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 Post Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:04 am 
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Diviner-Level Member
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Unique Trait: Hanabiraisu
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Alignment: Evil
Fenri’s Unique Skill

Hanabiraisu: Blossom Petal Ice

Fenri’s Unique Skill is the utilization of moisture in the air to create thin sheets of ice to manipulate. This skill was discovered by accident while he was in the care of his wolfpack, playing with his family. It was first harnessed from the sweat on his body, freezing him over and giving him a peek into the true nature of his ability. After leaving the pack and learning to read, he came across some books and translated some foreign language and coined his own name for his ability.

A single handsign used to focus his will and cool the area around him. The more focus maintained, the deeper the drop in temperature

A single handsign used to focus his will and draw an electrical current from around him.

Able to be used without freeze, this technique uses moisture from within Fenri’s body, what he breathes in and out to create a dense cloud of fog. Creating this fog doesn’t take much chakra if any at all.

Petal Dance
Fenri can manipulate petals of ice in the atmosphere with thoughts and hand movements.

Azure Flame
Drawing on the power of the Azure Dragon Konpeki, Azure Flame grants it's wielder a mystic flame with a personal particular ability. Fenri's flame freezes everything it comes into contact with. Physical matter, is easily frozen, but chakra and energy can be frozen with an equal amount of chakra. Special ability with Azure Flame is that it cannot be extinguished since it is a Flame of Makai, and any that is expended but not used to freeze returns to Fenri to be used again.

Gravity Manipulation
Using the Cosmic Weight Fenri can manipulate gravity around his body for a distance proportional to the chakra he expends to do so. Expanding the field of influence requires less chakra than increasing gravitational force, reducing gravity takes much less chakra than increasing it.

Absolute Zero
Scientifically defined as 0 degrees Kelvin. At this temperature, (-273 Celsius, -459 Farentheit) nearly all molecular activity stops. To assist in its effect, Azure Flame is added to the mix, to freeze everything solid, even the intangible. Fenri cannot withstand these temperatures so he cannot be within the radius of the field, but all things are frozen within.

Frost Refractor
Ice petals collected in a tight bundle that refract light into powerful beams and arrays. Beams can be used to burn, blind, or reflect other forms of light.

Crystal Sphere Refraction
Frost Refractor packed into tight bundles to create spheres of crystal balls. The spheres are large enough for Fenri to step inside and out of. While inside, he can use the direction of light to travel between two spheres with help from the Cosmic Weight. The spheres are free moving and can be made large or small, moved freely into various configurations to Fenri’s liking.

Summon: Ice Titan
A monstrous construct of ice. It is human shape and towers over Fenri by 5 stories. Its form is constructed of densely packed petals akin to Crystal Sphere Refraction so it glows ominously, burning slightly all over with Azure Flame. The temperature of its body is so low, it freezes what it touches on contact. It can utilize Azure Flame freely, and act of its own accord for a time with simple commands and thoughts.

Passive Traits

Wolfen Senses

Being raised in a forest with a pack of wolves forced Fenri to adapt to their lifestyle, meaning he adapted a stronger sense of smell and hearing to distinguish between his pack. After learning how to use chakra, he can trace smells easily and hear much better than any normal human. He has a third sense for aggressive intent and if sensed, his aggression rises with it and he has trouble distinguishing friend from foe if the people around him are not in his pack.

Fenri and Julia's New Theme
The Entrance of the Fox

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