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 Post subject: Mira's Junk
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:19 pm 
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Unique Trait: Sila Senpo
Faction: Myself
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Alignment: Good
Aside from a bunch of different outfits so she doesn't have to wear the same thing everyday, there's absolutely nothing of value that Mira keeps with her. Well... nothing but this:

Name: None (who name's their clothes?)
Spoiler: show

Backstory: Given to her after a training session, with her master, left her jean jacket in utter shambles. This letterman's jacket is usually the crowning piece of her ensemble, made with an infusion of Xotrese to protect it from her power more than it is to protect her from someone else's. Uniquely the star on the left breast glows with the more energy Mira uses. Perhaps to act as a warning sign from her master to any unsuspecting foe. It also stand as a status symbol between herself and Koudo, solidifying her place as his one and only apprentice and his adopted sister.

Special Abilities:

Enhanced Durability:
Xotrese is an incredible malleable alloy, and an incredible material to use for equipment. This letterman jacket, able to withstand extreme colds and extreme heats due its material, is able to tank a small amount of damage without ripping or tearing and is light and breezy as a plus.


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