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Zero Venkage:

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Name: Zero ‘ZK’ Venkage
Age: 27
Hair style: Platinum locs
Eye color: Amber
Height: Roundabout 5’9
Unique marks: Ten pronged scar on his back. Looks like a sunburst. Doesn’t like to talk about it.
Family: Mother, other parent. Older siblings (deceased)

Species: Human

Central Pillar: What’s the price of freedom?

Zero has struggled with fitting in his whole life. Not for lack of trying, but his naturally expressive personality and wild tendencies rubbed his peers the wrong way. This is a spirited boy with a heart of gold, silver tongue, and a mean streak. All he ever wanted was to feel free to be himself and he fought tooth and nail to try to get there.

Contrast Pillar: Plays too rough too often

The Venkage have been hunted to have their Anthem abused for most of their recorded history. They have dealt with this by creating Lessons to teach young ones to deal with different elements of these situations. Lessons are physical, mental, and spiritual education that all Venkage undergo. There is a component of the Lessons that translates to ‘Be untethered’ that young Zero tends to apply freely. Because of this, he has always lacked self control, although his sunny disposition sometimes makes up for it. This has earned him separate but equally as troublesome reputations across the Venkage Clos, The Freshwater Sea, and with Vincent J Fenri.

Active Pillar: Neovian Ambassador Outreach Division

Zero co-heads the Neovian Conservatory, an organization dedicated to exploring and expanding the depths of the Bestiary(link). Atra remains the face of the Conservatory at its headquarters on the Jade shores while ZK with the assistance of the Mako Rays native to Neovia. They are a two headed dragon spreading the knowledge and tutelage of the Arbiter both at home and abroad.

Crossing Pillar: Zeik Hellgate, Atra Luminoso, Kham Michio, Fenri

Anthem: Spectral Arts: Tempesta Zephyr

The Venkage have the ability to create beautiful crystal formations from their bodies that can augment and amplify Naten flow in and around them. The crystals are similar to the Storm Glass found on the islands Venkage reside on and are used for sculpture, weapons, toys, and travel. Just like Storm Glass, they also can be sold for a very high price in certain markets, making Venkage targets for kidnapping and trafficking.

Culture(link): Venkage are quite adept at abilities using great amounts of Naten. From a young age, they’re taught to bend water, wind, and electricity to their will. Through their Lessons, they learn to read currents in water, wind, and electricity as well, think outside the box and work as a team to accomplish a task. Venkage are quick thinkers, open minded, and eager to cooperate,aiming to accomplish their goals by almost any means.

Skills/Abilities: (WIP)

Spectral Seals
Hand gestures passed down by the Venkage clan that helps them harness the power of the Spectral Arts. ZK uses these to focus his chakra to do more intricate techniques, not just with the Spectral Arts.

Storm Surge
ZK calms his mind and lets his chakra flow freely for him to use at his leisure. His chakra burns around him like fire and electricity sparks around his body.

Infinity Kick
ZK uses his anthem to create a dense mass of crystals around his legs. The crystal mass is charged with Naten and when touched, explodes with massive concussive force. Can be charged elementally.

Spectral Art: Return Stroke
ZK can enter a state for short periods of time where he can focus his intent into electrical fields and be drawn there like a bolt of lightning. This takes a massive amount of Naten and can only be used in short bursts.

Spectral Arts: Crafts

Crafts of the Spectral Arts can take intended forms depending on the user’s intent. They come from the creator’s body and can be felt like an extension of their bodies unless they have been completely removed from the creator’s body.

Rods, bladed or blunted
Blades, size and style variable
Needle and disc projectiles
Bow and Arrow

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