Lord of Darkness: Alaude Nightwing

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Lord of Darkness: Alaude Nightwing

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Name: Alaude Nightwing
Species: Half-Human, Half-Demon
Age: 26
Hair color: Black w/ White Streak on Top
Eye color: Gold
Height: 6'2

Unique marks:
-Alaude has transmutation circles engraved into his palms which allow him to use his alchemy without the need to draw then constantly on surfaces.
-Alaude possesses demonic markings around heart which while normally expand and grow when invoking his demonic powers.
-Tho not very visible anymore Alaude posses two scars; one along the ridge of his nose going from cheek to cheek, the other is a large scar across the left side of his face which he gained back when he was younger.

Alaude grew up with both his parents who where scientist who spend most of their time researching on the idea of using Alchemy to transform and manipulate darkness rather then normal conventional alchemy material. However, one time when working on advancing their research a large explosion occurred which resulted in both their deaths.

Central Pillar:
-Before moving to the Astral Chaos, Alaude spent his younger days in a small town, or more specifically a small lab with both is parents where they conducted their research on alchemy and darkness. Once his parents died in a horrible lab experiment Alaude stayed in the lab for sometime learning to better control his abilities before heading out to find a new home winding up in the Astral Chaos by chance.

Contrast Pillar:
While being a prominent member of the Astral Chaos sworn to uphold its peace, at the same time this sometimes conflicts with his Master Shinta whose motives may sometimes puts him and there for Alaude at odds with the village.

Active Pillar:
With the current unknown whereabouts of his Master, Alaude has been able to focus on maintaining the peace and over-watching the growth of The Astral Chaos.

Crossing Pillar:
Alaude's Current Friends and Acquaintances:
-Zeik Hellgate, Kurai Hellgate, Nagase Hellgate, Kai Ishidate, Sanosuke, Slade Hyuga, Shabuto Uchiha, Sena K. (Ena Kusanagi), Rai Retsaki, Affliction.

My name is Alaude and was born an raised in a village not very far from the Chaos village. My parents were a scientist who conducted many experiments in hopes to learn how to use mix alchemy and dark energy. For these experiments thought they needed a test subject to fully make there experiments work. Although my mother was a little against it I became the test subject for the experiments. Though the years my advancement it the experiment continued to improve until one experiment went wrong. My parents wanted me to try and create a living breathing human out of darkness using the alchemy I had been learning and there own help but it when I tried to create a the human a large explosion happened destroying the house. When the smoke cleared while I seemed to be unharmed my parents were a different story. I would look around and found the two of them on the ground glowing a black color before they seemed to melt away into the creating a large black puddle on the ground leaving me alone. Since that explosion I have continued to work hard and have now come to the Chaos Village to become a ninja and gain the power to find out what happen to my parents and if I could bring them back.

Element Natures: Darkness, Fire (Demonic Fire)

Skill Name: Shin'en (Abyss)
Skill Hierarchy: LV
Skill Description:
This is a unique form of alchemy developed by Alaude's parents who spent years conducting experiments on Alaude's body making him currently its only user. This alchemy allows him to use his chakra to create weapons, armor, and other useful objects from patches of darkness he makes contact with. While almost any patch of darkness works for Alaude to use his ability, he is unable to directly affect a item/person that has the ability to put up resistance (ex. Alaude cannot just touch a person and create weapons of darkness erupt from their body). In other words for this ability to work Alaude must have complete influence over the object or person he is using this ability on.

Skill Name: Dragon of the Darkness Flame
Skill Hierarchy: LV?
Skill Description:
During a mission with his Master Shinta, with his help Alaude was able to seal and entity known as The Dragon of the Darkness Flame into his body and soul. This entity is a living mass of demonic flames that while having a single dominating personality and mind in actuality the entity is composed of multiple damned souls who have been twisted, burned, and tormented to the point of losing all sense of self leaving on personalty to operate the entity until Alaude absorbed it. Being bonded with the entity has granted Alaude demonic quality/physiology which include accelerated healing, enhanced durability, resistances to basic poisons/diseases, increased speed, agility, and strength. Finally being bonded with this entity allows Alaude to release and control the black flames the entity is made of. These flames do not only burn the body of a individual like normal fire because of its demonic like qualities the flames are able to burn the soul/spirit of an individual which will drain their stamina and prolonged exposure to these flames can result in the person dying and being consumed into the entity and thus Alaude himself.

Skill Name: Dark Force
Skill Hierarchy: LV?
Skill Description:
During his time training under the tutelage of the original Lord of Darkness, Shinta Urashura after much hard work Alaude was handed the title of Lord of Darkness, and along with it a strange energy known as The Dark Force. While not fully understood The Dark Force is one of the purest and most destructive forms of darkness that exist in this world. The main attribute of The Dark Force is its ability to corrupt and consume whatever it comes in contact with. However, Alaude control over The Dark Force is still very limited and currently Alaude can only really only clade his body with The Dark Force increasing his general abilities and release medium sized beams of Dark Force from his body.


Skill Name: Dark Element: Consuming Smoke
Skill Hierarchy: LV 1
Skill Description:
Alaude with take a deep breath before releasing a large cloud of smoke which will cover the surrounding area. This works as a basic smokescreen to cover Alaude's movements, but can also work as a medium for Alaude's unique alchemy.

Skill Name: Dark Element: Trident Claw
Skill Hierarchy: LV 2
Skill Description:
Alaude with cloak his arms in darkness before molding them into a pair of razor sharp claws. While normally hard as steel with the usage of his alchemy Alaude and change/adjust the durability of the claws to match the weapon he is clashing with.

Skill Name: Dark Element: Blight Ray
Skill Hierarchy: LV 2
Skill Description:
Alaude with release a bream of pure condensed dark energy from his body. When this beam makes contact with and object it will create a massive explosion thus making this attack not so easy to avoid or simply deflect/block.

Skill Name: Dark Element: Dark Spike
Skill Hierarchy: LV 2
Skill Description:
Alaude will create multiple spikes of dark energy which can be used in different situations. The spikes can be covered around Alaude's body like a hedgehog for an offensive/defensive stance. Or Alaude can release a wave of spike around the area attempting to not only skewer his opponent but also litter the area with object that can be influenced by his alchemy.

Skill Name: Dark Element: Armor of Darkness
Skill Hierarchy: LV 2
Skill Description:
Alaude will release a massive amount of dark energy that after being released will quickly meld around Alaude's body becoming a suit of armor of pure dark energy with long black tendrils sticking out the back of the armor. Due to being made of pure darkness that armor is able to take full advantage of Alaude's unique form of alchemy with weapons being able to appear from any part of the armor, and if damaged and be quickly mended.

Skill Name: Dark Element: Plague of Absolute Darkness
Skill Hierarchy: LV 3
Skill Description:
Alaude will hold his hands in front of his chest creating a medium sized ball of darkness. Alaude will begin to pour more and more dark energy into the orb causing it to begin to take the form of a closed mouth and deformed lower jaw. As more and more dark energy is poured into the mouth of darkness the cheeks of the mouth will begin to swell and bulge. Once enough energy has been stored the mouth will burst open releasing a large cloud or darkness that will race towed the intended target with great speed and force. Although as the black cloud moves closer toward the target the black silhouettes of multiple creatures will begin to form from the darkness become a onslaught of deformed animals (wolves, worms, snakes, birds, rats, and many other creatures). These creature will race toward the target attempting bite, shred, and annihilate the target until there is nothing less but a stain of darkness.


Dual Pistols:
Alaude's main choice of weapon is a pair of Desert Eagle Custom Pistols which can normally be found holstered on each side of Alaude's hips. While able to be loaded with normal bullets Alaude will normally simply charge the guns with either his dark/demonic energy, thus releasing either pure beams of darkness or a torrent of demonic flames. Alaude as also engraved his pistols with his alchemy transmutation circles meaning via alchemy Alaude is able to modify and repair them on the sport.

Infused Katana:
When it comes to close combat Alaude's main choice of weapon is what appears to be a basic katana. However, Alaude's katana is made of a very special metal which is able easily absorb and conduct different energies which changed deepening on which hand he holds the blade in. When being held in his right hand the blade becomes coated in pure dark chakra increasing it overall power and also allowing easy manipulation of the blades shape and size. Meanwhile when held in his left hand the blade become cloaked in demonic flames obtaining the same effect of being able to burn the soul/spirit of an individual which will drain their stamina and prolonged exposure to these flames can result in the person dying and being consumed into the entity and thus Alaude himself.
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Re: Lord of Darkness: Alaude Nightwing

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