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 Post subject: Pokemon Online
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:05 pm 
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Moirai Student :: Genin Level Member
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You guys loves pokemons so much, I have a program for all windows user.

(If you have mac inbox me. :idea: :roll: )

Lady and Gentle, I give you Pokemon Online. You can have a pokemon battle Single,Double,and Triple. And have any pokemons you want in your party.

There much more beside making your sever and lobby. :P

How to make your Pokemon party. Go to Pokemon Team Builder


The first thing it will shoot to The Trainer.

Pick your Avatar.

What your Trainer name.

What are something that we should know on the info box.

And quote on what to say if you win you lose a battle.


The Team

On the right side of the screen, you will see six slots that start with 000 Missingno A.K.A (?), Just click on one of the slot and then click the ? and look for the pokemon that you want. To add a new one, just click pokemon slot 2 at the top screen. And if you want to give it a nickname and a item it under the Nature. Also if your team is full just click the pokemon slot and pick a new pokemon.

Then after that it will show a move list under the pokemon's you pick. It the same as this one, pick the four move you want your pokemon's to know. Move the mouse on skill without clicking to show the skill info. And if you want a new move just backspace the old one.

And last the Stats and ability to be honest you don't have to mess with the DV's.

Change Type under hidden power.

Change Gender.

Pick a ability. Change level if you want to do a level 50 battle. Make your pokemon shiny or it atler form for pokemons do have that Bs type change crap. :x

The Stat are beside your pokemon. You raise up your pokemon stats where it lack at. Just put the number in the box beside stat. Beware of your limit.

Change Nature to change stats around.

Warning :twisted:

Some Pro know how that work and odd are if you the stats raise incorrect. you are destiny to get a One Hit Kill on your pokemon. So Careful!

Once you have your pertect team save it load it start a new your whatever.

Step 3

The Box

If you play pokemons before, you know to put your pokemons in storage.

Step 4


Same as this.

Step 5

At last you are ready to battle.

Go back to trainer home then click close at the bottem and then click go online.

Pick a server or make one, after that you can find battle, spectator some one match click on trainer and ask for battle under your rule and the tourment will be held ,cool right.

Well that rap it up, So I hop you guys like it.

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