Grave Yamino :: The Strength Within

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Grave Yamino :: The Strength Within

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Name: Grave Yamino
Age: 23
Hair color: Golden Blonde
Eye color: Emerald Green
Height: 5'9''
Unique marks: Runic black tattoos that spreads across his body (surprised to only his right arm currently)
Parents: Mr and Mrs Yamino
Species: Human (Vassal for the Souls of Heroes)/Demonic Infusion

Central Pillar: Born within a small village outside the jurisdiction of the Trinity. Since then lived in both the Nightmare as well as the Chaos, currently nomadic.

Contrast Pillar: Since the death of his lover Mayumi, Grave has struggled to accept the tragic way she passed. Even after he avenged her, giving her soul some measure of peace Grave still took time to grieve. He left is home in the Chaos and began to wander the earth, helping those he came across on his journey.

Crossing Pillar: Zeik, ZK, Kham, Many others

~Vassal for the Souls of Heroes~
In his youth Grave was exposed to the to a ritual that fused his soul with that of several spirits, each spirit taking on the names of one of the Major Arcane and manifesting as Grave grew and created bonds with others. These bonds allow Grave to invoke the spirits to come to his aid either in the use of their abilities or in the form of a physical projection that takes on an exaggerated appearance of the form they once had in life.

The ancient metaphysical science/mystical art of manipulating and altering matter by using natural energy in a process called Transmutation. The study of this science was the life long passions of his Father who taught his son everything he knew. The powers of Alchemy are not all-powerful, however. One must be able to first understand the atomic make of the matter they wish to manipulate. In addition, the process of changing these forms of matter requires a source with enough material to create this new structure. This process, however, can be circumvented if a powerful enough source can provide the needed amount of energy to make up for the lack of resources.

~Demonic Infusion~
Through the dealings with a dark entity known solely as "The Man In The Wheelchair", Grave's body was mixed with demonic DNA. The infusion caused runic tattoos to cover most of his body, acting as the conduits of his new abilities. With these new powers, Grave is able to physically interact with the astral plane, as well as being able to physically be able to interact and manipulate pure energy as well as things with corporeal forms. The hope of The Man In The Wheelchair was to have these markings slowly corrupt Grave in an attempt to fully turn him into a demon and a servant to his will. Grave's soul, however, proved too strong and wasn't alone and with it, Grave was able to fully control his demonic side, able to now call upon the power at will. He does, however, seems to keep it constantly active on his right arm, evident by the black tattoos that decorate it. Even after all this, Grave still only see himself as just human.

Unique Trait: Physical Condition Lv3
At the peak of the human condition, Grave is allowed feats of superhuman proportions. His strength speed is further augmented by his demonic infusion. But above it all, however, is his remarkable agility and his capability of highly precise perception of details to the point he can perceive the minute details and movements of his general surroundings

Unique Traits: Swordsmanship & Hand to Hand Combat Lv3
By using his abnormal agility and flexibility Grave has developed sword and fighting techniques that focus on the unorthodox. Often weaving in elements of breakdancing, physical strikes and extreme precision wielding this unpredictability with deadly focus as he either tries to break down his opponent or simply overwhelm them in a flurry of strikes.

Skill: Doppleman Lv 0
A dark silhouette rises from the shadows and acts as a duplicate of Grave. These clones have no facial features and have a very small affinity for Grave's natural elements.
-Variant: Doppleiant Lv 1
A multitude of these shadows merge together to form a giant version of themselves, the size depended upon the amount that merges. Their increased size affects their durability as well as their elemental potency.

Skill: Alchemic Technique Melding Lv 1
Manipulating the structure of surface through alchemy, Grave is able to change the structure's density ether vastly improving it or making it extremely brittle.

Skill: Armanos Lv 3
Grave's mastery over the arts of both shadow and cryomancy allows him to fuse the two practices into one producing black ice. This refined ice can be produced from both Grave himself as well any shadowy surface. Armanos ice is has hard as steel and doesn't melt when exposed to that of any normal flame.

Element Natures: Darkness, Ice

Grave has a single katana vested with a ruby clothed hilt and matching scabbard. The blade acts as a conduit for his abilities and its properties are often changing thanks to Grave's knowledge of Alchemy. It shares the unique property of being able to be summoned at will by Grave.

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Re: Grave Yamino :: The Strength Within

Post by Zeik » Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:25 pm

Good to fly.
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