Masur, Koudo Zhol Omawynn : The Seeker

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Masur, Koudo Zhol Omawynn : The Seeker

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Full Name: Koudo Zhol Omawynn
  • Dragon Name: Masur (meaning To Seek)
True Age: 1649
  • Physical Age:32

Occupation: Sojourning Archaeologist
Birth Order:
  • Grandparents: Jasso (meaning To Laugh) [Paternal Grandfather], Evethi (meaning Water) [Paternal Grandmother], Siecne Omawynn [Maternal Grandmother], Sen Zhol Omawynn [Maternal Grandmother]
    Parents: Najaho (meaning To Be Victorious) [Father], Velma Omawynn [Mother]
    Siblings: Qeri (meaning Flower)/Kele Omawynn [Oldest Sister], Serse (meaning Warrior)/Elu Omawynn [Older Sister]
    Spouse: Odea [Wife], Eshira (meaning Foreigner) [Consort]
    Children: Kara (meaning Gentle) [Oldest Daughter], Masur-Khana (meaning to Seek Legacy) [Middle Daughter], Jaehaerys (meaning Tyrant) [Son], Korra (meaning The Gift) [Youngest Daughter]
    Grandchildren: None
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Male
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 596 lbs.
Species: Half-Elf
----------Race: Silver Dragon and Talasari (kinda like really, really, long lived Wood Elves)
Eye Colour: Sapphire Blue
Hair Colour: Raven (Normally), Snow White (In Combat)
Skin Tone: Mahogany
Build: Members of the Silver Dragon race, when assuming humanoid form, are built robust and statuesque. Towering over the most average human, but paling in comparison to Giants. Silver dragons in particular have very thick and dark skin, to survive below zero temperatures and the various pressures of the sea.

Koudo is no exception to this rule, in fact he is a prime example. Koudo was born larger than boys his same age, due to a genetic mutation, and so grew at the fringe of what was normal for a silver dragon child. Despite his disciplined pacifism, Koudo is as fit as any vicious warrior, and cuts an imposing figure even if he tries to appear nonviolent (Something many dragons are not).

Unique Marks:
--- Koudo’s sapphire eyes have a slight, outworldly, glow to them, making them easily visible and identifiable in the dark. Obviously, this impairs stealth, but a man of his size isn’t very stealthy to begin with. Other silver dragons do not share Koudo’s strange eyes because it is a trait inherited from his Talasari mother.

--- The entirety of Koudo’s right arm up to, and including, his right pectoral is marked with a very distinct tatau. Because of the density of his skin, this tatau was not inked into the skin with needles, like modern tattoos, but carved into his skin by chisel leaving the skin with a textured groove rather than being smooth. The tatau represents Koudo’s journey from his birth to the rediscovery of his homeplane and beyond. It represents his growth and devotion to self-improvement for the sake of protecting his family. It glows with Naten when Koudo is in combat.

Attire: Koudo wears traditional Silver Dragon Tribal garb everywhere, no exceptions.

Tribal garb is usually made up of the fabrics and furs gleaned from the game that each member of the race hunts themselves, sewn by a maternal figure in the family, usually the grandmother, who chooses the style, and dyed in various shades of blues, greys and whites. It can be robes, tunics and especially kilts, of which the men usually wear to expose their bare chests, battle scars, and tattoos.

Koudo’s main outfit was crafted by his grandmother, as her final gift to him.

The outfit consists of a sleeveless tunic, baggy pants, fur-trimmed boots, and a belt with a skirt-like fur drape attached to it that wraps around the waist. The outfit came with detached sleeves that expose his shoulders, and the tattoos that adorn them, and have fingerless gloves sewn attached, but Koudo prefers not to wears these and instead wears hand wraps that leave his fingers and arms exposed.

As a boy, growing in Lale Caelora as a chief’s grandchild, Koudo was unnecessarily proud. He was cocky, arrogant self-centered and narcissistic. Because of his prodigal talent, he believed himself to be the strongest boy in the village and strove to prove it with every challenger that approached him. His battlelust was insatiable, even for a dragon, fueled by the selfish need to show that he was destined for greater things.

It wasn’t until the domino events of his grandparents, Jasso and Evethi, succumbing to old age and passing as well as the battlefield slaughter of his father, Najaho, that Koudo learned his physical strength and talent with naten wouldn’t amount to anything if he couldn’t use it to protect the people closest to him. For the first time, Koudo felt focused on a worthy goal and devoted himself to the path. He became less arrogant about his abilities, in fact going as far as beginning to doubt if he was ever really strong in the first place. He humbled himself, rebuilding himself, from the ground up, to be a man that could make his deceased loved ones proud.

Koudo is knowingly charismatic, highly aware of his attractiveness and frequently uses his handsome face and smile to gather information. He has pretty sharp leadership skills and his naturally relaxed demeanor allow him to keep cool under pressure and uses his destructive talents to counterattack with vicious elegance.

He isn't very easy to anger, because he isn't very emotional, however, a damning personal flaw is his overprotectiveness. Because of his past traumas, with losing loved ones, Koudo gets dangerously angry when someone he cares for is put in harm’s way. Because of his race, Koudo’s murderous intent can be incredible thick, when enraged, and he tends to forgo his defensive fighting style for ruthless aggression. It takes an incredible amount of time for him to calm himself back down, this primal dragonic rage being something that he can't fully control. Despite this hotheadedness he's fairly mature for a… 1600 year old.


Lale Caelora

Life in the arctic wonderland of Lale Caelora was anything but easy. A silver dragon youth must learn to walk almost as soon as they hatch. They must then learn to swim. Then they hunt. The almost barbaric ways of the northern silver dragons leave a lot to be desired, especially when compared to the extravagance of their southern counterparts, but life is simple and comfortable.

Koudo grew up as the grandson of a great tribal chief, and the son of their greatest warrior. Destined for greatness, Koudo was groomed from birth to be able to exploit his unnaturally high potential. He relished in it. A cocky heir to the most potent martial art in the village, Koudo took to its study, and its usage against his peers, with zeal. The harsh training and brutal discipline of Sila Senpo, the distinct fighting style of Koudo’s family of dragons, Koudo’s childish mind mistook for fun games and simple bonding time with his strict, but fair, grandfather and his accomplished, and hearty, father.

It was a peaceful and enjoyable childhood, but there was always the lingering feeling deep in Koudo’s soul that something was missing. He would always have very vivid dreams of a virtual paradise. He longed for this place, despite knowing nothing about it.

The Adventure Begins

With his most formative years behind him, going into his “teenage years,” Koudo had made a reputation for himself as a bit of a hoodlum. His knack for picking fights, and successfully winning them, got him a stellar recommendation to the military forces of the village. As if his size and his families positions of importance in the village wouldn’t have gotten him recommended anyway.

Considered an adult, the once “playful” games and bonding time he spent with his father and grandfather was replaced with much stricter instruction with proficient scholars of multiple disciplines. The basic of Sila Senpo had been instilled perfectly in him and so it was time for him to develop the practical applications in his own time. While contact was limited, love was not lost.

Making it truly devastating that within the span of 150 years Koudo lost both his grandparents to old age and his father to the battlefield. His father’s death being the most devastating for him, seeing as he witnessed it and was powerless to stop it. While most would be emotionally shaken by these events, Koudo used the pain to fuel his training. He swore to achieve the level of power necessary to never lose a loved one again. His radical devotion to this goal and mastering his family’s fighting style extended out from his, newly, solitary training excursions beyond the borders of the village’s claimed hunting lands, and into his duties as a warrior for Lale Caelora. It scared others, rather than put them at ease.

Eventually, Koudo felt he’d learned everything that needed to be learned in Lale Caelora and requested a pilgrimage, as was his right once he reached 750 years of age. Like a dragonic version of Rumpringa, Koudo was allowed to leave to explore the outside world and experience new things not readily available in Lale Caelora. Eventually, he would be called upon to take up the chiefdom of his grandfather. He had to make sure was ready for the responsibility and he wanted to find information on the paradise from his childhood dreams, and why the dreams had suddenly stopped.

The Lady in the Sword

50 years came and went since Koudo departed from Lale Caelora to experience the world at large. In those years, he worked as an adventurer. He witnessed beasts and sentient creatures he had never been exposed to, mainly humans, and had his eyes opened to just how big the world actually was. He walked with many, fought against even more, and laid with many more than that.

Because of his trauma, Koudo preferred transitory bonds. These moments were always ephemeral. Most companions were of races with frustratingly short lifespans and very weak constitutions. He never stayed in a place for too long. Once he’d outlived all his companions, he’d move on and eventually meet new ones.

The town of Luxerion became the most important destination of these particular years because it was was where he met his wife. It was rumored to be the home of a witch blessed with eternal youth. The prospect of an eternally young human excited Koudo, even more so that it may be a woman.

The original impression of Luxerion was depressing. It had fallen into disarray, after having been abandoned by its population. Disappointed, originally, by the sight of the desolate ruins of what could only assume was a bustling town center, he could see that a cataclysmic catastrophe had occurred some odd years ago. Perhaps the reckoning of some deity or the retribution of some scorned mystical entity.

It didn’t matter to Koudo, what did was the uniquely glowing sword, with ornately etched inscriptions alongside both side of the blade, jammed deep into the earth. He wasn’t familiar with the language of the inscriptions, nor had he witnessed a weapon of such craftsmanship. The glow was eerily radiant, and felt rejuvenating just basking in the glow of it.

In fact the glow felt of naten that immediately intertwined itself with Koudo’s own. He tried to force the sword from his hand, but the more he struggled the stronger the glow of the strange weapon became. Before long, the sword assumed a new form, that of a beautiful woman.

She introduced herself as Odea. While she had no idea about an eternal young human woman, nor had no knowledge she was willing to share about the events that transpired in Luxerion, Odea insisted that she travel with Koudo. He was reluctant, at first, until she told him that despite what he chose, they had been forever bonded when he removed her from her seal.

Their relationship was… tumultuous, to say the least. Koudo had never used a bladed weapon before, and Odea, more often than not, refused to assisted Koudo in combat situations that didn’t absolutely require her aid to survive. Still they preserved, they bonded, they fused, and eventually they feel in love then spawned, and raised, brood of the Talasari themselves.

They lived peacefully, until their children matured enough to learn to fight, before they were delivered a message. A royal decree that Koudo shall be wed.

Eshira, Matriarch of the Silver Dragons

Eshira, Matriarch of the Silver Dragons of the South, was a notoriously difficult and wicked woman, who had a knack for never taking No for an answer. She had heard of Koudo’s heroic exploits and could sense the considerably power residing inside of him. She would have him as he husband, regardless of his own opinion. Bonus that she could steal him from the Northern sister tribe to hers.

The royal decree included a teleportation circle spell that immediately transported Koudo, and all his family, to the court of the Duchess. She was pleased with what she saw in Koudo and used her mystical powers to enchant him. Stripping him away from Odea and his children for 4 years.

Within that 4 years, she used Koudo as a mind-controlled slave warrior. Sending him to expand her territories and grow her influence within the larger dragon community. While he had some semblance of autonomy, any command of Eshira was to be carried out with the utmost urgency. In the time with her, Koudo learned more about the dragons and their mystical arts, about Eshira, who she was and where she had been, but most importantly he learned of her knowledge of a secret paradise known as A’slin. He was not exclusively shut off from his daughters, but was refused audience with Odea for all 4 years.

Unfortunately, Eshira couldn’t prevent herself from falling for Koudo, despite his inability to love her back, and they had a son. In the moments of birth Koudo used the time to usurp Eshira’s enchantment on him and escape with the stolen knowledge of A’slin. This one specific instance of cowardice, enraged Eshira. She spun a wicked curse that tainted and twisted their brood into a rage fueled instrument of her scorned fury.

A’slin, Home of the Talasari

Escaping a scorned Eshira, and the crazed rage monster she’d turned their son into was no easy feat and it struck deeply at home. Losing his bond with one of his children to the machinations of his emotional unstable mother felt too high a price to pay for the information necessary to to finally travel to the paradise of his childhood dreams. He couldn’t pass up the chance to seize the opportunity and took action before he even considered the consequences.

It caused a divide between him and his daughters as well. If he was willing to sacrifice the son he’d always wanted for the information he desired, just what would he do to his daughters to realize his goals? They remained with him, cautious of his motives, as Odea tried her best to mend the relationships between the party members the best she could.

With the information in hand, it was simple for Koudo to geolocate A’slin and he marched on it without a second thought. This was the culmination of everything he had ever been searching for. Along the way, he was able to build a family of his own, but being able to finally meet the woman that had given birth to you was something entirely different.

And it was an emotional experience for everyone involved. Velma Talasari, the unlucky foreigner to fall in love with a dragon, was surprised to see that spitting image of her lost love arrive on her doorstep. Staring upon him, she couldn’t resist the urge to embrace him, seeing the Talasari in his eyes. She broken down, thinking she would never see the son that she had to leave behind ever again.

Koudo learned of how his parents met completely by chance on the battlefield in a war between the incredible long lived Talasari and the Silver Dragons of the South. Koudo’s father was sent to aid the dragons of the south and reinforce their frontlines, but after he learned of the injustices his southern brethren were inflicting on the elf-like Talasari he turned on them and fought as a great champion of the Talasari. It wasn’t long before Velma fell for him and had his children.

He also what the Talasari are and why their homeland is so secretive. Little did he know that he’s arrival had kick started a disaster on an epic scale.

He lived with his mother, and his sisters, among the Talasari, adapting to their ways. They were much gentler users of Naten than the dragons had ever been and Koudo believed that he ever could be. His daughters, however, took to it with gusto. He learned that the origin of Sila Senpo started within A’slin, though they had no idea that the Northern Dragons had taken their writings and developed a usage of Naten from it.

As Koudo’s 1620th year ended, the Talasari elders enacted their plan to relocate A’slin from the face of the planet to a different plan. Koudo’s arrival marked the end of the civilization, according to a vision of the future granted to them by their newly unveiled wish-granting device, known as the Masesm Essence. It predicted that Koudo’s presence would eventually cause A’slin to draw the ire of the Southern Dragons yet again and without Nahajo to protect them, there were be nothing to stop them from enslaving the Talasari once more.

Koudo’s first instinct was the fight, so he and his family did. Against the elders of the Talasari and the order they were trying to enforce. Koudo plead that he had the power necessary to repel Eshira and her forces if she ever invaded. Bad luck would have it that Jaehaerys, Koudo and Eshira’s son, had followed, on orders from Eshira, and launched an assault against the city as well.

Torn between a war on two fronts, the Talsari elders used the concentrated Naten of the Masesm Essence to uproot A’slin and all of her pure blooded citizens from their secretive home and it all vanished, including Koudo’s mother and sisters. Jaehaerys had disappeared as well.

Greater World

“Noooooooooooooo!!!” The aging drake roared in frustration, slamming his forearms against the soft dirt that replaced the floor of the grand elders’ Origin Hall. The ground rattled angrily beneath him, whether in union with his howl of anguish or beating of irritation remained to be seen.

“We were too late.” Odea whispered softly to herself, clutching at the fabric of her pants leg. She stared on as her husband lost a family for the third time in his life and she… wasn’t sure how to comfort him. Reluctantly, she approached, cautiously placing her hand gently to his shoulder. When she felt him yield to her touch and relax, was the only time she breathed a sigh of relief.

He sighed too, placing his larger hand over her soft smaller one and looking over his shoulder at her, and the children they’d created standing behind her. He swallowed his sorrow, rising to his feet to remain the beacon of hope and conviction that he hoped he’d become to them. Despite what he was feeling inside, he smiled through the pain.

“This just gives us a new goal…” He spoke calmly, “We venture forward with the intent to bring our family home.” Koudo didn’t have the power to raise the dead, so he could never bring his first family back. Eshira would never be reasoned with, and Jae… that was the second family forever beyond his reach. His mother and sisters were still within his grasp and he refused to let them go.

As he saw the glow return to the faces of his traveling companions, Koudo’s glow returned as well. He felt galvanized by their readiness to pursue this path alongside him. It was decided then that they would continue to venture into the greater world for clues on ancient civilizations. Armed with the magical spell used by the Talasari elders used as a Key, all they needed to do was find the civilization with the correct Gate.

  • Storyline Focus
    Central Pillar:
    -- Koudo is a Talasari from A’slin (pronounced Ah-Len), a once small hamlet of naten sensitive elven monks grown to a paradoxically reclusive, yet bustling village of warrior scholars. He was raised in Lale Caelora, the arctic home of his father’s tribe of silver dragons, by his grandparents as a healthy silver dragon boy of “modest” origin. Only ever knowing A’slin in his dreams, having had his memories of the paradise suppressed, rediscovering it was his dream. He grew, mentally, spiritually, and of course physically before eventually realizing that dream, until it was shuttered to another plane of existence.

    Contrast Pillar:
    --The rulers of A’slin, with their dubious collection of Naten, called the Masesm Essence, enacted their plan to invoke ancient magic and relocate A’slin, planeral. Koudo, alongside his family, led a revolt against the A’slin upper crust, fighting hard to deactivate the protocol, but to no avail. The Talasari were ripped from this plane, leaving Koudo and his nuclear family behind. In the barren wasteland of what used to be A’slin, Koudo and his family swore to find a way to not only locate them, but also bring them back.

    Active Pillar:
    -- With his extended family ripped away from him, right after finally being reunited with them, Koudo scours the globe searching for any hints towards ruins and tombs of ancient civilizations. Convinced that one of them developed the means to travel to the universal plane his family was displaced to.

    Crossing Pillar:
    -- Koudo network of friends and family is very close knit. His wife and his children are always in constant contact, and bear heavily on his mind. The friends he’s made over his long life are few and far between, but the bonds are just as solid and strong as when they were first forged. If these bonds ever need to be called upon remains to be seen.
Element Natures: Water (Dominant), Lightning (Recessive)


Sila Senpo : An ancient dragonic martial art that offers its users one of the best mediums to express their uniquely individual personalities through Naten. Thought lost to time, it was used almost exclusively by Koudo’s dragonic family members, before their untimely passing. Now, it exists as the single most personal connection between Koudo, his family, and those exclusively under his employ.

  • Skill Name: Sila Senpo
    Skill Type: Martial Art
    Skill Level: 0
    Skill Description: Sila Senpo, a mysterious martial art that Koudo’s grandfather, Jasso, passed down to him, and Koudo later passed down to his children. It’s meditative origins exist in helping one become more spiritual in tune with their Naten, so that they may strengthen the flow of it and channel it more efficiently.

    It is no cake-walk to master. Practitioners have to study written texts and practice rigid stance motions for years before even a miniscule of growth is felt. It isn’t until someone has mastered these teachings, etched them into their soul for eternity, that they are allowed to unleash to full power of Sila Senpo.

    A user must open specific naten channels in the body and allow for the naten to flow freely out of their body. Before all the naten escapes they must rein it in and keep it from flowing away. If they fail, it results in a very quick death since all of their naten leaves their body. Should they succeed, then it allows the user’s naten channels to stay open and their naten to flow through and around their body, instead of away from it. This affords the user an increase in physical strength, speed, and agility, while also making all other techniques that use Naten easier to activate.
    • ---Skill Name: Rhem (Shroud)
      Skill Type: Martial Art Technique
      Skill Level: 0
      Skill Description: A technique Koudo learned early in his training. It uses naten to seize psionic control over the subatomic particles that compose his body, by ‘shrouding’ him in a thin layer of the naten that naturally cycles in, around and through him. With this, Koudo’s body literally acts on the thoughts in his mind, immediately as they happen, and gives him a high resistance to outside forces and influences. Injury must endure through Koudo’s physical defenses as well as his mental fortitude to cause him pain and, with the psionic control over the subatomic particles that compose his body, he can ‘rebuild’ himself; healing his wounds and reinvigorating him.
    • -------Skill Name : Rhum (Enhance)
      Skill Type : Supplementary
      Skill Level : 3
      Skill Description : Through Rhem, or Shroud, Koudo can use his mental mastery to draw in energy (kinetic, free ambient naten, or even natural energies from the planet itself) that the shroud meets and repurpose it as he sees fit. Usually, this is passively used to bolster his physical attributes (i.e. strength, speed, durability etc.) beyond the levels Sila Senpo already provides, accelerate his ability to heal or to increase the potency of his own naten based abilities.
    • ---Skill Name : Teiōgan (Sovereign Eye)
      Skill Type : Ocular Technique
      Skill Level : 0
      Cosea Description : Koudo’s eyes were forever altered after marrying royal blood. The Teiōgan, or Sovereign Eye, was a curse rumored to caused the receiver’s eyes to always be open to plight of the people. Koudo considers it the greatest gift he’s ever received, it allows him to see, find, sense, and track energy -- of all forms -- and energy signatures over vast ranges that exceed ten kilometers. The ability extends even further to telling Koudo when a person is lying, since he can see the fluctuations in a person’s energy made from dishonest emotions, and detect if someone, including himself, is under the effect of mind control or other such abilities. Energies he’s familiarized himself with become near constant blimps on his mental radar, no matter the distance, alerting him to any negative fluctuations in them immediately, but it is susceptible to powerful cloaking techniques.
    • ------Skill Name : Touq (Focus)
      Skill Type : Supplementary
      Skill Level : 2
      Skill Description: Koudo extends his Rhem further than normal, then gives it shape, typically casting thousands of thin, nearly invisible, strands, with his Teiōgan senses imbues into them. With this, Koudo can see, feel, and hear things much further away than the normal Teiōgan allows. This is not an offensive technique, the strands are functionally harmless to others, but it can be used as support in combat situations.
    • ---Skill Name : Ghei (Suppress)
      Skill Type : Martial Arts Technique
      Skill Level : 2
      Skill Description : Ghei, or Suppress, stops the flow of Naten in the body altogether. By closing his naten channels, Koudo stops all of the outflow of naten like water from a valve. By shutting off his naten flow, he becomes more sensitive to the naten of others. This can be useful, in conjunction with the Sovereign Eye, for tracking another person while also making it harder for Koudo, himself, to be sensed by others because of the willing suppression of his life energy. However, since Ghei involves shutting off one’s naten flow, it can be dangerous due to it leaving the body defenseless against any naten based attack. Even a weak attack, enhanced by naten, could do massive damage.
    • ------Skill Name : Uem (Conceal)
      Skill Type : Martial Arts Technique Variation
      Skill Level : 2
      Skill Description : A weaker variation of Ghei that doesn’t suppress the naten flow, but lowers to potency and volume instead of hide it. It provides all the same benefits as Ghei, but to a less powerful degree. This makes it perfect for laying traps or launching sneak attacks.
    • ---Skill Name : Cosea (Release)
      Skill Type : Preparation/Ritual
      Skill Level : 0
      Skill Description : The level of mental control, concentration and mastery of of Sila Senpo necessary to transform one’s naten into the physical manifestation of their naten’s elemental nature is astronomical. It takes no less than proper fanatical devotion to the practice of Sila Senpo and an unlimited hunger for self-improvement. Cosea is a primal shout of the spirit, the transformation of one’s naten into one’s righteous elemental fury.
      • ---Skill Name : Raging Vortex
        Skill Type : Technique Variation
        Skill Level : 0
        Skill Description : Koudo’s Water Cosea is… special. It really is a primal shout from the depths of his spirit. An expression of pointed, almost destructive, devotion to being a stronger enough guardian for his family. It a whirlpool-like rotation effect applied directly to most of Koudo’s water-based techniques, increasing their lethality and destructive force. Water Cosea techniques don’t only strike with the immense crushing force of tidal waves, but also brutally grinds into targets.

        Cosea Name:Flowing Water Limbs
        Cosea Type: Conjuration
        Cosea Level: 2
        Cosea Description: Despite its name, this technique requires no physical contact with the victim, but physical motion from the user. The fir- second technique Koudo taught himself when he first manifested his Cosea. It is the simplest yet, arguably, most versatile technique in his arsenal allowing for him to conjure massive appendages, typically hands, to allow him to grab, crush or defend against attacks more effectively - but it’s not restricted just hands. It’s capable of producing any other appendage, including the head. Under the right conditions, and with maximum effort, he is even capable of using this technique to conjure a huge clone of himself who will perfectly mimic his next attack before collapsing into the form of a massive tidal wave which scours across all opposition with immense force.
      • Cosea Name:Vorpal Water Blades
        Cosea Type: Evocation
        Cosea Level: 2
        Cosea Description: A favored technique that takes a precise amount of technical knowhow and acute naten control used to shape and pressurize blades of water. Koudo is capable of employing it in quick succession with minimal drain on his naten reserves. They easily slice through steel, and most forms of defenses that are not extraordinary or procured with the aid of abjuration. Furthermore, Koudo is capable of increase the power of these blades by expending an additional amount of naten to increase their sharpness to levels where they may indeed cut through, virtually, anything. The technique is typically used to create long streams of razor-sharp blades of water to cover a wide arc, although it’s also capable of being used to manifest circular waves of water whose edges are extremely sharp. These water ‘chakrams’, as Koudo is prone to calling them, may be suspended in the air at his discretion, and may be created and manipulated remotely by him as well.
      • Cosea Name:Revolving Water Sphere
        Cosea Type: Abjuration
        Cosea Level: 2 (when “granted” the Gift of the Goddess, it’s a 3)
        Cosea Description: An technique Koudo learned by observing a clan of Alu’Tel’Quessir, or sea elves, also unique to the arctic region he grew up in. The revolving water sphere is a defensive barrier of a substantial amount of water naten. The dome-like shape revolves around him at very high speed, forming it into a virtually impenetrable defense. Unlike the original sea elf technique, Koudo’s variation can be maintained indefinitely as long as he concentrates on doing so.
      • Cosea Name:Water Dragon Bullet
        Cosea Type: Evocation
        Cosea Level: 2
        Cosea Description: The first, and last, water cosea technique Koudo was taught by his grandfather, before his peaceful passing. Originally it took quite a large amount of effort and water naten to shape a large dragon, usually in the user’s likeness, to turn against the foe and unleash destruction on a massive scale. Koudo’s mastery of this allows him to evoke this technique as if it was a basic technique instead of an advanced technique for masters. It’s used very extensively by him due to its immense versatility in battle. Koudo is capable of remotely controlling and guiding the water dragon through the air with unparalleled precision to seek out distant targets. Even more impressive being that, as Koudo and the water dragon are spiritually the same, he is even capable of looking through its eyes, with the Sovereign Eye, making it not only useful as a powerful attack but also as a means to spy and gather intelligence.. However, for all its power and for all the boons it provides, the true strength of the Water Dragon is its ability to move through the air to attack at odd angles while simultaneously blocking escape routes and encircling its "prey" with its azure coils, practically "swimming" through the air in a stunning display of imminent death. Due to how comparatively easy it is for Koudo to summon these water dragons and maintain them, he usually employs dozens of them at once in combat in order to gain a greater advantage.
      • Cosea Name:Gem of the Blue Dragon
        Cosea Type: Evocation/Ritual
        Cosea Level: 2
        Cosea Description: The most destructive cosea technique Koudo knows, only capable of being used by drawing on all of Koudo’s naten and sacrificing his life in the process. The Gem of the Blue Dragon compresses an enormous amount of water naten, typically several thousand gallons worth, into the shape of a sphere of moderate to large size depending on the exact amount of water compressed into its form. The water is kept perfectly suppressed in this particular shape in spite of the impossibilities which would normally dictate that such a feat simply cannot be accomplished - but Koudo, through exceptional naten control, affinity for the elements and steadfast resolve, manages to do so nevertheless.

        Once the sphere is fully compressed, Koudo may release it towards an adversary at great speeds, once the sphere makes contact with anything solid the bindings that keep it compressed fade away instantly, causing an enormous explosion at the point of impact. This explosion is made by thousands of gallons bursting from their confines in the matter of one hundredth of a second, the force exerted in the blast wave of this explosion is titanic in force and typically disintegrates enemies instantly if they're anywhere within the radius of the blast, which also happens to be very large. Due to its power, Gem of the Blue Dragon is capable of deforming the very environment around it, making new lakes, ponds or rivers depending on how it was used. Because of this immense power, Koudo cannot use it under normal circumstances.
  • Skill Name: Dragon Form (Partial Manifestation)
    Skill Type: Transformation
    Skill Level: 3
    Skill Description: A Reflexive transformation that Koudo undergoes when he’s overwhelmed with emotions or is knocked unconscious, but still wishes to fight. The dragon within assumes control of Koudo’s body, covering his arms and part of his face in his diamond scales and turning his hands into claws. Pure naten visibly seethes from his mouth in the form of steam and he gains a massive increase in terms of speed and physical strength.
  • Skill Name: Dragon Form (Full Manifestation)
    Skill Type: Transformation
    Skill Level: 3
    Skill Description: The most powerful transformation that Koudo undergoes when he’s overwhelmed with emotions or is in need for more power. The dragon inside of him acts as a reflex and fully manifests itself in Koudo’s place brimming with power. Koudo, being one of the largest dragon’s born to his clan, even in adolescence, this form stands at 3133 cm, or 102 feet, tall is colored white with shimmering extraordinarily dense scales. Careful when he breathes in, he might be using his ability to siphon energy to increase the power of his next attack.

Passive Traits:

Silver Dragon Physiology : Koudo’s skin, muscles, and bone tissue have several times the density of the same tissues found in the bodies of humans and elves, contributing to his superhuman weight and because of his tough skin, he displays clear resistance to impacts, punctures and slashes as well as heat and cold. Because he is a silver dragon, he possess a level of increased strength, speed and heightened senses. Koudo is capable of lifting approximately three times his body weight naturally, but has the potential to lift more when using Sila Senpo and the techniques that stem from it. Silver dragon musculature is considerably more efficient than that of a human’s and so Koudo can exert himself at peak capacity for longer periods of time without rest and he is able to heal from most injuries much faster than a human being ever.


Odea, The Maiden : A Shinki, or Sacred Treasure, rumored to be legendary weapons crafted with the intent and purpose to slay gods. Their power was rumored to be so substantial that, paradoxically, only the gods they existed to destroy could wield them. Eventually, the rumors were lost to time, as well as their intended purpose and their original usages. Most believe they were scattered to the winds, too dangerous to have actually ever been used, in hopes they would never resurface.

Odea was the first.

Discovered in the ruins of a decimated civilization of years past, Koudo removed the woman from the ground and brandished her, carelessly, long enough for their souls to be intertwined and their fates permanently linked. Choosing to remain mysterious, the transforming woman and young dragon formed a reluctant team, which eventually grew to a relationship built on admiration and love. As they traveled together, they learned they wielded an unknowable power, but when apart they both succumb to symptoms of “withdrawal.” If kept separate for too long, their lives are forfeit.

Odea acts as an Amplifier. When in close proximity to Koudo, their shared soul funnels naten between them, increasing the potency of Koudo’s abilities when he wields her or fights in unison with her. Conversely, any damage dealt to Odea, is automatically transferred to Koudo in order to keep the woman safe.
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