Savaj Vanguard, Djou’vik Child of Akavjjr

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Savaj Vanguard, Djou’vik Child of Akavjjr

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Savaj Vanguard
-Age: 22
-Hair color: Dark Brown, Loc’d, Sides slightly shaven, Curly as fuck
-Eye color: Sage Green
-Height: 5’8
-Species: Djou’vik (Jo-viq)

Unique Marks
-Light freckles covering the bridge of her nose
-Tiny crescent shaped birth marks on upper left cheek.
-Black septum piercing, Industrial piercings, gauged piercings and conventional piercings in both ears.
-Weapon seal tattoos etched unto her abdomen along with feint lash wounds all over her body endured from adolescent abuse.
-Black runic sigils on the back of her tongue.

-Reva Suhn’ Vanguard (Mother, Dead)
-Quobe Vanguard (Father, Dead)
-Mytus Vanguard (Great Grand Father, Dead)
-Qhorr’m The Devourer (Djou’vik Ancestor, Dead)

Unique Traits/Anthem

Djou’vik Physiology

-Despite being bound to human form, Savaj belongs to an incredibly powerful and archaic race known as the Djou’vik. The celestial, daedric beasts existed when the air was yet safe to breath and they grew to ungodly proportions. Fable and science corroborate in them to be prehistoric apexes, Old Gods that bent Heaven and Earth around their massive wings.

-Unique organelles gifted them vast intellect and psionic ability. They could move oceans with ease using their minds alone or manipulate billions of minds on a whim.

-The Djou’vik possess an expansive arsenal of inter dimensional techniques called the Nors’ Arcanum that has been sealed off via the Icarus Pact. (Explained in Bio)

-Virtually impenetrable scales/skin, superb healing capabilities and cellular integrity.

-Savaj knows over seventy five different languages. Her own accent is a phonetic cocktail peppered with a southern drawl and vibrant urban vernacular.


Like all Djou’vik, Savaj’s mind harbors enormous reservoirs of psychic power she can use to manipulate matter and energy at vast scales.

Psychic Abilities
Lvl 3

Among her psionic abilities, Savvy can use telepathy to read and control multiple minds at once or read residual thought imprints left on objects touched by people (psychometry). She can communicate with others by broadcasting her thoughts across immeasurable distances, create illusions by altering the perceptions of others, fire raw psionic energy that deal mental and physical damage, or even project her influence on the astral plane.

Savvy’s telekinesis is one of her most frequently used tools. With ease she can move massive objects with his mind, fire jolts of psychokinetic energy that could shatter diamond, create barriers that could survive planetary collisions, and fly at supersonic speeds.

Her telekinetic control has grown so acute that hergrasp can extended to at least a molecular level; she can stimulate molecules to trigger spontanous explosions or she can imbue herself with super human physical attributes by focusing her telekinesis inwards. It’s a method of fighting that’s helped her develop own bizarre style of CQC.

The Marionette
Lvl 3

Despite being able to assault her enemies from afar, Savaj often leaps at opportunity to get her hands dirty. Before she perfected her hand in several different schools of martial arts, Savaj sculpted an amateur style of her own called The Marionette.

By focusing her telekinesis inward, Savaj can control her body’s every move with seamless effort. Her wild, unorthodx pattern of punch and kicks makes her look like a puppet being pulled and tugged, but the style was far more deadly than eloquent.

The Wind God
Lvl 1

A personalized technique she made from watching Zk and Kham exchange blows. She begins by funneling a tremendous volume of psionic pressure into one of her fists and silently amplifying it. The amount of strength she typically uses keeps her from using any defensive technique until she uncorks it. She waits for the opponent’s mind to lapse or just the perfect opportunity to release a lightning fast haymaker that defied conventional sight. Her looks more like a javelin.

Kharon’s Key
Lvl 0

Savaj was among millions of women who were trafficked across space and time by a malicious syndicate called (???). They were a dark organization coiled at the root with demonic influence. They utilized a scroll imbued with vast mystical energy to peddle women through a trans dimensional void code named “The Styx”. In her youth, Savaj stole a small parchment of the scroll and carved some of its unique designs unto her hands and fingers. So long as she can connect the symbols, usually by clasping her hands, Savvy can warp anywhere her min can envision. Extreme distance of course brings incredible strain on the mind.

Aesthetically, the crimson symbols and designs are comparable to Mehndi styled hand art. But instead using of dried henna to paint her skin, Savvy used a rusted shank.

Icarus Pact

( Biography )

-The Astral Year, Gaia’s Crusade-
-5.8 BIllion Years PVE (Pre Vesoteric Era)-
-Vescruitan is One Billion Years old

Gaia Divine Anima, Avatar of the Goddess Vescrutia, and The Prodigy of Genesis set off to heal Vescrutia after Desolation permanently scarred the planet. She began work on The First Michio, Etuum; he was forged in Vescrutia’s molten core, fashioned out of the most dense material on the planet.

With Etumm at her side, Desolation’s curse was purged from the planet. Expending the maxim of his powers, Etuum perished in the process and Gaia scattered his remains in The Mother’s womb where he remained for quite some time.

-Birth of The Old Gods-
-Archaic Vesoteric Era-
-3 Billion Years PVE (Pre-Vesoteric Era)-

With Desolations plague lifted, Vescrutia gave life to creatures that reflected the full spectrum of her soul. Gaia oversaw the birth of critters and monsters alike that drew life from the vast overflow of Naten wafting from the planet’s core. The Mother’s beauty extended across the sea, breathing life into its hallow waters followin as well as into the sky above. From her soil, rich with Naten, Unicorns, Pixies, and Fairly like sprouted from The Mothers womb still slick with her nutrients as they waded through the rainbow colored forests and vistas. Their beauty was challenged by their kin born of the same life force but of unique design. Vu’ls for example, ancient precursors of the Cervidae kingdom( elks and deer), often galloped across Vescrutia’s radiant grasslands three times the size of their predecessors. Every acre of land, frozen or molten raced with fauna most exotic. Even the clouds were coerced by The Mother’s will and given flesh and wings to smeared the skies with her majesty.

However, just as The Mother gave physical form to her beauty, Vescrutia also gave form to her fury. Her underbelly spawned many beasts who were either molded from unimaginable quantities of Naten, or they fed on it. These mighty predators naturally culled Vescrutia’s evolutionary explosion and were feared accordingly. Trolls, Centuars, Golums, Giants, a dichotomy beasts. But at the peak of the food chain were the Djou’vik, Daedric Celestials that drowned the very Heavens in their shadow.

There were only three to ever exist, each having hatched at the center of a Vescrutian supercontinent Akavjjr. The massive landform was built upon a primordial hotspot that incubated the celestials eggs at its core. Ancient moss and vast cedar forests covered the enormous ecosystem in tropical beauty, seeding into its soil exotic crops that provided for the prominent wildlife. During the day, vibrant flora stretched the landform further than the eye could behold. For several silent millenia the fetal titans absorbed the cluster of Naten until their cells were strong enough to mold organs. This lead to a trinity of volcanic eruptions that shattered the planets tectonic plates and choked the stratosphere in a nebula of magmatic soot. A bleak darkness swallowed Akavjjr while magma baked its native flora and fauna into its crust.

The explosions triggered worldwide tremors and unearthed pyroclastic gases that threatened to suffocate all surface life beneath its malevolent cloud in a matter of weeks. The skies were scorched ebon black and spread throughout the planet like an unstoppable, sentient plague. It wasn’t until the children of Akavjjr were strong enough to flex their wings did Vescrutia remember the warmth of her Suns.

Qhor’m was the first born of Akavjjr and the hellish haze familiarized the dragon with rage before she knew anything else. The foul gasses burned her nose, irritated her eyes, and fueled her six massive wings with the fury to waft the deadly cloud into a fleeting memory. The skies were liberated in an instant as the first borne god christened the heavens with crimson majesty, flattening canyons into wastelands by lifting gales winds beneath its wings.

Her brothers, Xol’n and A’lbion married the skies soon after their sister and the three of them conquered Vescrutia as the apex of her creation. Despite their vast intellect, they were indifferent to their prestige but after a couple billion of years, the Djou’vik sculpted the planet to their archaic will. Their duels scorched constellations into the cosmos and terraformed Vescrutia’s crust whenever they flew to close to her surface. Only ever doing so to feed, build, or destroy.. it wasn’t until the birth of man did the Djou’vik ever consider their own mortality.

-The Vesoteric Era, Emergence of Bipedal Lifeforms-
-30,000 Years Ago-

With the birth of man came the birth of legend. The Djou’vik were revered as Gods from a forgotten era and their rare, often malicious sightings honored that legacy. The youngest of them, Xolt’n, was the most prominent creature of Djou’vik fable because of his many sightings. The azure obelisk had been seen burrowing into sea floor to nest in the subterranean pools of Naten and feast on the aquatic biome. His brother, Albion had never been seen by human eyes but was a familiar visage among mystic lands. Qhor’m, however, was a name known in every tongue and was synonymous with horrific slander. The vestige of her crimson scales echoed in scriptures as the devil itself and obliterated anything close enough to see its shadow in a flash of fire and igneous stone. Many challenged her prestige but no soul had ever laid eyes on the eldest Djou’vik and lived to tell if its legends were true; if the beasts were truly large enough to sink nations or if their wings were powerful enough to split the earth.. not until the Michio put their godlike mythos to the test.

-The Icarus Pact-
(Treaty of Djou’vik and Man)

History records Djou’vik Fire as a force of caustic nature, a storm of destructive entropy that could scorch through the fabrics of space/time. But the Michio proved how empty those words to be when a handful of bronze skin travelers survived Xolt’n’s tempest unscathed.

This encounter was unprecedented too say the least and seeded the darkness of fear into their old souls. It wasn’t long until that occurrence led to Akavjjr’s Children casting their shade over Khalressessa but before the Djou’vik impulsively acted this uncertainty, they were moved by The Michio’s pacifistic customs. Despite their might, the Michio devoted their superior design to preserving Vescrutian sovereignty. They were gods, kings.. but opted to serve their kingdom while the Djou’vik seared it dry. This ideal sparked epiphanies among the celestials that gestated into a pact, a covenant called The Icarus Pact.

Despite Qhor’m’s reservations, the Djou’vik reached an accord with the Michio and adopted a pacifistic relationship with mankind. This covenant was stamped by a unique Carbon Infusion Seal coined “The Icarus Pact”, that bound their gargantuan stature to human form.

Following The Icarus Pact, The Djou’vik rebuilt their home Akavjjr and cemented their alliance with man by allowing port. They shared wisdom, traded goods, cultural traditions, and daedric resources that helped advance evolution and innovation world wide. They were worshipped by many but feared by more for the potential danger they embodied.

-The Great Eclipse-
-25,000 Years Ago-

The Djou’vik appointed their youngest, Xol’n as Ambassador of Akavjjr due to his open mind and thoughtful nature. It was his willingness to converse that led to the creation of The Icarus Pact and pushed planetary growth toward its zenith.

Nearly five thousand years into The Tor’qovium (The Enoch of Peace) however, The Devout Michio, rogue extremists hidden of the rich culture, orchestrated simutaneous assassinations of the eldest and youngest Djou’vik by exploiting the true purpose of their carbon seal. On the first new moon of the year, Xolt’n was slaughtered by The Devout during a subterranean research excavation while Qhor’m was ambushed while she rested on Akavjjr. Qhorr’m manages to fend off the Devout but not without suffering fatal injuries. Xolt’n’s corpse is taken and studied for scientific advancement. Al’bion insists on all out war against man and Michio but Qhorr’ms injuries makes victory an impossibility.

The Djou’vik resend the treaty and decide to disappear from the world. Qhorr’m seals Akavjjr from the outside world, save for a multitude of radicsl loyalist known as The Oyube’. They guard Akavjjr while Qhorr’m uses her remaining strength to perform a mass reproduction ritual to continue the Djou’vik bloodline. Al’bion survives his siblings. He turns to tread the world and cosmos for a way to break the Icarus Pact and exact his revenge on man. He breeds with trillions of life forms, fathering a tree different draconic species but non borne of unique Djou’vik blood. He promises vegences while Qhorr’m liquidates herself into a pool of raw Naten, a fifty year ceremony oversaw by the Oyube’ that gave birth to her children, The Dh’ova.

The Dh’ovah

Born after Qhorr’m and her brothers were betrayed by The Devout. They are her direct children, born from her liquidating herself into Naten. However due to Icarus Pact, 99% of the Dh’ovh were born human. The only visage of their Djou’vik physiology were the incredibly dense Cerebral Matter.

The anatomy of their brains is horrifically alien to human nature. Tucked between their four amber brain hemispheres is an amorphous bundle of black tissue known as the Mons’ Keita. This organ allows for UNIMAGINABLE neural activity, identical to Djou’vik physiology. Should they focus to hard on any particular subject, a literally storm of neural activity crackles around their heads like a crown.

Qhorr’m does not survive. The Oyube’ were tasked with molding the infant Dho’vh into fine and powerful psychics. They trained them in martial arts, academics, linguistics, history, and psionic mastery. However, the Dh’ovh were omitted their draconic heritage per Qhorr’ms request. She feared that they would be slaughtered or hunted before they were properly grown.

The Dh’ovah were taught everything from telepathy to biokonesis by the time they could walk. By eight, their bodies were conditioned in several schools of discipline and by twelve they were specimen of academic excellence. By thirteen should they fail to display Djou’vik potential, they were to be exiled from Akavjjr and relinquished of their memory. Three generations of Dh’ovh were born from Qhorr’m, making a total of three hundred children. Unfortunately, each of them were banished from Akavjjr.

Once exiled, the orphaned Dh’ovah embark on lives of their own at the ripened age of Thirteen. Plenty of them are bested by Vescrutia’s primordial dangers but just as many rewrite history. Hundreds bave become Kings, Merchants, Whores, Prophets, Teachers, Murders, Assassins and Doctors without having the faintest idea of their legacy.

The Regime of Lord Mytus
-20,000 Years Ago AVE- (Advent Vesoteric Era)
-The Second Astral Year

A notable Dh’ovh of legend earned the mantle of The Great One, Hero King, and Lich King in a single lifetime. This man was named Mytus by the meek benevolent village that found and fed him in his young age. Their solemn, yet altruistic sensitivities groomed his deafening might into a vector of compassion. By the age of sixteen, Mytus’ psionic abilities ushered a new dawn to the small village of Ishi; he single handedly healed their salted soils, cured the sick, and protected them from any force forged against them. By the time he was a young man, word of his godlike abilities had thickened the air and the meek village of Ishi had become more of a Utopian Kingdom. Thousands heard of Mytus’ selfless acts of wonder and how the denizens of his home gnawed from heavenly branches.

As his legend grew, as did the Kingdom of Ishi. The people took the surname, Vanguard, as an homage to Mytus’ self given title. He defended his Kingdom against all caliber of opposition, whether it be magical, spiritual, alien, or demonic, the will of Mytus’ succeeded where others had failed. His prestige and strength attracted challenge but also like minded warriors. So when Vescrutia was threatened by The Heralds of Apocalypse, he and twelve powerful families preserved their home.

-Abbadon’s Covenant-

After the Horsemen Invasion was impeded, The Kingdom of Ishi saw nearly three thousand years of peace. Mytus’ powerful mind allowed him to age much slower than usual and maintained that harmony accordingly.

He bore children, married several times, and watched his Kingdom blossom. It wasn’t until the Sages of Ishi foresaw impending doom did Mytus break a sweat for the first time in centuries. The precursors told tale of a demon more powerful than anything Mytus had ever faced alone, that he would arrive in Ishi in seversl hundred years and would wipe it from the history books in a blister of blue fire. Despite his old age, Mytus’ physical stature made him look like an olympic athlete in his mid forties, but he knew his body to be far from his peak. In preparation, Mytus’ spent twenty years searching for the most powerful soldiers he could find to align with his Kingdom. He trained them in his strategies and molded them into a corp of spartan caliber combatants. They would protect The Kingdom while Mytus trained himself for the darkness to come.

A few hundred years later, The Kingdom of Ishi witnessed the precursor’s prophecy come true. On the foretold blood moon, a demonic entity known as Abaddon descended from the ruptured heavens. His appearance was terror incarnate, larger than life and death, but Mytus stood unwavering. He and his Kingsclaive battled the savant of darkness and the cataclysm claimed more comrades then he would ever admit. The duel of light and darkness spilled blood for three straight days before Mytus’ could best Abaddon, but the beast promised to return. He promised every few hundred years his body would reincarnate and he would return for the soul that vanquished him. This dance continued for thousands of years and for thousands of years, Mytus prevailed. But as he grew older, Abdaddon grew more and more powerful. The old man bled and broke much easier, regardless, his ability to fight an immortal evil to a stand still earned him the title “The Hero King”.

The Discovery of The Vernoqulum
-10,000 Years Ago AVE

At 10,000 years old, Mytus’ mind was beginning to deteriorate. He was old, partially blind, barely able to move his muscular body without some telekinetic assistance. And Abaddon was stronger than ever.

With less than a decade before Abaddon’s return, Mytus doubted his ability to defeat the demon ever again, so he tasked his precursors and sorcerers with finding a weapon that could slay the immortal devil forever. Mytus’ grew paranoid, delusional, and overly aggressive in his old age. But he found those questionable methods to bear the most fruit in crucial situations such as these. These pressures stressed his resources and led the old king down the depths of Blood Magic. His experts in the mystical arts emphasized the dangers of the spell but Mytus’ would consider the consequences once this war was won.

Aside from the blood pact, Mytus performed the ritual without truly understanding the profundity of it. He drew runes and markings where his grimoires instructed, trickled his blood into the appropriate goblets, a signed on the figurative dotted lines. Whatever he needed to do to ensure the safety of his Kingdom. Upon completion, Mytus was granted access to an archaic artifact lost between time and space. The Vernoqulum, a vastly enchanted grimoire that takes the form of an amorphous mask. Whoever wields the mask bonds with it, along with the billions of other souls who wore it prior.

Upon Abaddon’s return, Mytus immediately turned to the Vernoqulum to end the bout as quickly as he could. But his inexperience with the artifact, coupled with his horribly worn body, led to a showdown that nearly cost him his life. The Mask saved Mytus however by revealing to him a spell that would devour the immortal Abaddon. Not only did this silence the demon for good, absorbing Abaddon gifted Mytus with immortality and longevity. His body reverted to his prime form, his muscles multiplied in functionality, and his mind was stronger than ever. Upon defeating an unbeatable foe, Mytus’ earned a moniker that would stretch to the far reaches of the Galaxy. “The Great One.”

The Fall of Ishi
-6,000 Years Ago AVE-

Mytus’ victory over Abaddon ushered in the second epic of peace under his rule and with The Vernoqulum at his hand, there was only a fraction of the universe that could challenge him.

Until Mytus fell deathly ill..

Apparently, the spell he used to devour Abaddon all those years ago had begun to deteriorate his own body. Mytus’ immortality required that he continued the cycle of digesting souls as a means to retain his life force. For a time he refused, but as time passed his morals grew feint.. Eventually, Mytus would orchestrate crusades across the planet to extend Ishi’s outside influence and potentially weed out other malicious forces like Abaddon. Should he encounter a demon or monster, Mytus hastily killed and devoured them. It wasn’t long until his hunger for souls perverted into lust, and for that lust to fester into addiction.

Powerful icons started to come up missing during Mytus’ exhibitions, leading to child like rumors of what silently stalked in the darkness. The day of reckoning however was unlike any story heard in a lush’s tavern or children’s fable. The day Lord Mytus drowned his Kingdom in azure embers should have gone down in infamy, but by the time he was finished, there were no ruins for historians to study or record. When Mytus’ Mind collapsed to the hunger of souls, Abaddon sealed within the Vernoqulum used his body as a medium. Ishi was destroyed in a electrical blue blister, as the legend foretold.

Savaj’s Birth
-Present Day-

There were very few survivors of Ishi following the eleventh hour, but those who did survive scavenged what little left of their kingdom that remained. The Vanguard were dead and gone, refugees banded together but were easy targets for marauders, bandits, and human traffickers. The legends of Mytus were house hold tales, so word got around when the King went mad and destroyed his land.

For hundreds of years Ishi’s burial ground was defiled and its remnants were sold to the highest bidder. Their technology, well the scraps and wires that remained, unveiled avenues to breakthrough discoveries in multiple fields of study. Their tools and weaponry gifted daunting empires to whatever ragtag group managed to unearth them. And their women, often admired and fetishized for their ebony splendor, became heavily traded commodities among the darker corners of the coast. They were often shipped by boat in vacuum sealed bags with oxygen masks tied to the chains around their arms, but professionals used jutsu to cut out the middle man.

Savaj was about six when her mother passed away..

For as long as she could remember, Savvy and her mother Reva shared an old, windowless room with about twenty other woman. There were older women about her mothers age, and there were others who were almost the same age as she. It was too dark for her to recognize faces and they had to whisper if they wanted to speak.

“They tossed me and mommy in this room.. it was so dark and cold. There were no windows or any lights until the men open the doors to take me or the other girls..”

“..they always just take what they want..”

Savaj taught herself how to read and write after her mother was murdered. Reva was dragged by her feet from her holding chambers, kicking and screaming until the barricaded door shut behind her. Her shrill vocal resistance soon faded away and that silence still rings in Savvy’s ears.

“Like they took her..”

That memory burned into her head like a brand and haunted her sleep a ghost. It traumatized her, conditioned her.. molded her into something that wouldn’t fold or break.. Despite what she endured

“They ain’t fin get me..”

By the time Savvy was thirteen, she was among seven brutally worn girls still living in the same tiny studio her mother gave birth in. Her captors had grown fat in their wealth and looked forward to expanding their trafficking network. But at thirteen Savaj’s Djou’vik characteristics had fully matured and in her sleep, she massacred her traffickers and stole the scroll they used to traffick woman across time and space. Once free, she helped the other women escape they all took wildly to the winds. She’d never been outside the cold, dark room unless someone wreaking of sweat and booze was holding her hand. She was born within those blood slimed walls, alongside several others women who only ever felt sunlight through narrow door hinges.

Their practically lucid state ended when their mad dash landed the group of young women to a Nightmare Village Hospital. There, the facility tended to their wounds without questions, but Savaj disappeared before they could make her a bed to sleep in.

After licking her wounds for little over a month, Savvy took to mastering the mystical scroll and learned all she could about the interdimenional sex trafficking syndicate. It took her all of six weeks to collect the strength and resources needed. After that, Savaj used the scroll as a vector for an angsty, blood lusted bender. She abused its powers to warp through the spatial networks of flesh peddlers and massacred as many of its leaders as she could. She was all of thirteen when she managed to liberate ten thousand woman from different regions, planets, even forgone eras of time.

In her warpath, Savvy mounted a trail of bodies that treaded up the global ladder of influence.

In a matter of four days, she slaughtered five hundred of men.. some unknowns shadows, others oblisks of political power.. each of them mutilated with extreme prejudice in bizarre fashion.

She didn’t eat, she didn’t sleep, for ninety-six hours she painted a crimson sysmphony using a single shard of glass as her brush. But the young assassin had no concept of pacing or control..

She abused the power of technique until all of her rage and adrenaline was swallowed by mind numbing fatigue. It was her eighteenth circuit, the ninty sixth of her killing spree when her heart gave out. She passed out atop a litter of corpses just in time for the authorties pursuing her wild trail death to catch her in the act. The young lady built up a reputation that echoed differently throughout the ears of the globe. According to forensic evidence collected from the “crime scenes”, the egregious acts had to have been performed by a rival syndicate.. not a little girl.

“The Ripper” was secured and jailed without trial, tossed into one of many subaquatic detention facility called Sector 004 where the criminally insane and wldly dangerous were to dreg out their lives or be reform into obidient weapons. The young women chose the former and for three years she fought and killed and fought some more until she was tossed in a solitary tube that filled with water every few hours as means to simulate water torture and encourage docility. It helped her calm down but it also helped her orchestrate an escape plan. After enlisting the help of a few inmates, Savaj managed to escape by carving the warp gate seals into her palms. She and her comrades broke out and parted ways. She cut her hair and feigned the appearance of a boy and sought aslyum in the Nightmare Village .

She enlisted in the Nightmare Academy of Ninjutsu on her sixteenth birthday, where she sculpted her psionic ability and murderous technique into eloquent artistry. Soon her rouse as a boy faded as her distinishing “features” came to bloom but Savaj still made built relationships. She made friends, enemies, teachers, pupils, and an odd array of lovers.. At the peak of her Neovian Career, Savaj served one of the planet’s deadliest guild of assassins and performed questionable, yet epic deeds of justice! .. but that was before she was excommunicated..



Savaj’s physical appearance is akin to her avatar. Like all Vanguard women, Savvy is a paradigm of beauty. From her lips, to her curves, to her styles, her ebony splendor is heavily coveted due to genetic/aesthetic superiority.

She has sage colored almond shaped eyes with golden brazed skin that nearly matches her bronze locs. Her typical outfit is a white tank top with dark tactical pants and black steel toe ankle boots but Savvy enjoys finer garments as well. You wouldn’t catch her lounging in a dress but her catalogue changes with her mood. She has pearly white teeth, which sharpen as her daedric impulses spike.


The world introduced Savaj to its fugly spectrum at an incredibly early age and her attitude reflects it. Although young, Savaj’s intellect can make her insulting, sarcastic, and condescending. She’s calculative, never making a move without considering at least a few million possibilities. Aside from her inherent genius, she’s a woman who enjoys carnal pleasures. Drugs, alcohol, and gambling are but a handful of vices she adopted in her grungy youth.

Savvy has a wained moral code she neglects to keep in check, but that’s not to say she isn’t selfless. Her heart has a tender spot for some things, but is unethically cold toward most others. She’s naturally competitive, highly charismatic, innately murderous with wild violent tendencies, but she does possess her own warped sense of justice. It’s just buried beneath dissociative sensibilities..
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