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 Post subject: Talia's Gear
 Post Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:49 am 
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Smiteful Chains- These are barbed chains, with daggers at the ends, that are wrapped around Talia's body in a non-hindering way. Talia can propel these chains towards opponent, have them wrap around prey, and use them to flay skin with relative ease. She can even use them has whips or grappling hooks, should those functions ever be needed. When being used with Talia, the chains can easily lift and toss grappled objects or people with ease. The chains stretch up to 10 feet in length and to Talia, weight absolutely nothing, but when held by other people other than her, they weigh a few hundred pounds. They are made out of a durable steel and are black in coloring. In total, there are eight chains wrapped around Talia's body, with a total of eight daggers on her body.

Poly-Fiber Suit: This is a black undersuit beneath Talia's armor. The suit allows Talia's body to move with the least amount of friction, granting her better movement speed and agility. The suit gives minimal protection against projectiles and/or weapons.

DPH-Armor: An all-black, lightweight armor that hugs Talia's body. The armor opposes friction aimed towards her within reason. An example of this would be a punch coming towards her body. The armor will try to match the force within reason and effectively equalize the friction between Talia and the punch, thereby reducing its overall effectiveness. This applies to all projectile and weapon attacks that hit the armor pieces. The armor is almost full body, protecting her from the neck down. It has straps that tightened to her body to keep the armor in place and its appearance is smokey black in coloring.

The armor comes with a hood attacked to the shoulder area and a fauld that covers her waist down to her boots. On the back of the armor is her Duvhenimere clan symbol in the middle of the Duvhenimere race emblem.

Limit Thy Wrath: This tattoo travels all throughout Talia's naked body in the form of thorns. These “thorns” prevent the usage of her Unique Skill and serve as the balance between her emotions and power. As of right now, Talia cannot break the tattoo's seal, but in time she will be able to. Extreme duress and a stressful environment may be the key to releasing the beast's seal.

Regular Clothing:
Dress Shirts in different colors: (x7)
Slacks in black or white: (x7)
Boots: three pairs
Stilettos: two pairs
Platform Boots giving her 6 inches of added height: two pairs

Dimensional Bracelet: Worn on her right wrist, Talia uses this for her storage needs. She can send and receive messages from her family, as well was create map outlines for the areas the she has visited and explored extensively.

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