A Tall Tale

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A Tall Tale

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Name: Wyse Ordo (/wise or-doh)

Age: claims to being 21

Hair: Raven black Quaffed hair

Eye Color: Greenish Hazel

Height: 5'7''

Unique Marks: Large golden round glasses enchanted to never come off unless Wyse wishes.

Parents: -Redacted-

Species: -Redacted-

Character Personality Traits:
Wyse is a mostly quiet person who has trouble expressing his feelings through words. Because of this, he is thought to be mysterious and distant; however, in actuality, Wyse has a deep love for all life on Vescrutia. Wyse has shown that are times in certain situations where he acts off emotion rather than reason. These changes, often provoked by seeing others in distress or moments of extreme danger and are very rare.

Central Pillar:(Bio)
The last thing he could remember was her waving to him as she ascended higher and higher into the sky. The bright streams of light that broke through the cloudy sky hurting his eyes and he struggled to keep his view of his Mother. She had explained all she needed to, he understood, but still, it hurt to see her go. She became a blur as she ascended higher until she was engulfed by the light and vanished from his sight. With her passing, the light in the sky dimmed and the large white clouds turned grey as freezing rain began to pour.

That was some time ago, and as she had instructed he had integrated into Astral Chaos. The lessons from his parents had been his tools for surviving until he found his way and made a home here in the Astral City.

Contrast Pillar:
While the yearning to know what became of his family is still strong, he struggles with "becoming the man he was meant to be" task given to him by his parents as he doesn't really know who he is yet.

Active Pillar: Wyse has taken a job in a lower security branch within the Astral City. While he enjoys being to help people with his job, he has lately been having prophetic dreams, having him second guess whether or not he should be doing more.

Story Time: A magical ability which allows Wyse to recall fables and myths of his youth and manifest traits or recreate abilities from characters in their tales. The tales told to him by his Mother and Father are all he has left of them now, cherished memories given life, each treasured with care.

Aspect: Oberon lv.1
"My mother used to tell me stories of a self-indulgent spirit, whose thunderous pursuit of Want almost cost him that which he loved most"

Recalling the story and activating the Aspect of Oberon, Wyse's hair turns a shade of clover green, his body traced by a thin glow of bluish light. The ability grants Wyse some measure of Atmokinesis, an ability to control the weather to some degree.

Element Natures: Light, Space

Daybreak lv.1: A column of scorching light is manifested either falling upon or erupting beneath a foe engulfing them in its burning grasp

Conflict lv.0: A concentrated ray of gathered light that fires with pinpoint precision. The energy is condensed forming a thin beam of plasma with incredible destructive power.

Float: Wyse's nature connection to gravity-based magics allows him to manipulate the weight of objects or persons causing the target to lose their gravitational pull, effectively making the object weightless or enhance to the point where they incredibly difficult to move. Presently Wyse needs physical contact with someone in order for his power to affect them.

Martial Prowess: A skilled hand to hand combatant, Wyse has honed his body to be his weapon. Obtaining both superhuman strength and speed,Wyse is a powerful fighter once he closes the distance.

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