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 Post subject: Jutsu Rubric 6/1/2014
 Post Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2014 2:24 pm 
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The Flame of One :: Kaosukage
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The Jutsu Hierarchy is made with the purpose of allowing the user to create jutsu that fit into the boundary of vescrutia without stifling future growth. This system tries to embrace the near limitless potential of creation,while still maintaining a some form of order, that both the user and the creator have a clear idea of 'what,' they are observing or presenting.

It is with these four key words we classify Jutsu and its many forms. Skills requiring or being formed by:
0. Premeditation

Here are their dimensions.
Spoiler: show
Lvl 0. Premeditation. Any seal, symbol, hand sign, parchment, tool, etc. That must be present or is a component of a technique and is therefore, by itself, useless or has been honed heavily through the higher numbered ranks to achieve this level of ease of use.

Lvl 1. Techniques requiring preparation. Preparation could be any sort of thing that has to happen before the technique can be used. Hand signs, magic circles, any number of Lvl 0 components can be used for preparation.

Lvl 2. Techniques require intent. Lvl 1 techniques can be honed to be utilized without the preparation initially required. If there's a fireball technique at Lvl 1, it can be trained enough so that it no longer requires the preparation and is therefore a technique of intent.

Lvl 3. Techniques that require consciousness. This level of technique is so heavily trained that it almost acts of its own accord. Fields of influence fall under this category as the actions that go on within usually can happen without the user's conscious awareness. Example: 5 ft. around a character is a field where his awareness is heightened and anything that gets within that 5 ft. is "instantly" blasted with a fireball. Example: 'Sentient' shadows that hunt down maliciousness and devour it.


Jutsu Name:List the name of your jutsu here.
Jutsu Type:List what type of jutsu you believe it to be. There are no limits to how you may describe your skill.
Jutsu Hierarchy:Decide what hierarchy you believe your skill falls under, an admin will help you if needed.
Jutsu Description:Describe how your power works, what is needed for it to work and what it does if successful. Try to not explain how it works by what it destroys.

--The description of your jutsu is how the admin decide what type and lv the skill the technique is and all skills, passive or not should be expressed through the rubric. The lv system does not speak for the power of your skill, but it does express the proficiency, define its functions and protect you. In any case of post discrepancy, skills proper listed in the rubric fashion will lead o clearer and more precise rulings from the admin.

When deciding on a hierarchy level as a beginning character, you should keep in mind skills that exhibit 'intent,' and 'conscious,' applications without having first gone through the 'preparation,' process are generally not allowed.

Further Information
Spoiler: show
The idea I'm building with this is that you have a prep (magical symbol) that is used for a technique (bolt of lightning). As you grow more proficient with the technique, you may no longer need to use the prep. Then, if you so choose you can make that technique act on its own. This is not a finite hierarchy either, as at Lvl 2 the technique can be honed not only to Lvl 3, but also to Lvl 0, making it viable usage for prep.

The Jutsu Hierarchy also assist in governing character growth, here is a short example of the progress of skills.
--Shinobi develops,learns, or experiences something and now can utilize chakra, or some form of energy to create lightning. Using a lv.0 premeditation technique:handsigns, magic circle, family amulet, or spoken activation.
--Shinobi uses Lv.0 Premeditation skills or techniques to create or support other forms of Lv.1 techniques that require the preparation assistance from Lv.0 techniques. Using hand signs to fire arcs of lightning, or making use of a family jew that produces lightning shields, or allowing electrical chakra to flow through your weapons for added offense of defensive application.

--After further process of growth the shinobi has honed his mastery and can now freely release arcs of lighting, without the need for the preparation assistance like before. As his skills now only require his intent. These lv.2 skills are often experienced in transformations, or rigorous character building. An example of this would be 'Benders,' from the Tv show Avatar.

--As the progress of the characters skills continue, they may evolve past the need for intent and their skills may functioned without need of their conscious knowing. As observed in Garra's sand from naruto. Lightning crackles around shinobi when he gets ready to do battle, enabling him usage through his whole body; legs, mouth, eyes etc. Lvl 3

Charter progression continues and lightning crackling around the Shinobi attracts positive ions from the area around him (Lvl 0) and he can fire ion cannon blasts (Lvl 1).

Still going, the lightning around him always attracts positive ions so he can use the ion cannon blasts in the same way he used lightning weeks before (Lvl 3)

This example is drawn to show you the true purpose of the jutsu hierarchy. As you may see, skills continue to grow just as the character does and the system only logicates ones technique.

Other Terms you may need to know for Jutsu creation
Spoiler: show
Unique Skill(KG):Each Character generally has their own unique skill, sometimes its passed down through family. Sometimes its just inherent knowledge, or a gift from a god. The word of choice is endless. Here you can produce your own unique skill.

Elemental Natures: Characters are not required, but if they do use elements there are a few limits. A character may only start with up to two elements. One being their primary, or dominant element and another their secondary or recessive element.

Elemental nature Usage: The Use of elements can be described in four levels as with all Jutsu. Lv.0 Lv.1 Lv.2 and Lv.3. Each having their own key word for better understanding. It is fair to say that as a starting character your dominate nature may be NO higher than one, meaning all elemental techniques will require ‘sign,’ and preparation.

Jutsu:Jutsu is the term applied to any style of 'techniques,' involving chakra. Here you will detail your jutsu and place the respective lv beside it. Skills should reflect mastery and fresh start clause, and will need admin approval or edits.
Using different terms such as 'Spell, enchantments, incantations, will, Magic' are not forbidden or limited;but, are expected to follow the same guidelines appointed for 'Chakra and Jutsu,'

Passive traits: Passive traits are inherent skills acquired from heightened senses, or harden training. Say a wolf child may have increased hearing and may use this to his advantage. These traits must be listed and approved. No more than 2 or 3 starting passive traits

Chakra:Chakra is the commonplace term for 'energy, Mana, magic, Mp, Soul energy, etc or any other essence harvested for a techniques usage.

Fresh Start Clause: Characters may not have a mastery acceding their rank, of a beginner. They may begin with skills allotted to them at birth and through their story, but should reflect their lack of experience in this new world.

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