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 Post subject: Leia's Mastery Sheet
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:38 am 
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Catalyst-Level Member
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Location: Shibusen
Unique Trait: Aliento De La Muerte
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Elemental Mastery:

Fire Mastery: 25%
Lightning Mastery: 40%
Wind Mastery: 68%
Water Mastery: 25%
Earth Mastery: N/a

*Leia's "psychic mastery" or mental fortitude is rivaled only by her incredible physical cability and ethereal power. She has no talent for telepathic illusions but excels in meditative conditioning, making her subconscious mind a formidable fortress against even the most adept telepath.

Chakra Mastery: Leia is a power house; though falling short in chakra control she redeems herself in raw and explosive output.

Chakra Control: 50%
Chakra Pool: Monstrous

Kekkei Genkai: Leia's clan possess enormous reserves of chakra so massive that it passively permeates through their pores, generating a skin tight film of invisible ultra dense chakra. Such potent, daunting chakra levels bestowed their sect with several blessings such as mammoth strength and nigh impenetrable skin.

Soul Arts/ Chi Mastery: 89%
Reaper Soul: 70%
Paranormal Physicality: 70%
Weapon Blood: 80%

Strength: B
Speed: B

*Leia is a soul weapon, capable of molding any piece of her body into deadly scythe as well as the ability to devour souls.

*Leia has devoured the soul of witch in order to become a DeathScythe, splicing her blood with magical potential. She has yet to delve into the full breadth of her mystical power but has familiarized herself with mana and its application. It has become deeply integrated in her battle style.

Shape Shifting: 29%
Spells/Incantations: 15%


*She isn't a shinobi and has little to zero experience performing ninjutsu. However, Leia is a prodigal graduate of a prestigious institution that carved the body and soul into zephyrs sharper than Death's sickles. She more than compensates with her expansive knowledge of the soul.

*Leia is incredibly lazy, a true sloth who spends twenty hours a day looking for a place to crash or nap. The other few hours she spends reading. Her lethargic traits typically stick out in battle and every other aspect of her life.

*Leia is proficient in weapon mastery and several flavors of close quarter combat, but she prefers to rely heavily on the quick, impersonal powers of her Reaper Soul. Which proved to be powerful enough to eradicate an ancient seraphic entity previously thought to be immortal.

Leia's Weapon Form

Leia's Soul

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