Little Boulder...

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Little Boulder...

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Name: Zolgarius Michio, However, he does not know the true pronunciation of his name, he knows himself only as Zol.

Age: He was twelve during the Michio massacre which is the equivalent to around 400 years old

Hair color: White

Eye color: Red, though his eyes are brighter scarlet then most of his tribe

Height: 4'1

Unique marks: Zol has a scar in the middle of his chest, it is the wound where his mother used her blade to run him through.

Parents: His parents died in the disaster.

Species: Human

Central Pillar: The Khralaessara, your capital city that is now upon one of Vescrutia’s moons hidden from mortal kind.

Contrast Pillar: After waking from a deep coma you’re struggling to find your place in the world while finding your place in the goals of your clan’s elders. Having just drawn first breath Zol finds himself n a world he did not consent to visit. But the pain in his chest beckons obedience. He follows, always one to trust his gut feelings and instincts. Head, though clouded, body though weakened, he feels a sense of loss within. But beneath that feeling is another, and it rages something fierce. Bubbling he subconsciously searches for its focal point while training his body beyond its former glory, tempering his blade, wielding his shield, for he has chosen that both will serve the aims of the Michio. Of that one thing, he is certain...

Active Pillar: Currently Zol is just exiting the pods and taking in the world around him. The Michio he now is bound to have a different more pointed agenda and he is up for it. Having a subconscious pounding urging him to grow, urging him to protect, urging him to conquer.

Crossing Pillar: Zol doesn't know anyone just yet.

Anthem: Carbon Infusion: A terrifying anthem believed to have gone extinct that gives Michio the ability to govern the fibers of creation, Carbon Atoms. This anthem was so special, so crucial, our very culture exists to ensure this anthem gets passed down in its entirety by arranged births and reproduction rituals. Having just awakened out f a coma much of his knowledge of his anthem is lost with the rest of his memories.

Element Natures: Earth and Wind

Skills/Abilities: Lv:0 Kah Strengthen- Kah is the Michio word for skin. you can expand your muscle capacity to increase your strength, speed, and stamina for a short time past its already heightened rate. Instinctually he relies on his legs more thus that is where most of his offensive focus lies.

Lv0: Kah Condense- You can harden certain parts of your anatomy toward a crystal-like consistency to make blows tougher or to resist damage from physical attacks and elemental attacks

Lv1: Kah Endure- The Michio flesh gets stronger the more duress that it weathers. In battle, you can cease all movement, center yourself in your breath and gather energy from incoming attacks to bolster the power of your next attack. A soon to be a specialty of Zols'. Having given himself a directive, a mantra, and creed he uses this to bolster his ability to endure making him a very resilient being.



412 years before the Michio Massacre

*Rest Coming soon*
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Re: Little Boulder...

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This makes me incredibly happy. Arise little boulder, I cant wait to work with you. There's a link to our tribes lore in my signature. Read through it at your leisure, time to take over the world.
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