The Michio Ancestry

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The Michio Ancestry

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Name: Michio Kham
Pronouns: He, They, Them, His, Him
Age: Ancient
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Red
Height: 6 Foot 5 Inches
Unique marks: Kham has all the Michio notable attributes. Silver hair, red eyes, his body is covered in scrs

Parents: Zaraya, Ragnar
Species: Human
Tribe: Michio
Anthem: Carbon Infusion

Central Pillar:Born of The Breaker 5th Ragnar, and the High Priestess Zaraya

Contrast Pillar: Protecting The Planet Vescrutia

Active Pillar: Putting a Sheild Around The Planet

Crossing Pillar:ZK Venkage, Zeik Hellgate, Atra, T'Ajsa Micho, The Prodigy of Genesis, The Pirate Queen T'Ajsa... Of anyone of any importance, Kham has interacted with them.

Anthem:Carbon Infusion

Element Natures: Earth

Skills/Abilities: Will add more as I remember.

The Primal Fury Lvl 0

A technique passed down from the King of Beasts. Using it has various stages that subject the user to severe strain. Ultimately driving them into a primal state themselves if used to its fullest extent.

Coronation Lvl 0

The King of Beasts merges with their chosen pact beast and is granted temporary access to the scholars multitude of knowledge and their pact beast's abilities for a certain time.

Congress Lvl 0

The King of Beasts seeks council with Kings past and wisdom from The Great Divide, library of the scholars.

Titan Trigger Lvl 3


The Heart of Stone Lvl 3

Carbon Infusion Lvl 3

From birth Kham has the ability to construct, deconstruct and rearrange carbon atoms. This ability was given to him so he could extinguish the Michio clan who were borderline indestructible. But Kham has evolved it to a point where he can condense his already dense hide, manipulate the earth and things created from it at will. Crystalize creation. Disassemble creation. Rearrange his own molecules, The Molecules of other things, on sight. Other, stronger entities require contact or a much more thorough spell. But Carbon Infusion is very diverse.

The World Breaker Lvl 1
Kham retreats to the core of Vescrutia and extends his carbon infusion throughout the planet using its entire surface as a weapon.

Gaia Force Lvl 3

Kham is the Master Advocate, the appointed champion of the Divine Anima Gaia and is a direct user of her near infinite pool of Naten. Using this he can produce terribly destructive raw energy blasts in a variety of ways, known to collapse space, time, and disintegrate things as the most thorough of levels.

Gaia Cannon Lvl 2
A wicked blast of raw Naten who's destructive properties wash away everything it touches to nothing.

Focused, Gaia Cannon Lvl 1
Kham amplifies and compresses the Gaia Cannon's power through this diamond eyes, acting as lenses to multiply its destructive capability. The Beam is smaller but far more devastating this way to a single target.

Crimson Devastation Lvl 1
Again, Kham compresses a small nugget of The Gaia force in his palms, upon crushing it a vortex of this power explodes in the vicinity vanquishing everything instantly in a large radius.

The Nova Cosmic Lvl 0

Crystalmancy Lvl 0

While Kham's knowledge of the ancient Michio arts is juvenile he can use his crystals, pour naten through them, arrange them in certain ways to produce magical affects upon the planet. Including but not limited to, the evaporation of water, the warping of objects, the speeding up and slowing down of time, levitation, rearranging of mater, the transmutation of mater ect. The complication of these spells are proportionate to the amount of naten consumed and the preparation required.

Sigils/Seals Lvl 0

The Michio have a unique language utilizing their Crystals to etch sigils/seals in stone producing a wide array of Magical affects. While Khams understanding of how this works is amateur at best, its applications are very useful.

Surmount Enmity Lvl 1

A sigil that can be applied to Kham or any physical object endowing it with the ability to redistribute kinetic energy back at the applier.

Stasis Lvl 1

Simply a sigil that causes the applicant to hold still.

Displacement Lvl 1
So long as there is a matching Sigil at the desired location, Kham can be practically anywhere on the planet at any given time. Often times he will have Mikiyo or a copy of him write said Sigil as to make himself that much more omnipresent.

Pact Beast Lvl 0

As the King of Beasts Kham has a mighty beast Dhvina at his side, also King of beasts, a Mighty Stag Nehvar that he can summon to his side at will.

The Global Fist Lvl 0

Khams trademarked signature punch, while Kham's normal strength is more than capable of destroying many things upon it's own. The Global fist is Naten infused, meaning Kham's own hand would not be harmed in the process, the Global fist can also hurt intangible objects, and can be combined with Carbon Infusion to shatter physical object instantly.

The Unstoppable Force Lvl 1

Another Naten Infused punch utilizing the power of the Nova Cosmic, A dark purplish aura that can shatter dimensions, time and space, unbound by conventional laws of physics and renders Kham and his arm immune to conventional means of hindrance so long as he is in motion.

Passive Traits

Experience and Instinct

Kham has lived a terribly long life and is filled to the brim with combat experience. Very few things surprise him anymore and he is prepared for anything.

Beast King

As the King of Beasts, Kham has studied under the different Beast schools and has learned all their knowledge and techniques at any time he can call upon them making him a versatile ally. These are not limited to the knowledge of medicines, tonics, how to live off the land, the ley of the land, vast knowledge of flora and fauna, ancient vescrutian lore lost to man kind, he can speak with all of creation. He has extensive diverse fighting styles, and can summon various beasts to do his fighting and other tasks for him. Being the beast king also gives Kham enhanced smell, the ability to see in the dark and other benefits. The benefits of being the King of Beasts are under a very strict contract, Kham is not allowed to harm any animal that doesn't harm him first. He is not allowed to consume animal flesh for sustenance.

Michio Biology

The Michio are pureblood descendants of the first vescrtians on the planet from the supercontiennts Amonphiiere and Akavjrr- The Prodigy of Genesis, and Etuum respectively. The Michio were purposely created by the union of these two powerful figures to be the epitome of human kind's evolution, embodying their resilience and peak potential. The Michio were raised in some of Vescrutia's harshest climates and trained under greuling conditions to pass on these traits to their descendants over countless years of evolutionary intent. Being a Michio Kham's hide is extremely dense. Nearly impervious to conventional physical damage. He is immune to conventional disease. He does not need to eat or hydrate himself or sleep. Kham is incredibly strong. Michio hides are piezoelectric, meaning the more duress they take the stronger they become. So long as Michio's feet are touching the surface of Vescrutia they recover naten. They can also recover naten during deep breathing.

Michio Breeding

The Prodigy of Genesis hand crafted the Michio upon consumation. Once the first 10,000 were assembled and The Prodigy took ownership of the clan she created specific breeding rituals to hand craft the tribe thereafter. First, Michio are not ‘Born’ they are made. They have sexual organs, but originally were banned from procreating. Michio do not identify using the human beings classification of gender. It isnt strange for them to have sexual encounters of the same or opposite sex. Michio do not value physical appearance as attractive, being able to change their DNA, physical appearance is superficial. Michio highly regard ones Kah, the experiences one has undertaken, your story, as something highly sought after. Under the Dharma Michio were restricted to maintaining a population of only 10,000. When one would die, a pair was selected for the opportunity to consummate. A privilege among Michio to be able to give birth. Knowledge of the breeding ritual was kept among the council, but The Devout replicated it to grow their numbers and train in secret beneath the surface of Vescrutia. Genetic strengths and weaknesses were selected down to the molecule to produce Michio that would fit accurately into the caste system.


The Michio Ancestry - Present Day

This is the Tale of Michio Kham, T’Ajsa Michio, The Makain Prodigy of Genesis and Etuum

The First Michio- The Astral Year

The Prodigy of Genesis and Etuum are one of the first makains to walk the planet. They and other Makains fought against Ruin who sought to rid Vescrutia of creation forever. After driving him back, The Prodigy of Genesis And Etuum sought to heal Vescrutia after Ruin permanently scarred the planet preventing growth. After enduring intense training, putting their bodies to their limit The Prodigy of Genesis cultivated a super weapon capable of ridding Vescrutia of Ruin forever- The Cosmos Destroyer. A Wicked Hammer dripping with the lifeblood of Vescrutia's core. After they and the other makains rallied to rid themselves of Ruin forever, they parted ways with The Prodigy and Etuum set about to ensuring that sequential generations of Vescrutians would be protected. They consummated and the first Michio were born. 10,000 strong of perfect bodies with similar attributes- silver hair, brown skin, and red eyes. The Prodigy of Genesis and Etuum reared the first 10,000 in the most grueling of environments testing their limits and strengthening their genealogy to ensure these traits would pass down to their descendants. As The Prodigy And Etuum grew very old, they had dissenting opinions on the direction the Michio should go. Etuum figured the Michio should decide for themselves and not policed. The Prodigy thought they should take a peaceful stance and heavily regulated. The two fought with The Prodigy murdering Etuum with his own hammer and upon death The Prodigy transferred her spirit to one of the Michio Women making the first Master Advocate one who spoke with the voice of their ancient ancestor to police them under the Dharma, divine law that divided Michio into a caste system, policing their civil rights and most importantly turning them against each other. Etuum however had different plans, he crystalized his memories and buried himself in Vescrutia hoping that his descendants would one day find them and learn from their ancestors treachery.

The Dharma

The Dharma is a set of restrictions imposed by the Prodigy of Genesis upon the Michio to ensure the made way for other life on Vescrutia to flourish equally.

1) The Michio were only allowed to have 10,000 of them at a time. Births had to be authorized, unsanctioned births were destroyed and their fornicating parents were exiled. Due to their anthem of Carbon Infusion Michio could manipulate DNA from conception to breed Michio for specific traits to fulfill certain roles

-Master Advocate, the chosen host for The Prodigy of Genesis' consciousness
-The Breaker, the appointed defender for the Michio should they require defending
- The Cenmotori 'Tools of Warfare' The Breakers appointed soliders, only 100
-The Mancers, Michio Scientists who were responsible for their crystalmancy, research and technological advancement
-Envoys, Michio agents of their pacifists nature who observed development of species to report to the tribe.
-Counselors, 12 Miciho deprived of their bodily entitlements to enforce the Dharma and make decisions on the Tribe's behalf
-Rubble, Michio responsible for securing food, water, supplies, building maintaining infrastructure.

Based on their caste, Michio received certain levels of their power with the Breaker and Master Advocate receiving almost all of the Michio potential.

Early Michio Life- The Age of Architecture

Early Michio life was spent like gardeners in a field with the Khralaessara as their home base. As ambassadors, the Michio would scour the planet, recording, studying, and negotiating with factions. They brokerd non aggression pacts between some, exterminated others, and protected those who could not protect themselves. Their presence was not always welcomed, their presence was not always uncontested but the Michio had a promise to never harm The Mother’s children. So early michio life, outside of the Khralaessara was most a life of learning, discovery, and ultimately suffering. All the strength and power they had could never be used aggressively, only constructively. This severe restriction imposed on them by The Mother, and The Prodigy caused them to adapt a very elitist view of things and create dissent in their otherwise very strict government.

The Devout
The Devout was a movement brought about by the constant suppression of Michio liberties. The Devout was created to contest the Pacifist nature of the Michio and they believed they should rule the planet not serve it. They believed every Michio should be able to fulfil whatever modifier they choose, have equal access to power and capabilities of the Advocate, live where they want, love who they want and some were so radical they believed they should be on the top of Vescrutia’s food chain. But the first Breaker, Vyrin started the organization having found Etuums remains and learned of The Prodigy's treachery. What was originally an open campaign to contest the dharma turned into a Silent War of espionage and subterfuge when They discovered Etuum's buried remains among the dirt in Vescrutia's core and studied them in secret with The Mancers. Upon reconstructing giant spine they gazed into his memories and saw his death at The Prodigy's hands. Fearing that any of them could be killed instantly, but emboldened with the truth they began to recruit members of the council, or remove others. The Devout were still unable to Harm Michio directly. So to impose their agenda they began conspiring with outside races to assassinate powerful Michio Figures. The Devout’s true numbers were incalculable, and are still around today. They invented notable techniques like The Nova Cosmic, The TRIGGER Technique, Carbon Infusion all to contest the might of the Master Advocate and The Breaker should they actually come to blows. The first silent war was concluded with the assasination of Rite, the First Master Advocate by Gideon the Second Breaker which caused The Prodigy to transfer her soul to another host filled with fury. Wei- the Ghost Wind.

The Second Silent War
After the Great 13 pushed back the Horsmen Ruin and Discord with Vyrin and The Master Advocate The Ghost Wind ,possessed by The Prodigy of Genesis. They engaged in single combat to fight for the control of the tribe. What was supposed to be a battle in good faith between The Prodigy and her offspring, the former who was starting to udnerstand why the Michio wanted freedom turned into bloddy war when the Djou'Vik- Giant Draconic Beasts of Akavjrr attacked the Khralaessara wanting vengance from the Icaurs Pact- a peace treaty agreed upon by them and the michio to bound them to human form. It was sabotaged by The Devout, which did not allow the DjouVik to return to their dragon forms and made them uch weaker. With Wei and Vyrin incredibly weakened they returned to Vescrutia to defend their homeland from the titan sized Oyube and Djouvik Yh'Keem The Ghost Wind took a mortal blow. Vyrin drove back Yh'Keem. And the two argreed on one thing, getting vengance for their dead. But Akavjrr was hidden from their eyes. By tracing tectonic shifts the mancers had located it, and crafted a super weapon to destroy it. The Union of The Master Advocate and The Breaker- a being of raw power. Michio Kham, The Great Destroyer.

The Birth of Kham- The Great Destroyer 20KYA
The Dharma was absolished, Michio were granted full power and they were very ready to go to war. Two super weapons were created, The Unborn a sword forged from the unsanctioned births of the Michio Tribe. And The Unborn, a shield that summoed the spirits of their ancestors. But The Third Breaker Aioma, mistress of Crystalmancy had a vision that this Michio Kham would destroy all of them. Vyrin and those who believed in The Breaker third's visions wanted to destroy the child. Zaraya, the new master advocate not completely possessed by The Prodigy exercised compassion for her child along with her husband Ragnar who decided to imprison him instead and attempt to hopefully control him. Kham was raised in a prison cell with nothing but the songs of his mother to keep him company during the first 10,000 years of his life. On the even of his 10,000th birthday he matured, Triggered and laid waste to the clan forcing the Devout to force themselves into indestructible stasis chambers called Hedrons and leave Vescrutia with the Khralaessara in tow to colonize the moon. the Hedron technology was imperfect some Michio have yet to awaken. Zaraya transfered the soul of the prodigy into Kham with her last breath. With their greatest weapon backfiring Michio Kham stood among the ruins of his city feral and mad with no company but silence.

A Loose End- The King of Beasts 10KYA
Now a feral child, born into murder, Kham wandered Vescrutia throwing himself at anything that would resist him. The Prodigy was Silent weakened from repetitive, quick transfers and could not stop him.. Kham wandered Vescrutia fighting for his survival against creation that thought they could prey upon him. While she wouldn’t admit it. The previous King of Beasts intervened attempting to stop this child who was an obvious threat to nature. She was a member of the great 13. The Distinction was achieved by one who was chosen by the Primodial Scholars who best embodied the planets Nature. They studied under all the schools of the mothers children: Reptile, Amphibian, Aqueous, Mammal, Drake, Chimera, and Demon, Mastered all their fighting styles, techniques, and swore to protect the schools and fight for the Scholars against their enemies.. The King of Beasts like the Michio were servants to The Mothers fauna, and fought for them/with them when they could not. Their champion. Naturally, a walking death machine would catch his attention. They fought. A very long arduous battle. The King of Beasts, was formidable. The Great Destroyer even more so, but even he saw something deep in the Michio. Compassion. And a purity that could not be extinguished. A successor. So, the King of Beast enrolled The Great Destroyer in each of the Beast Schools which taught him various things. It is EXTREMELY rare that a person learn and master all of the schools of study in one lifetime, but Kham's ability to learn is prodigious. The mantle of king was not bestowed upon him yet. But the scholars like Kham were dedicated to learn more about the world and protect its nature. So Kham allied himself with the School of The Forest, specifically the Stag's who protected all the forests of the planet. But in one of these forest he fell in love for the first time.

**more to come**

Kham has had a very tragic, long hard life and is only kind to those who has has history with. His definition of kind can be very tough but he loves his friends, family, and has a deep respect for the acquisition of knowledge and power. He is a man of words, fully capable of their affect and can be long winded. He can be very forceful, direct, stubborn, and proud. He’s reliable, determined, an obelisk in which to lean on, a worthy ally on any battlefield, a mentor and father figure to many. He thrives best when he has something to fight for and always wants to make the right choice. He is a man of routine, hating to be disturbed. Loves food, material pleasures in life, sensual pursuits, physical exertion, art and creativity. He loves women. As an old man, he’s grown set in his ways and less inclined to talk over simple, nonsensical things but befriend him and he will be a valuable person in your corner. Hes known to be incredibly genuine, reliable, stern, inspiring and serious.

Kham is 6’-3 And weighs 80,000 pounds. He’s muscle bound, and has skin of a dark brown. There are scars all over his body. As new ones surface every day. He has white hair and red eyes. He wears a sash along his waist to cover his manly bits and buttocks.
This is a pen-name account which writes from the narrative perspective of:
Michio Kham, T'ajsa Michio, Gaia- The Divine Anima, The Devout (and its members)
Michio Tribe Lore

Everything posted by this account is official property of ©Vescrutia2018, no reproduction, or reposting of this content identical to or closely resembling is allowed.

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