Wanderer of the Plane

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Wanderer of the Plane

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Name: Ozma "Flux" Luvian
Age: 200 yet appears to be in her early 20s
Hair color:Pitch Black
Eye color: Emerald Green
Unique marks: Flux treats her body like a sacred Temple,well,because it kinda is thanks to the myriad of runic tattoos melded on her back. It contains the birth of her cosmic lineage but it is written in a language neither she nor any other witch in her coven can read.

Parents: She only knows her mother.

Species: In the most laments of terms she is known as a witch. A practitioner of magic and a follower of its creed. However Flux is somewhat of an enigma for her coven were not simply practors of a recreational sport. No she hails from a matriarchal coven of witches that belong to a race of subterranean magical beings known as the Draíocht. A mysterious species that have an unpresidented bond with naten through magic. Eons old the first amongst their kind was given access to a mysterious realm of power known simply as Ovalu (Source) a magical nexus of naten that is also known as The Seat of the Maker. Rightly called this for it is believed to be a gateway that connects all manner of worlds and dimensions.

With the power of Source the covens have been able to create a flourishing magical society beneath the surface of each area of Vescrutia. What is also known of Source is that it has only ever showed itself present within Flux Coven there has ls been no male descendants of her line. Which is why the draíocht believe themselves to be the superior part of the Gender spectrum. Thus the reason men are permitted permanent stay amongst them. This is also only permissible due t the unique reproduction process of the draíocht. From witch to witch essence of Ovalu mutates and creates all manner of powers and abilities. In the draíocht Magical strength is everything. Each member of the coven aspires to produce a stronger line of magic than of their original birth. It is also this process that broadens the civilizations overall ability to learn and grow. As new phenomena arise so does additional understanding. Unlike most practitioners of magic they do not chose, but are born along side their familiars,each also represents that witches natural aspect.The way that this race has learned magic was through their bond with the early animal kind and it has been this bad that molds their gifts.

Where as normally each witch only is typically born with one familiar, Flux possess two. The first one being strange because it lives inside of her. Most of its power and overall ability cannot be accessed by her for some reason. She can barely make out the creatures visage but it shows itself at times as some form of serpent. It grants her Gas Magic. The second is a small black panther cub named Vas. This little creature is Fluxs eyes and ears if she had none. Her an this kitten share such a deep bond and it is from this familiar she was blessed with the once thought lost power of Plane-walking A rare talent even amongst the most seasoned a witches.

Flux is an oddity in all of the 8 reigning witch Sub Kingdoms across vescrutia. Her entire conception was against the grain. Her mother a low born witch of very little magical talent despite her uncanny spark as a healer. Her father was the anomaly. Nothing was really known about his origin other than he was a wander that crept into stumbled into their queendom,something that was in itself unprecedented. It was Ozmas mother that took the man in, healed him and eventually fell in love with him. He was the only male to ever live amongst the witches albeit for a very short period of time. It is from him she is said to have gained the power,but her mother will tell her nothing off him.

Central Pillar: Deep beneath the Sunlit plains of the Astral Chaos Lies the Serpintera,one of the most prominent of the Witch Covens. Some of the most ancient and forbidden magics exist in this clan bloodline. It is here that her family has dwelled for over seven centuries and it is only here she has ever called home...physically at least.

Contrast Pillar: Inside Flux something slumbers, something sinister. From where she inherited this hatred she knows not but it in the process of turning her soul into a festering cesspit of malice. But she resist. Having always been stubborn she refuses to let this being have its way. Up until now her mother and the queen of her coven have been able to suppress it. But as she gets older and more attuned to her Source it had become to difficult to d so. So flux was forbade by the queen from practicing magic ever again. But Ozma cannot deny her Sway to the Ovalu, it practically calls her and being the free spirit she is she practiced in secrecy...deepening her bond to the gateway, it is from this that her magic was...polluted Where she has always been able to use gas magic it has now been tainted and transformed into a dark death causing miasma that she cannot wield properly. Its borderline sentient and often acts against her will. An indecent occurred and she was tasked with searching for a being capable of teaching her to tame her magic, on top of finding her father.

Active Pillar: Currently she is making way to the Surface of the Astral Chaos in search of a guide and link to her Father. And also to remedy this scourge within her.

Crossing Pillar: Flux has a wide network of connects and possibly bridges to from with the vast network of witches integrated within Surface and below societies. She needs only to attune herself to their magical vibration and she can tell where they are and either communicate telepathically or if they are close enough tether to them.

Anthem: Her Anthem is known as "Phase-Walking" a power so great it is known as one of the Ten Elder magics. With this power she can freely tap into perseveres of Ovalu located all over Vescrutia connecting her to a virtually unlimited pathways of travel. Doing so grants her a myriad of magical ablites namely her powers of telepathy and the power to tether. Because she can exchange so freely with Source Ozma can resonate her Sway with that of other life or even places that have high naten concentrations. Doing so allow her to walk through the space that separates them. Over the years she has gotten quite the handle on her phase walking and is now able to Astral Project. When she invokes phase walking as a spirit she in complty unbound and can travel virtual anywhere naten exist. However doing so takes extreme amount of magic to perform to that degree so she tends to only do so when she is most detached from her physical. When she sleeps. She also has a ability that her ties to Ovalu grants her known as Echoing. She can connect to the nexus of naten to use a rare form of magic that allows her to lucid dream and experience the hidden history of areas where the borders between worlds is thin. Typically area where naten exist in copious amounts or deeply infused to the area. This coupled with her power of projection grants her a form of time travel able to relive the events as if she was there. This can be incredibly dangerous as her physical body is often left vulnerable.

The Second less fun aspect of her Anthem is the Familiar locked away within her. It is an insidious force that desires nothing more than to decay all living things to nothing. It was first discovered when she phased walked to a world drenched in necromancy. Having no control over her power when she was an infant she traveled to a realm of demons where a beast was thought to have latched itself onto her soul. However it was later revealed that Flux was born with this darkness inside her and her walk as a babe agitated the being. This monstrosity has altered her magic. Where she once was a witch who could manipulate various gasses she now is the jar for an hideous fog who's acidity attempts eats away at everything it touches. Much is still unknown about this entity or where it hails from. All she know is she needs to tame it, before it takes her.

Element Natures: Fire, Wind

Lvl:1 Black Pantera Magic

Flux is a Panther Witch and so many of her spells invoke the varying aspects of a Black panther. All of her magic requires verbal invoking. She can use her magic to increase her speed, reflexes and sense of sight and smell. Ozma utilizes the element of fire and as such can conjure and manipulate flames. She is caster with an unnaturally large pool of magic and skill to work with. However she cannot overly exert her magic or her curse will begin to take over. Thus despite her amazing potential she is drastically limited to no more than a third of her overall power, which still packs quite a punch.

Weapons: Morrow- Ozma Grimore and holder of all her magical knowledge and theories. It is also here that she keep records of all the places she has visited and any information about its inhabitants and history.

Bio:Include a brief or descriptive purpose of your adventure and the conflict that exist. You can include any connections you may have with known or unknown characters.

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