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 Post subject: Yliesta's Suggestive Abilities
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:15 pm 
Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
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Sinful Lust
All these come in the form of a physical Touch or a Pink Mist. Yleista's abilities can affect things with and without emotions, but they must be living or posses a soul..

Curse of the Kulazian Order - Locked Passive
Yleista is cursed by the Kulazian Order. This curse amplifies her sexuality making her lethal to touch in sexual situations or when aroused. Yleista is capable of killing weaker individuals or those with weak wills or lack of emotional control. Touching an aroused Yleista literally results in dying from sexual arousal and the touched person will have their life force drawn from their body and stored within the Kydarin Gauntlet. Yleista has learned to harness this curse and use it as a tool, powers and weapon if needed. Because this is a curse it is IMPOSSIBLE for Yleista to turn it off or suppress it. Attempts to do it via outside forces may result in Yleista's death.

Yleista can temporarily alter the Sexuality of someone she comes in contact with. This is almost always by touch, and the user will know it has been done because they will suddenly start fantasizing about whatever their opposite sexual preference is, more that likely grossing them out. It can be done by mist as well.

Sexual Attraction
Yleista can temporarily make two people or more sexually attracted to one another or each other. This can be done by touch for super effectiveness but can also be done in a pink spreading mist.

Sexual Desire
Yleista can increase, but never decrease someone's sexual desires. This is done both by mist and touch but the touch is the most effective.

Yleista can temporarily increase the sexual pleasure within an individual, making them suddenly begin to feel sexually aroused, the more power put into this the quicker they will become sexually induced..

Emotional Attachment
Yleista can temporarily make an individual emotionally attached to an object, item, person, animal or anything.

Yleista can change someone's hostile intentions from hatred to love, making them effectively stop attacking her, this works on animals or people but not on non living constructs and creations.

Supernatural Beauty - Passive
Yleista is always, and under any circumstances, physically, personality and socially perfect, graceful and flawless, without anything that would make them look unattractive or distract from their presence. She is incapable of turning this on or off, but can hide it using other abilities. Yleista however can not become unnoticed, she is always seen, regardless of any attempts to hide or stealth.

Kiss of Seduction - Kiss Only
Only by kissing can Yleista use this, and never while sexually aroused. This kiss has the capabilities of enslaving someone lower in power than herself. It is temporary but at higher ranks can become much longer.

Beauty Enhancement
Yleista can enhance the Beauty of someone and change the way others view them, this can be permanent but is mostly temporary.

From the age of 17 to her death, Yleista and most of the Kulazian species are immune to the effects of aging, they however do age and all die around the age of 2500. Yleista is still killable by normal means.

Yleista is a Kulazian, the physically strongest beings in the known universe. She has massive Enhanced conditioning.

Yleista is physically strong, and uses her great power to wield her Sword and Shield known as Atse.

Yleista is naturally durable.

While not the fastest, Yleista is still capable of achieving great speeds.

 Post subject: Re: Yliesta's Suggestive Abilities
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 6:47 pm 
Ouilin :: Sunrise|Sunset
Ouilin :: Sunrise|Sunset
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