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 Post subject: Kayla's Skillset
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 4:11 pm 
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Ouilin :: Sunrise|Sunset
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Physical Attributes

Kayla is the daughter of a very notorious kenjutsu and taijutsu genius, as well as a legendary swordsmen whose mere wrist motion moved his blade fast enough to sever the winds and heavens in a blazing roar. She has inherited both of their talent for battle and tactical brilliance, that along with her workhorse training regimen makes the young lady a perfect specimen of physical development and shinobi conditioning.

Kayla has been cultivated within an elite league of warriors bred into monsters known as Weapon X from birth. She has been an ingenious assassin and masterful martial artists before she reached her double digits, skilled in codified military combat procedures, judo, capoeira, and various others practices along with her tactical brilliance creates a style that best suits her. She also been expertly trained in disciplines such as espionage, disguise, acrobatics, escapology, hunting, swimming, interrogation, and explosives.

Unique Physical Traits

-A trait unique to the Niyotomi clan, that has been further cultivated through years of severe exercise and discipline. Godspeed, as the name implies, grants movement beyond comprehension of both the naked eye and quantum scope. Kayla's base speed is otherworldly, but diminishes as her chakra does. Her reflexes are also attuned to her speedster capabilities; making her a prodigy of improvisation and quick thinking in battle circumstances.

Superb Weapon Proficiency
-Kayla has been trained by her mother to utilize every weapon known to mankind and is in pedigree of her own. She is proficient wielding swords, kunai, maces, staffs, tonfas, axes, halberds, and even fire arms.

Unique Skill (Bloodline)
Solaris (subject to change)

-Naturally, all Niyotomi are deeply in tuned with their spiritual bodies and sensitive to the ebb and flow of chi. While her father's clan imbued her with ability to command elemental chakras. Kayla's unique abilities are the fused product of the formerly mentioned techniques which she has named Solaris. Kayla has the ability to psionically control elemental phenomena over a vast areas. She can manipulate the temperature, all forms of precipitation, humidity and moisture down to a molecular level, she can invoke meteorological tempests, tsunami's, maelstroms, arctic blizzards, seismic and tectonic chaos, generate lightning and other levels of electromagnetism. In extreme cases, Kay can control the air within someones lungs, or even manipulate the blood and water within organsims.

Kayla also naturally harbors all of the elemental chakras within her, giving her the option of summoning flames, lightning, water, (etc) out of nowhere. With enough focus, she can even change her physical consistency and take on either of the elemental properties.

Chrono Chakra
-Taught to her by her mother and Uncle, Kayla has been trained on how to use chakra to bend the flow of time. She can slow down, speed up, pause, practically anything caught in her various temporal jutsu. She typically limits her usage of this technique to a limited sphere of her chakra. The strain of chrono chakra shortens mortal life but makes her assault a dream of sanguinary as a result.

Dark Chakra / Primal Fury
- During her inception, Kayla was groomed and nurtured in the dark chakras of a malevolent, seraphic entity known as Oran. Etched on the lower nape of Kayla's back is a distinct, runic and literally pulsating seal. Upon birth, her body became the vessel of this primordial dark nether, and nearly ripped the skies with her cries. Her mother kept scrolls and ancient journals speaking on Oran's dark chakras subduing universal balance, bringing fourth an epoch of unscaled peril and pandemonium. The Niyotomi clan sealed away the forbidden beast within their bloodline with several different layers of fuinjutsu, and marked his second coming as Vescrutia's final revolution. The seal is cold to the touch, yet palpitates like a beating heart. She has little to no expertise wielding her yang chakras.

However, she was taught from Kham the Michio practice known as The Primal Fury.

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