Terra Project

A rain forest located on a small and easily forgotten island.
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Terra Project

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---Terra is a planet located in the same galaxy as Vescrutia. Unfortunately the planet is located on the further reaches of the galaxy and doesn't boast the technological advances needed to make contact with the surrounding galaxies population. Terra, met an unfortunate fate When an Ancient Evil's sent its emissary to corrupt the planet. Seizing control of key factions of the natives species development, The Emissary, Ruin, took hold of the planet and uses Terra to Produce Apparition of life.

---Ruin skillfully convinced the planets leaders to sabotage their energetic grids and natural resources. Ruin, without the humans knowing, summoned powerful Creatures and scattered them across the globe. With the energy grids disabled the Natives are unable to Trigger the Awakening, an event that occurred on Vescrutia allowing its species to thrive with unique forms of energy. Centuries have gone by since Ruin arrived on the planet, but the Humans still live in the lie that they are alone in the Universe. The Ancient Evil continues to deceive the population into cycles of self violence, while siphoning the planets energy to wage war on Vescrutia.

Terra Present Day
-----On Terra present day, the species is experiencing a technological advance and never before seen media unity. Reports of super nature Abilities, polar lights cascading over cities, and demonic sightings are inspiring the population with curiosity and rebellion. The people begin challenging the Controlling Factions but find it hard pressed to get through to the greedy hearts of man with diplomacy.

-The Horsemen Ruin continues to work with Certain human factions to suppress the information and fill the media with disinformation. With the increase in super natural sighting, the media begins publicly demonizing Super Natural abilities. Making them out to be Demons and Not Humans the 'lost,' begin to panic and widespread hatred breaks out. Society as the Terra knows it is collapsing, only the Lost continue as if nothing is happening;but, the brave break their routines and venture out for answers.

It is true that some people have manifested powers akin to their environment or studies. The planet will give its children the strength to fight, but only if they choose to fight. Yet their Fear and dogma has paralyzed their instincts.

The Humans on Terra have no idea they are being manipulated by an outside influence, their fear and dogma keep them scratching at the throat of their own. Terra Native and ruling species, Humans, are trying to rebel against their oppressors in small numbers. Lost to their true strength and robbed of the Fruits from the planet;The Humans are hard pressed for Answers, but for every hundred-thousand that submit to the confusion a Hero is born among them. Rise Up
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