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 Post subject: Gwen's Mastery
 Post Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:33 am 
Moirai Student :: Genin Level Member
Moirai Student :: Genin Level Member
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Faction: Moirai University
Age: 157
Sex: Female
Name: Gwendolin Xztanz Limpu

Main elements

Fire Mastery: 0%
Lightning mastery: 0%
Wind Mastery: 0%
Water Mastery: 0%
Darkness mastery: 0%
Earth master: 0%
Light mastery: 0%
Sound Mastery: 0%
Psychic Mastery: 0%


Magic Manipulation:Average
Chakra Pool: Above average
Spiritual Pressure:N/A
Soul Wavelength:N/A

Kekkei Genkai Mastery: 0%

Taijutsu Mastery: 8%
Genjutsu Mastery: 0%
Magic Mastery: 3%
Weapon Mastery: 12%
Shinigami Arts Mastery: N/A
Soul Arts Mastery:N/A
Alter Power Mastery:N/A
Alter Type:N/A
Pact Beast: N/A
Mafia Ring:N/A
Ring Class:N/A
Box Weapon, Animal:N/A
Keyblade Attribute:N/A
Mark of Mastery: (No)

-Gwen is skilled in numerous martial arts, being especially heavy in techniques that focus on grapples and counters.
-She is very sensitive to the vibrations along her webs.
-Being a witch she can hover/ fly.

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