One final Trial

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One final Trial

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<t>Name:Linomaru Hugo<br/>
Age:24 <br/>
Hair color:Brown <br/>
Eye color:Blue <br/>
Unique marks:Alchemical Transmutation symbols <br/>
Parents:Tiku Ichimo and Juden Kin-Hugo<br/>
Central Pillar:Linomaru is from The fallen village of Reality. <br/>
Contrast Pillar: Finding away to rewrite his family name in Vescrutias history books. Linomarus family is shunned by many of the royal families for using dark magic and almost destroying the very life energy/mana itself. <br/>
Active Pillar:Returning from a space exploration of where his mother was last seen.<br/>
Crossing Pillar:Shabuto, Allen Momoto, Kham, Natashina Hugo(NPC), Natsukamaru Hugo(NPC), Jinomaru Hugo (NPC)<br/>
Anthem:Gentai: Gen Kai Jin branch(doujustu)<br/>
Element Natures:Fire,Lightning,Earth,Air,Water,Life(light) and Gravity(darkness)<br/>
Skills/Abilties: The Gentai has several different types of abilities but only can control two elemental seals in the beginning levels of GENTAI Gen first stages 1-3 giving the user not only a violet hue in their eyes with 2 white toma but also the elemental seals will grow and transmute any elemental manipulation with ease. the next level would be Gentai Kai next stages of 4-6. This allows the user to control all elements except for Life and Gravity. The user toma multiply by 2 giving them 4 toma in total. Giving the same abilities as stages 1-3 it also allows the user access to the Nitos Void. THE NITOS VOID is a dead zone. No magic/mana/charka/etc. Can be used while in the void. It absorbs the energy like a parasite and grows darker eventually devouring the combatants of its prowess. Final stage is 7 giving the user complete control of all the elements. And The power to give their life for another. Also the ability to teleport using light or shadows depending the gentai works with in <br/>
Weapons: Each weapon welded by q member of the Hugo Family has a alchemic rune (s)
Based on strength of its user. Lin has Nira Grand Raiper and Nitos Katana <br/>
Before the start of all the lands of the Vescrutia formed the world was divided into Seven Kingdoms each representing the mortal elements. Water,Fire,Earth,Wind,Lighting, Spirit and Light. The usage of the dark arts were forbidden and those who practiced such were considered criminals and would be prosecuted by the White Dragon council.<br/>
Each land ruled by a King or Queen of the seven great bloodlines. Fire ruled by the Hellgates, Lightening ruled by the Denkou and The kingdom of light was lead by the Hugo families. All Kingdoms flourished life from the all mighty tree. <br/>
It all began with the forbidden love of two young heirs. One to the throne and another to the dark side... In the land of light rested the Kingdom of Diamonds. There was a town that laid in the walls of the kingdom were evil dwells and the scarlet of this tale is born. While this took place the kingdom celebrated the birth of a new prince. As faith would have it their paths would cross and their love sparked a feud that would break the order of the seven kingdoms and thus change the world as they knew it. <br/>
The clouds would cover the land and war began. Bloodshed subdued the north; chaos fell upon the west, destruction plagued the east and the south was devoured in darkness. The world had become a void of sin. For decades the battles were found against the darkness. One by one the kingdoms fell and the shadow king ruled. His power merciless and he dictated with and iron fist. <br/>
The world was lost and it’s only hope was a rebellion lead by the seven royal families. Among them,the forbidden lovers, Juden Kin and Tiku Hugo. The rebellion battled day in and day out giving hope to those who couldn’t fight against the Shadow King Vash. One day while out on a supply mission Juden fell ill and could hardly use her magic. Soon after she found out she was pregnant with Tiku’s child. As time went by the rebellion had free most of the world and Tiku was considered a hero of war. Then Juden had given birth to their first daughter, Ahynei. 

Ahynei was the first daughter born of Light and Dark mages. She showed power never seen before in any of the lands. Second to be born was Darekk a son who fed into the people and shunned the name that was given to him. A warrior whose skill went unmatched by many who faced him and a master swordsman. Third born was their second daughter Imari she was a genius inventor although she had no natural power of her own. Some say she was the one who invented the Nitos void because those who came in contact with her touch couldn’t harness the energy of the tree. Their fourth child was Meikamaru. He learned to control the powers that dwelled within him and opened what would be the first seal of the Kai Jin. Realizing this power was in all of their children Tiku and Juden, with the help of the seven other families,formed a new Kingdom that used the power they dubbed Gentai. The world was returning to normal and the forces of the Shadow King were weak; the seven kingdoms had begun reconstruction and the world as we know now began.  Juden once more bore life. 

The world was at a brief moment of peace when Linomaru and Jinomaru had taken their first breaths. The seven families had most of the world back to it normal functions and technology had advanced over the years,thanks to studies of the Hugo . Lin was born in what some would say the analog era; which is a time before the current. He wasn’t like his other siblings. Him and his brother stuck to themselves most of their childhood they were inseparable. Soon thier powers would awaken and the battle of bothers began. Lin saw the beauty of life and the potential of humanity and thus like his forefathers took an oath of Justice. Jinomaru,on the other hand, saw things differently and joined forces with the Shadow King. 

Tapping into the dark power of the Gentai a victory for the Shadow Kings army was eminent. This would begin another war between the forces of light and dark. Once more the kingdoms fought. Once more the land was drenched in the sparrows of blood. It raged on for most of Linomaru's adolescence. When Linomaru turned 18 he had defeated the Shadow King and freed his brother from the dark side of their power. Now Linomaru and Jinomaru travel the universe in search of their parents who went missing some time ago.

The Hugo family of split into Three Houses and one lost House for a total of four.Each house represented one Mortal element and One Material substance. One Path( and Two Stones and sub Branch element(i.e., ice,lava,life,steam,burst,pyshic,)

House of Nira: Alchemy Number:1/4: Path: Goddess/God/King Rune stones:Silver and Mercury Elements:Mortal:₩>Water subs:Ice,Life,Steam

The House in which Aynei started for the practice of life alchemy.

House of Maru:Alchemy Number:2/5:Path Reconstruction/ Deconstruction /Transmutation Rune stones - Started by Imari this house practices the advancement of alchemy in technology. (I.e. weapons,computers, clothes,etc)

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