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 Post subject: Synaptic Overdrive
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 6:20 pm 
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Unique Trait: Synaptic Overdrive
Faction: Moirai University
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Unique Trait: Synaptic Overdrive

Synaptic Overdrive is a psuedo- Kekei Genkai that allows one to consciously control various aspects of their body. The technique relies on a secret alchemy formula that is branded on the nape of Aramis's neck and is covered with skin. All of his abilities consume chakra as they are augmentations that rely on how fast and forcefully synapsis are firing. The alchemic formula merely allows Aramis to control how consistent eletiricity fires through the synapsis, ie how high and how consistent action potentials occur. He is still unable to tap into his true power as he has yet to receive much training. His abilities are as follows

Muscular Overdrive Level 1: Synaptic Overdrive allows Aramis to tap into an elevated level of muscle actvity. Most bodies restrict the amount of muscle stimulation in order to prevent injury, be it slow or fast twitch. Muscular overdrive allows for an increase of speed and power 10% above his average.

Metabolic Overdrive Level 1: Aramis is capable of increasing his metabolic rate, which allots for increase regeneration and stamina. This is a by-product of the Synaptic Overdrive and as such consumes more chakra than normal medical jutsu while also heaing more thoroughly as it is simply expediting natural healing processes and cell division.

Sensory Overdrive Level 1: Aramis is capable of increasing his senses to achieve 1.1 times the sensory data. This allows Aramis to see smaller details as well as see further, he can differentiate 1.1 times the amount of sounds he could normally differentiate as well as hear further, and he can smell further and differentiate between smells 1.1 times better than he normally can.

Neuron Overdrive Level 1: Neuron Overdrive allows for Aramis to perceive time differently. By rapidly firing neurons he is able to absorb 1.1 times as much information as he normally would be able to. This means he can track faster objects, read words and hand signs faster, as well as ultimately be able to think faster in a shorter time span than he normally would be able too.

Electric Overdrive Level 1: As Synaptic Overdrive ultimately increases the amount and consistency of electric flow in the body, Electric Overdrive allows Aramis to use that power in its most basic form, electricity. As of now, Aramis is unable to use this technique without using a special type of senbon, while thrust inside a nerve, in order to channel the electricity outside of the body meaning he can only control a small portion of his bodily electricity outside of his body. At his current level, while utilizing the senbon Aramis can only use his electricity as small, 5 ft electromagnetic field. He can only feel moving ojects within the field, and can not draw in or repel any objects yet. This is extremely taxing and physically damaging, especially if it is used to its maximum duration of 5 minutes, Aramis would not have enough chakra to heal his body of the damage the free flowing current has on his body.


Primary Element: Lightning

Secondary Element: Wind

Alchemic Summoning Justu:
Level 0

While wearing the fingerless summoning gloves, with an alchemic formula on the palm, Aramis is capable summoning his various weapons. He must simply clap, and hold out the hand he wishes to wield the weapon in.

Lightning Nukite:
Level 1

After performing 3 consecutive hand signs, Aramis concenlighting nature chakra in the tips of his fingers and expands it so that it creates the shape of an arrow or spearhead.

Wind Style: Jet Stream
Level 1

Aramis holds a single hand sign, while inhaling deeply. He then tightens his lips and exhales, creating a narrow , puncturing stream of wind.

Chakra Dissection Blade
Level 1

By channeling chakra over his hand , Aramis becomes able to shape it into a blade. He is then able to extend it as far as his chakra and chakra control allots.


The Aiellos are a clan of assassins, and have created and passed down a style that focuses on balance and mixing the effects of Synaptic Overdrive with physical attacks.

Lux Pugno: The Aiello family style focuses on being able to attack from nearly any position. This includes attacks from in the air, sideways, and even upside down. The power stems from the core in a free flowing manner, and utilizing the principles of internal combustion, the Aiellos have created a system of fighting that equal regardless of where the user is in relation to the ground, the source of power for most taijutsu styles. Lux Pugno also utilizes many of the advanced physiological abilities.

Lux Pugno Muscle Flux Level 1- By contracting both quick and slow twitch muscles at the same time, the Aramis is able to create a quick and small shock wave surrounding his body. At this level, the shock wave does virtually nothing, but when touching an object or person, the force conducted is driven in the target creating an attack that does external and internal damage simultaneously.

Lux Pugno Wind Chakra Enhancement Level 1: By using the Muscle Flux technique with wind nature chakra, Aramis can project wind past the limits of the shock wave caused by contraction. This causes sudden projections of wind that allow for offensive and defensive projections equal to the size of a radius of up to 2 feet from the source of force, speed boosts which results from Aramis allowing the wind to push him, this technique can be activates using muscles from anywhere on the body from the neck down.

" I am he who seeks the many truths of this world. I desire to understand creation, destruction and rebirth. For if I understand everything that can be, I can understand the essence of all existence "

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