Kurai, Descendant of Vera Bellasum

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Kurai, Descendant of Vera Bellasum

Post by Kurai » Thu Jan 31, 2019 2:07 am

Name: Kurai
Age: 1,969
Hair: Naturally black, changes occasionally based on her mood, kinky in texture
Eye color: Same as her hair
Height:5’2 ¾”

Unique marks: Wings that often appear as a tattoo, bottom left lip piercing usually adorned with a hoop, top right nose piercing also adorned with a hoop, gauged ears

Parents: Lyor (Mother) and Roen (Father) are of the of the few remaining families following the old ways of the Nieht Kura, one of the original factions of Kura. They are characterized by their preference for working with magicks of the night rather than the day.

Species: Fae

Central Pillar: The Kura originated from the Xelphis Garden. It is the location where their very first ancestors were birthed from thought into the physical seedlings of flowers that would eventually grow into conscious beings. Though the landscape of the Garden has changed many times throughout Vescrutia’s history, it is easily distinguishable due to the consistent presence of the Vera Bellasum, a flower whoms petals take the shape of flames and shift through a wide range of colors along with the shifts in seasons . This flower serves as a means to trace their origins as well as a symbol of their everlasting souls, as it blossoms despite any changes in climate or physical structure of the land.

Contrast Pillar: After having a joint vision revealing the arrival of the horsemen, her main focus has been on strengthening her kingdom and allies to counteract their influence. Oddly enough, her efforts appear to be leading her deep into the roots of her family's genesis.

Active Pillar: Reigning as one of 3 Rulers of the Astral Chaos

Crossing Pillar: Many of the inhabitants of the Astral Chaos as well as the Neo-Nightmare

Anthem: Myou Myaku (Dark Pulse) (lv.2)Allows her to reanimate the deceased, alter the structure of willing lifeforms, and create structures from her imagination

Element Natures: Wind (thought), Water(Emotion)

Skills/Abilties: Healing (lv.2)Dark slits (portals)(lv.2), metaphonetic (able to decipher language through sensation)(lv.3), nocturnal servants(beings created as an extension of Kurai's consciousness) (lv.2), B.A.G.W.T.F : The Big ass gun of wtf is a weapon that has the capacity to shoot 100 bullets per second. It is a ridiculous piece of machinery that was manifested during an exhilirating fight she had withk ZK, co-ruler of the Neo-Nightmare (lv.2)

Bio: Kurai’s family travelled often. Always sleeping during the days and leaving the night for honing their crafts. Working strictly by night was a long held tradition of the Nieht. It is because they believed that the dark of night was allegorical to the darkness of the mind where thoughts and the imagination take form. Thus they found that by focusing on this element they were able to sharpen both their psychic nature and ability to manifest from the mind.

For most of her beginning years Kurai kept mostly to her kin. They moved from place to place so often and she was always consumed with her studies. Breaking out of her routine to make roots with other people wasn’t often on her mind.

However, like every Kura at a ripe time, her mind began to wander more and more into the idea of what it would be like to be planted. To settle somewhere for a while, build her own identity and a family perhaps.

She now finds herself a co-ruler of a budding nation with Zeik and Meridia.

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