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 Post subject: Maxim Vulcan IV: WIP Abilities
 Post Posted: Fri May 06, 2016 8:10 am 
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Sated Strike Abilities.

Equalize - Sateds curse is one that causes him to adapt to the ranks and situation of the battlefield.

If someone is Jounin, Sated will adapt to that rank, of someone is Genin, Sateds rank will drop. If there are two preset at once, sates rank will find the middle ground.

If someone is Anbu and someone Gennin, Sateds rank will adapt to become Special Jounin

This ability only lasts as long as Sated is within a certain distance someone. Otherwise his rank is determined by that which he was awarded through exams or training.

If Equalizing to a higher rank, Sated must "Equalize" up a rank each turn. If dropping ranks, it happens instantly.

sated is unable to control this, regardless of what someone does to him (otherwise it’d be broken)

Spirit Project
Spirit Project is something that was so powerful it had to be contained with a mask that is always kept on. Spirit Project, is Maxim's ability to unleash beams of energy so potent they rival super nova's at full power (1st Rank). (See history as an example) With the mask on Sated can control his Ki/Spiritual Force/Chakra.

He can tap into and unleash small amounts of this energy in the form of beams, beam rain, spherical explosions or arcing beams. Because of the lack of control and no real teacher to show him how, Maxim never learned to use it for anything beyond beams, thus he prefers fighting with beams.

 Post subject: Re: Maxim Vulcan IV: WIP Abilities
 Post Posted: Sun May 08, 2016 2:36 am 
Illuminati :: Guiding Light|Advancing Shadow
Illuminati :: Guiding Light|Advancing Shadow
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At Genin,, special jounin should be the limit to your curse ability.

How much chakra does the supernova ability use?

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