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 Post subject: Cross' Boxes
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:17 pm 
Ouilin :: Sunrise|Sunset
Ouilin :: Sunrise|Sunset
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Eletrro Piranha
Name: Cross doesn't have a name for each individual piranha that would be ridiculous
Flame Attribute: Lightning Flame
Creator- Me
Abilities and Background info-

The Lightning Piranha was the first box weapon prototype. But as Cross' understanding of the technology improved he constantly modified his box to keep up with the ones he was making for others, they are armored Piranha that are infused with the lightning flame and take on it's attributes. This is Cross' ultimate box weapon, and he claims it as his most original. The Piranha that are summoned are relative to the amount of flame output is shoved into the box. Cross can summon 300+, being the number of an entire school of Piranha. They can surround him in a cylindrical fashion like creating a very affective shield, they can fire at opponents going as fast as his bullets and bite through most things at speeds faster than light using the solidification attribute. Cross can also load the piranha into his guns, shrinking them to bullet sizes. One applied in the opponents flesh they will travel through the opponent and consume them from the inside out, stopping chakra flow, fluctuating them with electricity and consuming every aspect of their being. Cross loves his box weapon...


How do you like the new look?

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