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 Post subject: Ravage S. Maximo (KG and Passive Explained)
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:40 am 
Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
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Unique Trait: The Spirit of The Black Flame
Faction: The Neo Nightmare
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Chakra Natures: Smoke, Fire
Kekkei genkai: The Spirit of The Black Flame

Explanation of Kekkei Genkai[I]
The Spirit of The Black Flame is a mutation Gene which came as a byproduct to ignite and evolve The Maximo. His genes are wired to literally continue to expand and evolve. Reason being is that his DNA are at best, those of an Apex Predator.

His sight was drastically increased, allowing him to see heat at a miniscule form as literal waves. His emotions tend to go from being calm to enraged, switching back and forth at times unnatural. Almost as if he has split personality disorder. He is able to shift from a normal body temperature to a searing hot, and reactive temperature over a span of a few minutes by hyper-sensing his Core Energy.

The flames in which he doesn't have access to live within him, though he struggles to hit the glass which contains its essence and need to spark. Right now, he can only produce smoke in loads of various forms. He can, however, take advantage and manipulate the flames of his companions if he so wanted, though control would be hard to handle.

He also has the cloaking and obscuring techniques, made possible through his Creative nature within using the Smoke release.

[I]Innate Abilities

Ravage has a rather ever extensively hot body temperature. For some reason, his body always gave off steam which slowly wafted itself into the air to disappear. One could say that his body is a living and breathing steam-roller.

Ravage's inner body is made of hardened, concrete flames. His veins pump with an unnatural, hot blood called the Blaze Cells, which gives him a smokey, odor smell.

With this unnatural evolution, Ravage is able to stand in cold temperatures far longer than an human or animal alike.

SmokeStack: This is a technique which allows Ravage to increase the power of his Smoke Release. It will be able to burn the lungs of others in this state as it could not before.

Chakra Affinity
- Bubbling Smoke Chakra [Rush-Smoke Release] (Coal=Color) Unlocked; Calm all of the time.
- Flames of Hell [The Flames of Creation] (Black=Color) Locked; Rarely gets Enraged

Rush-Smoke Release
"When you are calm, you lose a certain sense of emotion. That calm will relinquish that energy from that emotion to increase performance output...-"

Ravage first experienced a calmness inside of himself whilst meditating one morning. He had went into a deep rest where his total calm was put into an all-time high, being able to gather knowledge on ways he could crush his foes with his smoke release. He came up with this. His smoke is said to be able to bounce off of tangible objects, ricocheting off of them with a rubber ball-like frequency. In this Calm, his smoke is said to be concentrated to an extreme degree.

The Flames of Creation
"-... To become Enraged, one must come from a state of being Calm. This Enraged state will usher a burning world to all that oppose you."

This emotion was brought forth in a desperate attempt to find his Uncle. He wanted desperately to punish him for his crimes, but, he wasn't exactly as skilled at hunting as he'd hoped.

In this state, Ravage is able to manipulate the Black Flames of Amaterasu to his very will. Ravage becomes very catastrophic in this state to the environment and to those around him. These black flames are as hot as the sun and are indistinguishable until Ravage gets caused pain, or he wills them to dissipate, himself.

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