Magika of the Wind: Saiya Skyfall

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Magika of the Wind: Saiya Skyfall

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Name: Saiya Skyfall
Age: 18
Hair color: Crystal/Green
Eye color: Turquoise
Height: 5'3

Unique marks
A feint line of arcane runes are engraved into Saiy'a entire body from head to toe. You can see the markings when you are directly in front of her, in the right light. They glow either light blue or white when she is channeling large amounts of magic/naten.


Saiya was raised by a humble farming couple in a remote farming village. Her adoptive parents were named Oran and Lilac Ferndale. They named her Saiya, though the townsfolk all agreed to call her Skyfall, from the way she fell from the sky like a meteor when they found her. Oran and Lilac told Saiya the truth of how they found her around her 10th birthday.

Saiya does not know her true parents, having been lost to them as a baby. This will be updated when or if she discovers them.


Also unknown to Saiya, her true lineage is called Djinnfae. She is half genie, half Praxic. The Praxic are a race of combat witches that are only capable of reproduction with races matching or exceeding their magic capability. Praxic are only able to reproduce 3 times throughout their lifetime, and only become fertile once every 500 years. They usually live to be between 3 to 4 thousand years old.

Genie, on the other hand, are immortal. Due to this, mixing of Genie and Praxic bloodlines caused a new race, called the Djinnfae, which are immortal age wise, and capable of reproducing countless times throughout their life. However, they still only become fertile every 500 years or so.

The Djinnfae's magic starts off far weaker than their parents, as well as their physical capabilities being harder to nurture. However, with hard work and focus, the Djinnfae are capable of exceeding both of their parents in skill and ability.

Central Pillar

Once again unknown to Saiya, she is from a realm known as 'The Dreaming City'. It is a land comprised entirely of magic, held together by the will of its inhabitants. A place between dream and reality. Saiya was expelled from the city shortly after her birth, having somehow found her way to Vescrutia, falling from the sky.

In Vescrutia, she was found just outside of a remote farming village in the Neutral Wilds.

Contrast Pillar

Having been raised human, Saiya has no idea of her true lineage. However, something has always been calling her towards the sky. She grew up with amazing magical abilities and always tried to use them to fly, hoping to find a way above the clouds and past the stars. As she grew older, she realized there were several things she wanted to help get her there.

Stronger magic, specifically wind magic to help her control the skies.
An airship and crew to enjoy the journey with others, with intent to pierce the heavens into space.
A city in the sky so she could take those bound to the ground farther than they could imagine.

Active Pillar

Saiya is currently making her way from the remote village where she was born, unable to stay stagnant any longer. She is headed towards the greater places of Vescrutia in hopes to increase her knowledge of the world and her own powers, as well as finding a way to acquire and airship.

Crossing Pillar

Unfortunately, Saiya doesn't know anyone. She doesn't truly even know the etiquette of the world, having been sheltered most of her life.


Skill Name: Arcane Existence/Djinn Form (Locked)
Skill Hierarchy: Lv. 1
Skill Description: Saiya's entire existence is transcendental magic. As such, she is innately attuned to all things magical and supernatural. As she is, Saiya is capable of absorbing energy and converting it to her own magic, giving her the ability to instantly learn the workings of a spell on a physical level. That is to say, if one were to cast a fireball at Saiya, she would be able to absorb the energy from the attack. From there, her body would spend time breaking down the energy and learning the specifics of said attack. Once it is done, Saiya will be able to cast the fireball in any way she chooses, including as a coating around herself. Another example is her current sleep spell. When she absorbed this ability, she was able to learn how to utilize it on a physical level as well, giving her striking abilities the added effect of putting her foes to sleep.
----Saiya is unable to absorb more than one ability/spell at any given time. As well, she is unable to use the spell until her body has fully adapted to it, which usually takes at least an hour.
----The ability she learns from absorption still must be trained to be used properly.
----She is unable to absorb magic far exceeding her own current limit. This also does not make her immune to certain effects of the magic or ability either.

Saiya has a Djinn form that is currently unavailable to her. In this form, her magical abilities become excessively powerful. However, this is form only achievable with the help of another Genie.

Elemental Natures

Air: Saiya has been attuned to atmospheric magic all her life and is able to manipulate non-lethal burst and flows of wind with no incantation.


Skill Name: Arcane Foresight
Skill Type: Passive
Skill Hierarchy: Lv?
Skill Description: Saiya is more aware of magical beings and items due to her innate alignment with magic, being able to sense them up to 50 meters away in any direction. As she grows stronger, this range increases, and she is able to accurately seek out and retain familiarity with the being or item.

Skill Name: Magika Attuning
Skill Type: Seal
Skill Hierarchy: Lv.0
Skill Description: Saiya is capable of adding secondary effects using latent magic to most of her abilities. These range from sudden expulsions of power to 'status' effects and hindering ailments.

Skill Name: Kaze Yari
Skill Type: Elemental Projectile
Skill Hierarchy: Lv.0
Skill Description: The user unleashes a stream of drilling wind from their mouth the size of a basketball, but 3 meters long. The wind is capable of piercing through intangible objects like other wind, fire, water, etc. The user can control the winds movement like a snake as well. Magika Attuning: If the foe suffers a cut from this attack, the user can cause a twister of piercing winds to erupt around them from the wound, dealing even more damage.

Skill Name: Tornado Stance
Skill Type: Physical Coating
Skill Hierarchy: Lv.1
Skill Description: Saiya coats her arms and legs in a small tornadoes. The pressure from the small storms cause a vacuum effect with the air immediately around it. When striking with her limbs, concussive force is released as small sonic booms, able to shake the air and disrupt projectiles and movement. Magika Attuning: If Saiya strikes the foe during Tornado stance, she can consciously suck the air from their lungs. She is capable of suffocating her opponent this way with several strikes.

Skill Name: Kazeha
Skill Type: Spell
Skill Hierarchy: Lv.1
Skill Description: Utilizing a small incantation, Saiya unleashes a pulse of wind from around her body in all directions in a 20 meter radius. The wind is non-lethal, however, and only serves to repulse opponents or projectiles. Magika Attuning: Enchanted Sigh Marking-The wind marks the locations of all sentient and transient beings.(Meaning ghost and the undead as well.) As long as the being remains within 100 meters of the user, they will always know where these creatures or people are. Enchanted Sigh Reduction-Instead of marking creatures, the user makes the foe more susceptible to the secondary effects of the casters magic. The sigh also makes the foe more susceptible to status magics as well, such as sleep, poison, illusion and even death.

Skill Name: Festival of Wind
Skill Type: Elemental Projectile
Skill Hierarchy: Lv.1
Skill Description: Conjures several large rings of razor sharp wind and expels them towards the foe from multiple angles. Magika Attuning: If the foe is marked from Enchanted Sigh Marking, the ring blades will track the foe.

Skill Name: Wind Lullaby
Skill Type: Enchantment
Skill Hierarchy: Lv.0
Skill Description: Using an incantation, Saiya is capable of sending out a soothing wind 20 meters in front of her that puts foes to sleep.This ability can be used as a 'status' ailment in other magika attunings.

Skill Name: Purify
Skill Type: Enchantment
Skill Hierarchy: Lv.0
Skill Description: Using an incantation, Saiya can remove poisons and diseases from any liquid source. With massive amounts of concentration, she can rid a biological being of a small sickness. Grows with training and experience.

Skill Name: Innervate
Skill Type: Enchantment/Illusion
Skill Hierarchy: Lv.0
Skill Description: Using an incantation, Saiya stimulates an opponents mind to the point of euphoria, causing them to lose cognitive reasoning of their current situation; possibly having them see things that are not there as well.This ability can be used as a 'status' ailment in other magika attunings.


Oran and Lilac were sleeping, just like everyone else when it happened. A bright flash of light in the middle of the night and the thunderous sound of something colliding with the ground at an incredible rate. The shaking of the earth caused the animals to cry out in panic, along with the townsfolk. Even some of the beast in the wilds howled out; ominous roars from creatures of nightmares reaching their ears.

The humble farming couple rushed out into the night to meet with the others. No one had a clue what was going on, though no one was brave enough to venture to the source to find out either. After several minutes of muttering, the village headsman gathered a small group, Oran included, to go find the source of the anomaly.

They headed out towards the smoking cloud of debris from which they knew something had fell. Upon reaching the crater, they found something they would never believe. A small, blue haired baby girl, giggling as if she hadn't just collided with the planet at mach speeds. The devastation to the area around her was cataclysmic and the smoldering bodies of beasts that did not escape the impact stood testament to the force of collision.

In a matter of moments, the group returned with the baby in Oran's arms. The townsfolk gathered once more to see what to do with the child, wondering if it was even safe to bring her anywhere near the town. Oran and Lilac, for one reason or another, knew they needed this little girl in their lives. They offered to take care of her for as long as they could, and would make sure she stayed out of trouble.

In the following years, Saiya grew into a spirited young girl. By the age of 4, she was able to hunt with the adults and tend the fields with her mother. By the age of 6, she was the fiercest fighter in the whole town; not even including her penchant for magic. A few times bandits or beasts attacked, she was always on the forefront of the defense. However, despite this, Oran and Lilac treated her like a normal child. She was humbled, knowing never to overestimate herself or underestimate others.

As peace began to settle upon her village, and attacks became few and far between, Saiya grew bored with her life. She would always use any free time she got from chores and training to simply stare up at the clouds. She would dream of soaring through the sky and flying with beings that she couldn't comprehend. Eventually, she would dream of the stars and the planets beyond.

Something within her continuously called out to her. Something that she instinctively knew was beyond the clouds. She became obsessed with finding her way into the heavens, even going so far as to dedicate herself to 'Air' magic in hopes of simply being able to fly on her own. She began to plan out ways to build an airship and establish a flying colony for people, or even to became a sky pirate.

Saiya began to yearn for adventure the more she thought about what lied beyond the clouds. She realized she had never even been outside of her village before. She vowed that once she was sure her village was as safe as could be, she would leave and travel the world. She would search for a way to reach the stars, and even establish her own village or city within the clouds. Innately, she wanted to find out what was calling her to the skies; Her own will and ambition, or something greater.

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Re: Magika of the Wind: Saiya Skyfall

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A magical ‘sharingan,’ pretty cool.
We are in Alpha Testing and I want to push the limits, so you are approved.
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