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Name: Xaxel Gobetsu
Age: 23
Hair Color: White (Dyed Black)
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6'4
Parents: Ivek Gobetsu (Father), Avanna Gobetsu (Mother)
Species: ?
Central Pillar: The Khan's of the Storm
Contrast Pillar: Unraveling the truth behind his relationship with the clouds.
Active Pillar: An active member of the Neo Nightmare last he checked.

Elemental Natures: Storm Release

Xaxel was raised from birth to be the Khan, as the Gobetsu clan was next in lineage to be Khan. Even though he was found in the middle of a raging tempest, crying but somehow staying afloat on his back. Xaxel trained and trained for the upcoming position and title of Khan sparing no blood and sweat. The rituals that they put him through were always so draining, under threat of being thrown out of the running for Xaxel's naten was sacrificed to bring rain for the harvest. The ritual was always done privately for each candidate but after the next Khan was named it was revealed that they still needed Xaxel's naten. After coronation they tried to imprison him. Xaxel murdered his assailants mercilessly, even going so far as to kill the King they named in his place.

Growing up his parents were always perfect, so perfect that it was as if they were trying to make up for something. When they told Axel that he didn't become Khan it wasn't because the other clan was more deserving, it was because he was the adopted child. His parents were strict people always staying on him to train harder, they loved him very much but wanted him to be ready for Khan-hood. He doesn't really care about much that's not important, and when he's not training he's chilling with some bud, he fights a little different when he's lifted. When he's fighting is some of the only times he get interested in things, like styles and techniques.

His naten is adaptive to influences of the mind. A camouflage technique, his mind can sync with an energy flow and mimic it with enough contact and immersion. Kriptsis naten is the naten adaptation of Xaxel's clan and it is used to invade other clans and villages to grow in numbers, style, and power.

Lvl 0 Techniques
Ninja Arts: Hand Signs and Scolls- Using hand signs passed down through ninja schools Xaxel manipulates his naten in order to perform different jutsu and techniques. These signs can also be inscribed to store techniques for quick use and release so long as the material can store the required energy.

Storm Release: Sky Circuit- Xaxel shoots a beam of energy into the sky, forming a cloud as it reaches another part of the atmosphere and changes forms.

Lvl 1 Techniques
Storm Release: Laser Runners- Forms discs of spinning laser energy that he can throw into the ground that will chase after the enemy like buzzsaws, hey can even jump out of the ground to a suprising height

Storm Release: Laser claw- Focusing in his hand storm release chakra xaxel creates an attack that pierces once it come into contact with anything, making a laser forward from the point of contact

Circuit completion: Satellite Laser- Xaxel makes a hand sign at which point the energy previously put into the sky as clouds rain down towards the target. The laser can come down in different forms depending on the hand sign, it can come down as a straight massive laser, multiple small seeking lasers, or a barrage of burning storm naten.

Storm Release: Laser Parade- Bursting from Axel himself a solid barrage of globules of target seeking lasers either in streams or a continuous volley.

Lightning Release: Surge Clone- Creates a water clone that's infused with lightning naten making a lightning trap for anything that dissipates it.

Lightning Release: Earth Flash- Creates a wave of lightning naten that can vary in attack power from a small surge to lightning capable of ripping through rocks.

Lightning Beast Running Technique: Xaxel uses this by focusing lightning naren in his hand and manipulating it to form a beast to chase after an opponent.

Lightning Release: Black Piercer- A simple technique that focuses lightning in your hand, Xaxel does it with ease and the lightning becomes black lightning which he usually saves for more powerful attacks.

Water Release: Water Encampment Wall- creates a wall of water by forcing water up at a great pressure in a 360 direction.

Water Release: Water Dragon Jutsu- creates a water dragon of various sizing that may or may not be charge with lightning naten. Xaxel can do this one sign, two if charged with naten, that's the difference.

Water Release: Water whip- Creates a literal whip of water that can hold enemies

Lvl 2 Techniques
Lightning Release: Lightning Rod- After grabbing the opponent or while on a body of water, the user raises him arm to channel lightning through his body from the sky, using little of the user's own naten. This can be used twice with Xaxel's Sky circuit jutsu and has no limit when its natural.

Polarization: Xaxel can make his taijutsu attacks funnel lightning naten to polarize an an enemy either positive or negative, giving greater seeking ability to his laser and lightning attacks, also usable to make his jutsu create chains of attacks between enemies to take multiple out at once.

Xaxel has completed all normal ninja training that would be included in the academy.

Trained to be the next Khan, Xaxel is much stronger than a normal human, and his nintaijutsu is to be feared.

Xaxel's elbow and knee strikes have been said to be like bolts of thunder themselves, he is also able to make a slicing edge with his arms up to his elbow on either side.

Xaxel has a boxing style that throws small lightning charges with each punch capable of numbing nerve endings by searing them in a flash, his punches can be thrown so fast that some weaker opponents don't even know they've been hit until they find themselves thrown back from the punch. This is usually for close combat but Xaxel has been seen training and throwing lightning bolts from these punches.

Body Flicker Technique: A high speed movement technique that allow the ninja to move short to long distance at almost untraceable speeds.

Dark-Variant Angler Fox: Sheer - A small pup when Axel found her Sheer was able to hide and change her naten signature. She has neon markings on her coat that absorb the nature of that naten from her environment. She can also manipulate the shadows with her fur,, coating it for stealth or creating edges to slice at her prey with.

Cloak of the Shadow Wolf: During one of his missions he trapped and killed a Shadow Wolf that was stalking him for food. Skinning the Wolf he fashioned an article of clothing that was manipulated by his naten. It allows him to meld into the shadows as pools of naten both fashioned or natural.

Axel has obtained a huge assortment of weapons most of which are to unwieldy to keep on his person. He keeps a few stashed away within the shadow of his cloak but the one he keeps at all time would be an electric guitar with an axe bottom. This particular one was powered by naten and bolstered conducted lightning as it's strings.

Board: A snowboard that Axel learns to channel storm naten into that allows the board to surf the wind and currents of it.

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Re: Gobetsu?

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Looks good to me. Welcome
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