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 Post subject: William's Ki
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 2:57 pm 
Moirai Student :: Chuunin Level Member
Moirai Student :: Chuunin Level Member
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Unique Trait: Material Ki
Age: 40
Sex: Male
Alignment: Good
Material Ki - Anywhere from Passive to Conscious
Ki also known as Energy, is the energy of life, in such it is life force energy. Ki is a tangible energy existing within every living being, from plants to people to single celled organisms. Ki's major point of focus is at the centre of the body, the heart. By tapping into this ki and drawing it out the user can manipulate and use it within or outside the body. When Ki is brought out of the users body it become Material Ki, and is used primarily as an offensive and defensive energy. Ki is also used to overcome the bodies natural limits and is necessary to overcome almost all limits the body has, physically, spiritually or mentally. For a user to tap into Ki, they must undergo a long training process to learn how to power up. Powering up allows them to tap into their centre and bring forth the Ki as Material Ki. When Ki is gathered within the body, the users are able to gain enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and can increase the power of their attacks. Normally the more Ki that is gathered the harder it is to control, thus one must attain new forms to be able to control it. Ki is also expended and lost if a user sustains injury or damage.

Elemental Material Ki
Elemental Material Ki is the easiest form of Ki for the user to be able to control and manipulate outside the body. When channeled and taken out of the body the user can use the Ki to form attacks built from, Darkness, Light, Fire, Air, Water or Earth. Two types of Ki can be mixed but requires more training and the use of both hands. Further training can even allow the user to expel a 3rd type of Ki from their mouth or eyes. To the naked eye, the only way of knowing what type of Elemental Ki is being used is by the colour. When Ki is expelled and used as Elemental Material Ki, is still resembles Ki but has the properties of the given element. Therefore someone who can control fire, can not control Fire Ki that is thrown at them.

Orange - Fire
Pale Green - Air
Blue - Water
Brown - Earth
Black - Darkness
Pale Yellow - Light

Raw Material Ki
Raw Ki is Expelled Ki in it's raw form. Ki in this form takes on no properties and requires no delay to be used. Thus it can be fired faster or concentrated into beams, balls or waves at much quicker speeds.

Organic Material Ki
Organic Material Ki allows the user to heal or regenerate organic matter. Organic Ki can also be used to speed up the growth of things like plants or animals, with the later requiring a lot more time than something like a flower or tree.

Transferable Material Ki
Transferable Material Ki is a Ki type that can be transferred to another to increase their power temporarily. It must be done by placing a full open palm on the target's body.

Spiritual Material Ki
One of the more complex types of Material Ki to use is Spiritual Material Ki. Spiritual Material Ki is primarily used to give inanimate objects temporary life. Spiritual Material Ki can only animate something that is not living and that does not already have a Soul or Spiritual Ki flowing through it. Spiritual Ki can also be used offensively to damage a targets soul/spirit, or defensively to protect the user.

Formation Material Ki
Formation Material Ki or Construction Material Ki allows the user to use their Ki to transmute non living substances into shapes, forms or other non living substances. Formation Ki can never be used if someone else has their own natural energy flowing through something.

Destruction Material Ki
Destruction Material Ki is a type of Ki that allows the user to destroy non living things by using Destruction Ki. Destruction Ki can not be used on living things. Destructive Ki can also not be used on things possessed or controlled with another type of energy. However, with enough Destructive Ki, the user is capable of overpowering the energy used to control, animate or possess the thing needing to be destroyed.

Bio-Destruction Material Ki
Bio-Destruction Material Ki is the same as Destruction Material Ki except it works on living things. This has enough power to seriously damage a lower ranking opponent and even damage an equal one if enough Bio-Destruction Ki is used.

Anti Ki is a type of Ki specifically meant for destroying other energy types, be them within something or not. The mount of Ki needed to destroy something must be equal to or more than the thing needing to be destroyed. This type of Ki can also be used to purify things possessed by another energy.

Mental Material Ki
Mental Material Ki allows the user to affect a targets, or their own mind, be it through projectiles, or touch.

Space and Time Material Ki
Space and Time Material Ki allows the user to manipulate their Ki and use it for warping and bending time and reality, for things like temporal wakes and portals.

Combination Material Ki
Combination Material Ki is any of the above Material Ki's combined into one new ability. The list is here:

Buster Cannon
The Buster Cannon is William's signature Ki attack. It has 3 Forms, each unlocked at a different rank.

Buster Cannon
Buster Cannon is a combination of Raw Material Ki and Destruction Material Ki. It has the ability to completely ignore defenses, shields, living defenses and weapons on it's path to damaging the target.

Imperial Buster Cannon
Imperial Buster Cannon is a combination of Elemental Material Ki and Destruction Material Ki. It is meant as the same style attack as the Buster cannon but can be embedded with Elements for an added elemental effect.

Supreme Imperial Buster Cannon
Supreme Imperial Buster Cannon is a combination of Raw Material Ki, Elemental Material Ki, Destruction Material Ki and Bio-Destruction Material Ki. It is the strongest Buster Cannon attack in terms of offensive. It has the power to critically damage an opponent ignoring all defenses.

Decimation Disk
Decimation Disk is a razor thin disk of Bio-Destruction, Anti-Ki and Destruction Ki specifically meant to cleave things. It can cleave things many times it's users rank, the only downside is that it requires a single turn/post to charge and that it can not be controlled after it leaves the users hand.

Multiform is a combination of Organic Material Ki, Mental Material Ki and Spiritual Material Ki, it allows the user to create up to 4 clones of himself, but in turn this causes his power to be divided evenly between the clones.

Perpetual is a special Ki attack. After charging Raw Ki into to cupped hands while saying each syllable of Perpetual, the user is capable of unleashing a beam of Raw Material Ki the infinitely grows stronger and more powerful as long as the user can maintain it.

Henkan no Saikou - Ultimate Transformation
Henkan no Saikou is the process of powering up in order to gather extreme amount of Ki that are used to vastly increase the users power level. This allows the user to equal the playing field in battle against those higher than than at the users base form. As such, without powering up a user is always at their base form (7th Rank). In order to fight at a higher rank, the user must power up and transform to increase their own rank.

Powering up comes in several different types;

Base Form:Rank 7 - 0 x Base Power
This is the users base power, the power they are almost always at unless fighting.

Pre Ascension:Rank 6 - 0.5 x Base Power
Pre-Ascension is the form that allows the user to fight on a 6th Rank level. In this form, a massive white aura surrounds the user that becomes visible to anyone that can sense energy.

Ascension:5th Rank - 1 x Pre Ascension
Ascension is the form that allows the user to fight on a 5th Rank level. In this form the users previously white invisible aura become visible to anyone and becomes bright yellow. The aura also causes the users hair to flickers upwards and transform into large silver spikes. This form also increases the users muscle mass, but does not affect speed. The users eyes also change to bright blue.

Ascension 24th Rank - 2 x Ascension
Using Ascension 2 allows the user to fight on a 4th Rank level. This form is visibly closest to the original Ascension except that the silver hair become more refines, the aura turns more golden with sparks of blue electricity and the aura become visibly larger. The users muscle mass also gets smaller without drawbacks. The users eyes also change to bright blue.

Ascension 33rd Rank - 4 x Ascension 2
Ascension 3 allows the user to fight on a 3rd Rank level. This form takes on the most visible cosmetic changes. First the user's hair grows longer, but still remains silver. The aura is now fully gold and the electricity become red. The users skin colour then changes to deep red with two black lines running from the eyes to about half way down the mouth. The users eye brows also disappear and their eyes go from bright blue to red.

Super Ascension2nd Rank - 8 x Ascension 3
Super Ascension allows the user to fight at the 2nd Rank. In this form they lose all their cosmetic transformations and return to normal, except with Red hair and eyes.

Super Ascension God1st Rank - 16 x Super Ascension
In this form, the users resembles the way they did in the first Ascension form. However, instead of silver spikes and a silver aura, they have a blue aura instead.

These are special attacks, techniques and abilities.

Fusion is the linking of two bodies, minds and souls into one being. The Fusion combines the powers and abilities of both fusee's to form a new warrior with double the power of the original. The fusion lasts usually only 5 of the fusee's posts. The higher ranking fusee usually takes control of the fight. If they are both equal both fusee's must agree on who will fight the fight.

Buku Jutsu - Flying Technique
Buku Jutsu allows the user to fly. To do this, the user must concentrate large amounts of Ki into their arms, and legs. From there they must force the Ki out of their body. This allows them to levitate, float and fly.

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