Teralok, the Found

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Teralok, the Found

Post by Teralok » Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:58 am

Name: Teralok
Age: ~7 years
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 6'7
Unique Marks: Various markings that depend on his attitude or focus at any moment.
Parents: ?
Species: ?

Central Pillar: Born of Darkness and Earth/The Remnant of an Ancient Culture
Contrast Pillar: Teralok is searching the planet and himself for his reason for being. The real question he should be asking is why he was buried so deep in the first place.
Crossing Pillar: Savaj, The Collective, Zeik
Active Pillar: Training under a long lost Dust Giant Warrior


Seismic Dialect- Teralok is always in tune with the common frequency of the planet. Constantly feeling if not hearing it's movement beneath his feet. Using his energy Teralok can respond in kind, manipulating the ground with this language and even assimilate inorganics it into his atomic structure with enough force or focus.

Obsidian Release- With crystal being the primary focus Teralok's dark existence summons the hardest atomic structure he has discovered using every form of transmutation his darkness has to offer. A painful process either brought on under extreme duress or determined meditation it literally reforms his cellular structure into pressurized angles.

Elemental Nature
Earth, Darkness

Technique List

Vulcan gear lvl 0- A massive gear embedded into Teralok's naten, when activated it will materialize in a focused area. This gear excites Teralok's earthly energy into a fiery concoction. The rpm's directly correlate to the acceleration of the heat into the material that his naten holds stabilized. The size of the materialized gear correlates to the proportion of material being heated but overall slows the acceleration of the heat.

Weapon Body Lvl 1~2- Exciting his nervous system he can manipulate his neurons to construct materials in his naten into known weapons and structures of his imagination. This can be also done using the Vulcan gear or with the help of the darkest runes his knowledge can conquer.

Seismimic Lvl 2- Reflecting his own seismic activity into his energy he can transfer kinetic energy into foreign objects. This phenomena can occur anywhere within the radius of Teralok's grounded energy.

Obsidian Skin Lvl 3- Releasing darkness from his naten infuses his skin with the hardest crystalline structure known to his mental. This can be formed into different shapes up to Teralok's will.


Deep in the depths of Vescrutia's crust is where our story starts down where countless gems would sparkle where the metals and oils of the planet coalesced. There might have been life close to this point at some point in time but it must have been long ago, the planes of it's surface had folded multiple times. There was only darkness down here, there was darkness everywhere.


Impossible. The first sentient motion in milennia and not a click near anything organic. Again, there was nothing there, life officially voided from this area and still...


Suddenly a flux of the planet cascaded for the oscillating mechanism, somehow seeming to break the crust like an egg over the now quaking being at the center of the commotion.


It stirred. Buried beneath an entire mountain range it shook loose a conscious that stirred thousands of tons of crystallized bedrock and swallowed half as much. A chasm had scarred the tallest mountain halfway up it's base from which a darkness that light could penetrate could be seen. Like a curtain it would billow at the entrance until a hand finally grasped the chasms edge. Climbing out was a boy that dragged the darkness of the depths out along with him. Like an eery wind it left the chasm clinging to the boy, allowing light to still only show so far. This was Teralok's birth, so far as he knew, and the beginning of his life on Vescrutia.

Taking in Vescrutia for the first time Teralok was overwhelmed. The darkness... He thought he could escape it... It clawed at his ears, it teared up his eyes, and walking forward he could only clench up his fists. The architectural flaws made him dizzy, so much so that he didn't know what he was looking at. The monuments to darkness we're so audacious he squeezed his eyes shut. He was still walking. Finally the screams we're loud to pierce the haze of disbelief, his eyes burst open, yet darkness would not leave them. Through the shadows dancing across his vision he saw blood, limbs reaching but not touching, the lower frequencies of the fire started to come through... An explosion. The debris clattered against his stone hide... This, this he recognized, closing his eyes again the energy inside him fed on this nostalgia. Those brave enough to look might have seen a toothy grin after this moment, however they would not be able to warn anyone of the terror.

Shaking awake all of a sudden he was in pain everywhere. Submerged and restrained Teralok found himself, in a prison for the harshest most unreasonable criminals, drowning, or at least subjected to methods to cause such an outcome. Fortunately there were some other beings present that couldn't go along with the current situation either. It didn't last long. Once his legs were back on solid ground and he was stabilized to the current state of reality he came to some conclusions about his existence. He needed help, he found the Chaos. His darkness echoed and he found some friends. Surprisingly his darkness grew and he found some weapons. His talent for the dark arts was groomed by himself and his environment and somehow his heart warmed to the people that were involved. Last thing the metal warrior was tempering himself against was a dust giant... It wasn't going well.

Personality: With a sense of twisted innocence, Teralok looks out into the world and knows there is evil. Knowing only the darkness that plagued his every nerve endings he seeks to release this pain, he fights himself not recreate his pain inside reality. The patience he extends to his pain is extended to the people that matter and the earth beneath him giving him an understanding of each ones darkest corners. You could say he looks for the bad in people but all he wants to find are gems.
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Re: Teralok, the Found

Post by Zeik » Sat Jan 26, 2019 4:47 pm

Hey, maybe you want to fill in your central and contrast pillars? I could explain to you what they mean if you are confused. Thank you.

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Re: Teralok, the Found

Post by Zeik » Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:24 pm

I looked this over and you’re good to fly. Also you’re seven and CPS(child protective services) are looking for your parents. Lol

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