man.-

‘I’ll have a water, please.’

He whispered. A young woman was standing on the other side of the bar, she quickly handed the patron the glass of water. Another person came into the bar, bathing the dimly lit bar with light. The barkeeps face gleamed with excitement after noticing who was hiding behind the robe. Hastily he raised his finger, gesturing a whisper to quell the woman before taking his glass from the lovely server. She bowed to the patron before walking over to the other barstaff and sharing her excitement.

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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:34 am
by Grave Yamino
"I can drink to that."

He agreed, reaching for his glass of milk that had come in with the woman's beverages. He gave the barkeep a thanking nod as the doors to the tavern swung open. Grave gave the newcomer a glance as he strolled passed the other patrons and took the empty seat to his side opposite the girl. Unlike his new fashionable friend, the stranger's featureless robes where matted and old, yet there was something..more. Grave shifted himself in his seat, turning back toward the front of the bar as he took a swig of his milk. He was taught that it was rude to sit with your back to someone, yet still, he held a glance at this stranger. Even from the corner of his eye, he saw something, there in this strangers plainness...something. It gnawed at the back of his mind as the whispering and giddy glee of the tavern workers where like fading background noise, his glance desperately trying to find an answer as if his gaze could pierce past this tattered veil...and then he remembered himself.

He turned his attention toward the woman and gave a light chuckle and smiled, he had almost forgotten about her. He went to take another sip of his drink, this time his focus not so slip that he could actually enjoy the cool and refreshing taste of the milk he had ordered. People used to make fun of him saying all milk tasted the same but the drinks here weren't bad and if he made the choice to stay, he decided that he'd have to come to visit again. A refreshing sigh came from him after he quickly downed his drink and placed the empty glass in front of him.

"I didn't get your name by the way.."

He said looking at her. His face was both amused and honestly curious. It wasn't often you met such excentric people, he'd like to put a name to the face if only to better remember her.

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Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:30 pm
by Savaj Vanguard

-She said after taking that long island to the head in a matter of seconds. She wiped her lips and extended her head over the bar to get glimpse of the man sitting on his lonsome. Her lips instantly curled into a grin.-

“Don’t look now, but I think we’re among one of the mighty Trinity.

-She said behind some loose chuckles and rosey cheeks. Savvy had never met Zeik in person, only through fable and story. She scooted back on her stool using a little telekinetic finesse, just so she could make sure she wasn’t mistaken. Which was highly unlikely.-

“Ya eva met Zeik before?”

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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:58 pm
by Zeik
He lifted the heavy crystal glass mug to his face, finishing the water in one go and placing the frosty glass on the bar


He cried with satisfaction, wiping the frost from the glass with his fingers and using the moisture to wipe a sauce stain from the bar.

‘Even with elven wards of psiocnic Protection?’

He questioned with a warm smile. He shook his head, knocking his hood to his shoulders,revealing his bushy charcoal-black locks tied Into a ponytail.-

‘I wasn’t really sure about this day, ya’know, I received some unsettling news earlier.’

-He said nonchalantly. Clearing the remaining frost off his glass. He glanced over to the barstaff, now bitterly exchanging crystals while others shouted ‘pay uppp,’ amongst themselves. He gestured to the staff for service while chuckling, shaking his head in disbelief as he returned his attention to Grave and Savaj. -

‘But... then I find Grave has returned to the Astral and a Young Vanguard is lofting around the Lonely Stone?! Then the stars are still on my side!.

-He shouted triumphantly. Releasing the spell on his robes that gave them their dirty and mundane appearance. Icy blue flames dissolved the Caste and revealed his midnight- blue robes, embroidered in black and gold runes of the Hellgate Tribe.-

‘I felt you come into the city, so I came looking for you Grave. How are you?’

- He said softly.

‘Let’s catch up over some drinksss,’

- He said. Sluring his words as he realized how many drinks sat beside the Vanguard.-

‘Of water. Warm or cold?!’

-He said nervously, scratching the hairs on his cheek behind closed eyes.-

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Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:26 pm
by Grave Yamino
He raised a brow to her, slowly turning back around in his seat toward the cloaked man. His disguise now cast off and Grave was face to face with his old friend and King Zeik, after all this time. Suddenly he was filled with emotion, an overflow of joy as he saw the first familiar face in years.

"It's good to see you, Zeik.."

He said as he wiped away the small pool of water forming in his left eye. He let out a small laugh. How funny it must have been for the simple sight of someone to bring a tear to a grown man's eye. He smiled at his friend, both having gone through a lifetime's worth of experiences since their last meeting.

"I, don't even know where to start..."

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Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:19 pm
by Zeik
-He was sure his efforts to mask his presence would been seen as cheap parlor tricks, he could hear the whispers in the tavern rising. Admittedly he loved the attention,it was a stark reminder of what he was fighting to protect.-

‘I hadn’t expected to rile such emotion, has the times been hard?’

-He asked grave warmly. Hisindex finger rested on his head as he surveyed Grave and the young vanguard.

‘And the young miss? A friend...or?’