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 Post subject: A glimpse of Pain: Agrias' Abilities
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:00 pm 
Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
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Unique Trait: Evigilans Sigillum
Faction: The Neo Nightmare
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Kekkei Genkai: Evigilans Sigillum

-The Evigilan Sigillum is the ability handed down the Excieo blood line. Specifically the trait focuses on the ability to weave complex seals of different natures with their chakra. The ES can be performed instantaneously depending on what is being sealed and how proficient the Excieo using it is.

When sealing there are two ways of suppression either within the VOID or out of the void. The void will be explained further down but the later uses the strength of the seal itself in order to suppress the more dynamic the stronger the seal. The more dynamic weavings are referred to as Complex Seals and opposed to Simple Seals require more time and energy to perform.

The Void: The void was developed by Agrias' mother and later stolen by her father who took the role of the one that pioneered the latent summoning aspect of the Excieo bloodline trait. The void is an Excieo's private "bank" sort to speak it exists in a plane tied to that of the user but doesn't exist in any other. The Void has an immeasurable amount of space and can only be accessed by its user. Whatever is put into the Void can later be pulled out.

Complex Seals LV.1: Complex Seals are dynamically woven and takes time to do so. This also ties into how big the weaving usually is for complex seals. Complex seals have may uses, the main one is to permanently chain something into an Excieo's Void. But also can be used as a powerful outer seal that is extremely hard to break. Complex seals are 3 dimensional as they are woven seals stacked upon one another for enforcement.

The sealing of the ES can be applied to almost anything however, the complication lies within identifying what it is that they are trying to seal and knowing the corresponding weave and incantation to pull it off.

For example Agrias specializes in object and material sealing, unlike most of her kin who weaves seals dealing with the taming of beasts and energy hers is more simplistic but not to be confused with inferior. As of now Agrias knows 4 weavings for seals, and unlike her younger brother who can only have one seal active at a time she can have 3.

Simple Seals LV.2: Simple seals are those with less complex weaving and usually can be formed instantaneously with a single one word incantation. The weaving of the simple seals are relatively small. These seals however can be broken if not placed into the VOID and even within the VOID has a limited time of accessibility. A simple sealing, if not used, only remains in the void for about a day.

Weapon Seal: "Telum"
Locks away offensive tools.

Armor Seal: "Armatura"
Locks away objects of protection.

Adornment Seal: "Splendor"
Locks away objects of vanity. Ex rings, earrings, necklaces etc.

Book Seal: "liber"
Locks away forms of literature.

Summoning Lv.1
-The latent ability of the ES basically deals with pulling from the VOID. Pulling anything from the void can be considered as summoning even something as simple as a sealed element like fire. Although, if a simple sealed was performed to lock something into the void it doesn't remain there permanently whats summoned even once or "pulled through the void" it is no longer accessible. Whatever was placed in there by simple sealing is only "borrowed"

Weaving a Complex Seal however is different. If a complex seal is performed, it chains whatever it may be into the void, meaning if it is called through it automatically returns to the void. Complex Sealing however isn't performed during battle as is not customary and it leaves the weaver exposed.

Agrias practices the original form of summoning discovered by her mother and that is not by calling beasts, monsters and gods, but the weapons and armor that these creatures channeled their powers through. By summoning these special artifacts Agrias, gains access to certain abilities of their former wielder. These special artifacts she has obtained can not be stolen as it is tied to the void through Complex Sealing. If a weapon or Armor is destroyed it also returns to the void and remains unusable as it repairs within.

Star Piercer: Is Agrias' Weapon of choice. It is a lengthy Katana once owned by The demon Zero, a dominion of gravity. The blade has the ability to not only cut through the hardest of materilas but affect the gravity of which it comes in contact with, including the wielder. This weapon is chained to the void like her other but she is commonly seen carrying it around her waist.

Judgement Armor:
Spoiler: show

A suit of armor once worn by a powerful and honorable knight who met her end to her end to those who fought by her side. The armor is attributed with white lightning which increases the wearers movement speed and fortifies their attacks with lightning.

Titan's Grips:
Spoiler: show
Ttitan's Gloves.jpg

Gauntlets created by the son of the great mother. Enhances strength exponentially, and grants basic levels of earth manipulation.

Black Obsidian Armor:
Spoiler: show

Armor made from the back of a dragon, and worn by the dark knight Thanatos, as for now this stands as Agria's most defensive armor as it's defensive capabilities have known to withstand tremendous amounts of force. However her chakra can be drained exponentially if she isn't careful with this armor.

Main Element: Wind

Lv.1 Feather Foot: Agrias uses the wind around her legs in order to move gracefully and softly. She becomes able to move fluidly in mid air with ease.

Lv.1 Vortex: Agrias manipulates the air in the area to focus in a specific point drawing in whatever is in range to that point.

Passive Traits: Within her tribe Agrias has come in contact with many weapons and tools so much so she has formed a deep attraction for them, and they resonate in a special way with her. That being said she has proficiency with most kinds of weapons and her style of fighting changes with the weapon she wields. When she is rarely encounters a weapon she hasn't yet used it doesn't take her long to decipher it or come up with her own use for it.

(images soon to come)

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 Post subject: Re: A glimpse of Pain: Agrias' Abilities
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:20 pm 
The Great Destroyer
The Great Destroyer
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Unique Trait: Carbon Infusion, Michio Magus, Artisian Destruction, Gi'Asa Comptroller
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