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 Post subject: Kayla's Mastery Sheet
 Post Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:42 am 
Ouilin :: Sunrise|Sunset
Ouilin :: Sunrise|Sunset
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Unique Trait: N/A
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Main elements

Fire Mastery: 65%
Lightning mastery: 79%
Wind Mastery: 56%
Water Mastery: 40%
Darkness mastery: 25%
Earth master: 59%
Light mastery: 40%
Sound Mastery: 30%
Psychic Mastery: 30%

Chakras, Elemental (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Light, Lightning)

Chakra Control: Superb
Chakra Pool: Considerable
Spiritual Pressure: N/A
Furyoku: N/A
Soul Wavelength: N/A

Ninja Arts

Kekkei Genkai Mastery: 50%
Elemental Summoning: 55%
Dark Chakra: 35%
Godspeed: 80%
Deva Release: 40%

Taijutsu Mastery: 80%
Genjutsu Mastery: 44%
Ninjutsu Mastery: 60%
Kenjutsu Mastery: 80%
Speed: S-- oo much faster than you
Shinigami Arts Mastery: N/A
Soul Arts Mastery: N/A
Alter Power Mastery: N/A
Alter Type: N/A
Pact Beast: N/A
Mafia Ring: N/A
Ring Class: N/A
Box Weapon, Animal: N/A
Keyblade Attribute: N/A
Mark of Mastery: (No)



-Kayla is the daughter of a very notorious kenjutsu and taijutsu genius, as well as a legendary swordsmen whose mere wrist motion moved his blade fast enough to sever the winds and heavens in a blazing roar. She has inherited both of their talent for battle and tactical prowess, making her nothing short of an olympic muse of combat.

-However, Kayla was never given the opportunity to know let alone love her father. And her practically ritualistic delivery process placed her mother in vegetated comatose for more than half of her young life. She was adopted by the Great Destroyer and the Divine Anima, who cared, cultivated and loved her as if she were cut from their loins.

-Kayla, just like her mother and their proud powerful ancestors before them, were gifted with speed beyond speed. Virtually inconceivable and unrivaled, Kayla has all but honed these talents to razor sharp adequacy. She's too fast to acknowledge challengers, or perhaps to bigheaded.

-Kayla's body has been cooked, burned, electrocuted, impaled, and smitten half way across the globe. The girl can take a punch.

-Kayla's mental process is incredibly advanced, thanks to years and years of self isolated meditation. She can easily see through illusions, and operate on several things at once. She's a master multi tasker.

-She is also a perfectionist, and former exercise and training junky. For example, Kayla would take casual deeeep sea excursions without equipment or supervision before the age of nine, undaunted but thoroughly enticed by the subaquatic dangers. Only to surface when her body caved against the overwhelming pressure. Seven years later, Kayla spent several of those months with her mother inside the secluded and cultivating ether of the Sky Garden and reached her physical peak, enhancing her senses as well to superhuman plateaus. However, never feeling stronger has weakened Kayla's zealous and maddening ambition, replacing it with ego and lacerating confidence. She is far lazier as result, focused more so on materialistic and vanity.

-Etched on the lower nape of Kayla's back is a distinct, runic and literally pulsating seal. From birth, her body became the vessel of a unholy primordial dark power known as Oran. History records the nefarious entity as Oran the depraved, the Blaq Totem, Millennial of Doom, Pillar of Momentous Devastation, and Equinoxx of Chaos. Oran's dark chakras subdued universal balance and brought fourth an epoch of unscaled pandemonium. The Niyotomi clan sealed away the forbidden beast within their bloodline with several different layers of fuinjutsu, and marked his second coming as Vescrutia's final revolution. The seal is cold to the touch, yet palpitates like a beating heart. Kayla doesn't know the release to the binding jutsu, but was taught contingencies in case of emergencies.

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