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Name: Zero ‘ZK’ Venkage
Age: 27
Hair style: Platinum locs
Eye color: Amber
Height: Roundabout 5’11

Unique marks: Ten pronged scar on his back. Looks like a sunburst. Doesn’t like to talk about it.

Family: Mother, estranged parent, demon. Two Sisters, ditched

Species: Naive Vescruitian/Speed Demon

Central Pillar: Searching for the next hit
~ZK (Zero Venkage) has always been interested in the next big score. His Amber eyes shimmered at the thought of unnamed treasures and forbidden cities, cursed to damnation by the power they hide from the world. His belly thirsted for the open world for as long as he could walk the coast of his homeland. The bamboo forests and swirled sand beaches quickly bored him, having explored them to death hundreds of times over by the time he turned 5. His natural born speed and eerie maturity at that age sent him out into the world on his own adventures, leaving his Mother, sisters, and country behind.

Now, co-heads the Neovian Conservatory, an organization dedicated to exploring and expanding the depths of the vestige the Neo Citadel sits atop, Lumin. Lumin provides protection, energy, and information to those able to harness its power. Learning of its nature from the Lucis Acolytes, he and Atra made a trade with the Acolytes to be able to live in the area. The Acolytes taught them how to use and harness and teach the ways of Lumin’s power in all creation, the Arbiter, and in exchange, the pair will continue their work in finding more Arbiters and completing the Bestiary.

Contrast Pillar: Tunnel vision for a treasure hunter
~He has never had a problem focusing on the task at hand until another more interesting thing came into view. Although he seemed to age at an accelerated rate, his mental faculties didn’t mature as quickly as his body. ZK and his obsession with treasures and powers is built on the back of his young mind. He has a clear vision of what he wants and can come up with a solid plan to make it happen, but it usually sticks as long as he doesn’t get distracted.

Years of freelance swindling, colosseum battling, wandering has given this boy a lifetime’s worth of experiences to draw from. He’d already made a name for himself on the Freshwater Sea by fifteen and was laying foundation on a settlement with comrades soon after that. The mindset this young man has that pushed him out the nest at such a young age has kept him alive through all sorts of harrowing heists. He grew up a nice boy but with cunning found in the high seas and impeccable luck honed by reckless abandon, he lets nothing stand in his way. He’ll move it, dodge it, blow it away, or go straight through any adversity between him and his goals. And still, running the Conservatory requires a modicum of tact he needs to cultivate.

Active Pillar: Reformed rogue turned diplomat
~The Neovian Conservatory now takes up much of his time, allowing him a wealth of directions to direct his boundless energy. Between organizing Anchoring missions across the sea, researching the area around the Citadel, running classes and exercises in activating Arbiters, and dealing with his personal demons, he somehow makes time to engage with the Acolytes and students at the Conservatory, sharing his knowledge and experiences with them to grow the Bestiary. He has to pick the skills he imparts carefully, not everything you learn being a pirate is a good lesson to teach outright. And sometimes he misses his mark completely. He has a lot to learn, but at that speed, there’s more than enough time to do it.

Crossing Pillar: Zeik Hellgate, Atra, Kham Michio, Fenri

Anthem: Spectral Arts: Tempesta
~The Venkage people situated themselves in a cozy cove at the base of a mountain range. The land was rife with Naten infused storm crystals, sand struck by lightning storms that raged commonly throughout the area. The crystals were used to distill the energy from the storms into separate energy forms that were dispersed around their land safely. These crystals’ impact on the lineage of the Venkage allowed offspring to harness the Naten divided and diverted. ZK has access to techniques using electricity and wind.

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