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 Post subject: Under the Star of Destiny: Triplet Techniques
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:57 pm 
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Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
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Gemini Triplets Unique Traits

The Kaid’os Clan resides in a densely forested valley south of the Neo Nightmare. The clan has a very particular ability to create two dimensional planes comprised of pure elemental energy. They call this energy Geo, and their utilization of it GeoCasting. GeoCasting is how the Gemini Triplets do battle and as a team, they prove more than formidable opponents for any who face them. But, as they are Triplets and do not travel often without each other, they have a personal quirk of never fighting a single opponent as a trio unless facing a deadly threat.

Being born under the Gemini Star in their clan’s octet zodiac, the triplets have a latent special ability that can only be taught by a member of their clan born under the same Star.

Ghost, the eldest, is a Flarecaster, casting fire in concentric circles
Raptor, the middle born, is an Vaporcaster, casting water in thin threads
Faye, the youngest, is a Cragcaster, casting earthy energy in polygons with 3 or 4 sides

Each Triplet has a specific size/range of casting that they can utilize without the use of seals.

Triplet Skillset

Hand signs unique to the Kaid’os clan that allow them to manipulate their casting. Casting can happen without the use of GeoSeals, but more complex casting requires more GeoSeals. Seals are exactly the same for each sibling and casting style.

Casting planes at different sizes requires GeoSeals and more chakra proportional to the size of the planes being casted. Once manifest, they can be manipulated with minimal chakra usage
Changing the sizes and shapes of casts. Casts can only be altered in two dimensions, and cannot be curved. Circles to ovals, polygons elongated, threads stretched.
Casting multiple planes close to each other to increase their density. This technique by itself is easy enough, not using much chakra since the planes are the same size. But, using this in conjunction with GeoNumeration drains chakra very quickly.

Ghost’s Jutsu
Casting concentric circles of elemental fire. .5ft < x < 3ft
Flarecasting planes < .5ft
Flarecasting planes > 3 ft.

Raptor’s Jutsu
Casting tiny threads of water. Easily compounded to be made visible.
Casting threads en masse to mimic the flow or forms of water. Larger forms of water require larger amounts of chakra

Faye’s Jutsu
Casting polygons of 3 or 4 sides of elemental earth, planet based energy

Passive Traits

Triplet Sense

The triplets can sense danger for one another, and act accordingly to mitigate that. In battle, where one has a blind spot, the other compensates for that quite well. Thusly, with all three in combat against the same foe, they are much more formidable.

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