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 Post subject: Shion's Mastery
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:04 am 
Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
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Unique Trait: Ethereal eyes
Faction: The Neo Nightmare
Age: 16
Sex: Male

Main elements

Fire Mastery:0%
Lightning mastery:0%
Wind Mastery:0%
Water Mastery:0%
Darkness mastery:0%
Earth mastery:0%
Light mastery:0%
Sound Mastery:0%
Psychic Mastery:10%
Ethereal Mastery:13%


Chakra Control:above average
Chakra Pool:average

Ninja Arts

Kekkei Genkai Mastery:12%

Ethereal Eyes: The ability to see and communicate with ethereal beings and use their power as well generate it from the ether itself.

Taijutsu Mastery:10%
Genjutsu Mastery:4%
Ninjutsu Mastery:10%
Weapon Mastery:14%
Speed:D (Not sure I understand the ranking system for this. Shion is quite speedy as most shinobi are. This would mean that he is of average speed for a shinobi, correct?)

(I kinda just took a stab at it, I'm fairly certain this is the correct format and won't hurt my character as far as what I explained in the jutsu list)

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Board index » OmniForum » Character Creation » Mastery Sheet

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