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 Post subject: Basic Rules and the Like
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2011 2:54 am 
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Marta brings all da RRRRUUURRRUUSSU!!!!!! So be sure to follow along, okay kiddies? :mrgreen:

Also if you don't like scrolling, just use the Find option (ctrl+F) to find a keyword in the rule book.

------Basic Guidelines------

Don't spam: Posting a lot of messages with little content in them, like just saying 'lol' or 'ok', is considered spamming. Post only if you have something meaningful to add to the conversation. Never post just for the sake of increasing your post count.

No ads and no solicitations: This applies to any links with referral IDs in them as well as repeated posting of the same link for the sole purpose of driving traffic to a site. If you want to promote your own site, do it in your signature or the bulletin boards.

No Village Advertising: In addition to the above rule, any advertising of another "Village Site." That is, another roleplaying website not recognized by or affiliated with ours. Any mention or link advertising such sites will result in an instant ban. This includes sending PM strings to members of our own website. To all others, if you do receive such a PM, report it IMMEDIATELY.

Absolutely no discrimination: This should go without saying. If we learn of any "hate-crimes" or abusive, derogatory language, your character will be instantly killed and your IP will be banned. I don't think this needs any elaboration.

------General Roleplaying Rules------

Your Account is your Character: In order to enhance the accuracy of this roleplaying universe, your account on this forum, from name to gender to age and even interests, is completely synonymous with your character. This is not to say that there are no opportunities to show your out-of-character self, as we have several forums specifically for that. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to register more than one account if you have more than one character to roleplay, so long as you manage to keep up with each of them simultaneously. The only place where your account can represent another character is in the Alternate Roleplay section. Also, only under very special circumstances will we allow more than one character to be played per account.

Godhacks will not be tolerated: A Godhack is defined as any one power or series of abilities that a character has that 100% guarantees anything they do. Yes, even a trait or ability that gives someone 100% accuracy is a godhack. Yet the broader term that we have had to deal with on several occasions is simply making your character God or God-like. Keep in mind, no one here is above the forces of nature or fate itself, and their powers will be warned against if we see potential for godhackery. If you fail to heed these warnings and go ahead with it anyway, you'll simply be banned. Simply put, Godhacks are abilities that allow the user to achive God-like properties rendering them completely able to negate/kill/or act without some obvious repercussion. Because all moves have slight drawbacks, and some have major drawbacks you character may not know these. So do not be quick to cry "God-Hack" if you are frustrated with a technique or your c

Respect the Power Hierarchy: All new characters start off as a Genin, with very few exceptions. For those of us unfamiliar with the Naruto Universe, the Genin rank has very high restrictions, as they are the beginner class. As you rank up, you become more powerful and are able to do more things with your chakra. Now, in fights, a Genin will typically have a very hard time defeating a Jounin. It's not impossible, but due to the sheer gap in power it's very likely that the Genin will lose. You will achieve more respect as a character if you respect this hierarchy and work hard, develop your character. go on missions and train to rank up. Taking ranking exams over and over and over will not get you anywhere.

Autohitting: Autohitting is defined as saying in your roleplay something like.. "I throw a boulder at you and your skull is broken." Please, for all of our sakes, give your opponent a chance to avoid it. Sure you can roleplay a situation where it's damned impossible for your opponent to avoid something, but even then, you are not to roleplay their actions, which include getting hit. The only exception to this rule is a killban, performed only by Kage and certain Sannin on characters people simply can't stand to begin with. This can be avoided by saying 'I throw a boulder at you and your skull will hopefully be broken', the word 'hopefully' grants the foe a chance to dodge. Make sure to tell the foe how likely strong something will be by at the same time respecting the power hierarchy.

Keep your Bios Updated: Or at least give a good effort to do so. When your character performs or masters a technique not in their skill list, post it there for future reference. If you do use a new technique in battle that is not in your skill list, then fully describe what it is and how it works in that battle. It also must be based off of whatever element or technique archetype you're able to use. This rule is a lot less strict, but important to note. Even I'm not at all good at keeping my characters updated. >_>

Death is Permanent: Anyone planning to roleplay on this site should note that death is a very possible factor in your character, and unless it's a special circumstance, your character will not come back from the dead. Most characters who undergo death will have a maximum time of two days to appeal if something went wrong, and from there will have their character's account deleted. Of course, there are special cases where the character will be killed and deleted instantaneously, but this only happens to those that don't follow other necessary rules >_>

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, PLEASE: This is something I cannot stress enough. You're here on this site to explore your own creativity, and that includes the characters that you create. Make your character completely original, with their own personality, powers and bloodlines. Even if you give your character a certain name, but give him the same personality, power and Kekkei Genkai as an official character, believe me we'll know. So please, use your creative mind and actually plan out your characters. Although we are based on the Naruto universe, having blood lines specific to that universe is wholly possible but you it IS POSSIBLE and ENCOURAGED to make characters unlike those in the series. For example, you can be a Hyuugua and not be like Neji ect.

------Village Ranks------

Genin: For the most part, everyone starts off as a Genin-ranked character, which is the lowest rank in terms of ability range, power and chakra use. If you want to get more powerful, then train, battle, do whatever it takes to earn your rank in a village. We're not about to just hand out high ranks because you type well. (Though that's a plus.)

Prestigious Ranks: There are three ranks in all villages that signify a character that has been distinguished as an elite member of the village and given a rank with high importance. In this order, the ranks are Anbu, Sannin and Kage. The Anbu are selected from the Jounin and given that rank based on how well they prove themselves, plus their experience. Sannin are the same, only hand-picked from the Anbu. Kages, of course, are the leaders of their village. Anbu have no limit persay, but will have to prove themselves periodically. Other than that, there can be only 3 Sannin, and 2 Kages from each village.

Ranking Up: There are two ways to rank up in a village. The first is to post a request for a ranking exam, which involves making a topic in the Ranking section of your Village and waiting for a proctor to come and rank you however he/she sees fit. This first format is only available to Genin up to Special Jounin. Once you hit the Jounin rank, there's nowhere else for you to go unless you're selected to try out for an Anbu rank by one of the ruling members of your village. I that case, you're to follow whatever your proctor asks of you to attain such a prestigious rank.

Drifters: The Drifters are a group of members who, while still alligned to the Alliance (good-guys), are part of none of the villages here on the site. That being said, the Drifter rank is only given to people with explicit permission from the Administration, based on a special case with their character or something like that. But as it stands, most people will have to choose a village of residence from either the Chaos, Reality, Rising or Twilight, with very little exceptions.

Drifter Ranks: Drifters are all given a "X-Level Member" ranking next to their names, signifying how powerful they are. Again, some have exceptions. But, the method to improve a rank in that area is to arrange it with an Anbu+ member via PMs, then the two would have a fight in the Inter-Village Epics section. The ranking exams for them, however, pose a much higher risk of severe injury or death.

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