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Zodiac Master: Sheng

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Name: Sheng Koudoutai
Species: Human
Age: 28
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6'6

Unique marks:
-A large scar across Sheng's chest obtained after sustaining a mortal blow from Michio Kham himself. Though now fully healed the scar is a constant reminder of Sheng's desire to continue to grow and improve to make sure a scar like this one will never be left on his body ever again.

Sheng never grew out with his family but instead was abandoned at a small temple where he was raised by a congregation of monks. While not being a born member of the temple Sheng was raised like family in their teachings and lifestyle.

Central Pillar:
Place of actual birth unknown, Sheng was instead adopted and raised in a small temple.

Contrast Pillar:
Pushing his moral body constantly past its limit while still attempting to maintain his human qualities.

Active Pillar:
Becoming stronger to protect his home and those he holds dear.

Crossing Pillar:
ZK Venkage, Michio Kham, Atra, T'Ajsa Micho, Gaia The Divine Anima, Cross

Long ago in a remote region there existed a small temple run by a congregation of monks. This specific congregation believed in the powerful gods of the Chinese Zodiac, each person forming a pact with which ever Zodiac animal they aligned with. Tho each animal offered different teachings the temple was able to live in perfect harmony due to a mutual respect to all the Zodiac Animals. Then, one day by chance a young child was left on the door steps of the temple with nothing of the sort indicating why the child was left here. Due to the kind nature of those who lived in the temple they accepted the child with open arms giving him the name Sheng Koudoutai. Through the years while not having been assigned to a specific Zodiac Animal to fallow due to not being born into the temple Sheng was still taught the basics of the beliefs and traditions along with a general education about the world. While never known his true family Sheng never worried about it as the temple and its monks had done a amazing job filling that void before it could even being to form.

However, this would all change one fateful night when with out word or warning the temple was attacked by a group of unknown attackers. While the identity of these people still remain a mystery to this day their intentions where clear, to take over the temple and steal its secrets on obtaining the power of the Zodiac Animals for themselves. Running for his life while countless monks of the temple perished attempting to stop the attackers, Sheng found himself in the inner most chamber of the temple where normally the ceremony to decides a monks Zodiac Animal would be decided. In the center of the chamber would still the sacred beads of the temple each orb carved in the image of one of the Zodiac Animals making 12 in total. The beads would seem to glow a warm soft glow as if beckoning Sheng as he would begin to walk toward it. The warm light glow would bring Sheng come comfort and safety momentarily distracting him from the situation at hand. After only a few moments though this feeling of safety disappears as one of attackers entered the inner chamber as well blade dripping with the blood of the monks he has already killed. Not knowing what to do as the main lunges at Sheng to end him in a moment of panic and fear Sheng reaches out and grabs the beaded necklace. Just moments later there would be a massive explosion of energy completely consuming the temple in a burst of light. As the light dies down the entire temple is shown in ruin with no sighs of life at all except in the center of the blast where the inner chamber once stood. In the center of the blast would sit Sheng whose body would glow with a strange energy that could be seeing flowing out of the beads and into Sheng's own body. Lifting his head up and seeing the ruins of his home Sheng cannot help but release a cry of agony and grief. A day or two would pass as Sheng remained curled up in the center of his former home hoping that someone from the temple would appear to take him away from all this, and at some points hoped a surviving attacker would appear to simply allow Sheng to join the temple monks in the beyond. However, soon enough reality would set in and with the Zodiac Beads still clenched in his hand Sheng would stand and leave his home, plaining to find something to give him meaning.

Element Natures: Light


Zodiac Energy:
This is a unique type of energy which can currently only be harnessed by Sheng since all other practitioners of this type of energy have long since passed. This type of energy allows Sheng not only the ability to control the animals of the Ancient Chines Zodiac but also merge these spirits with his own. This merger allows Sheng to harness not only the physical abilities of these animals but also the unique ability each animal possess within itself.


Increased Strength and Speed:
Through extending training not only by himself but also with people like T'Ajsa Micho, Sheng has been able to obtain an inhuman amount of strength and speed. While still not coming to par with many of the strong monsters of the Nightmare, Sheng has still build up an impressive amount of speed and power being able to give many well trained high ranking individuals a run for their money.

Celestial Zodiac Brush Gods

Before giving up his Zodiac Animals to begin his long journey to improve his skills Sheng would normally keep these 12 animals housed within a ring he would always have on his finger. Although once re-obtaining his ring because of his training an evolution in the Zodiac occurred making them too powerful for the ring to contain. To deal with this power the Zodiac Animals where sealed within Sheng’s body in the form of a circular seal on his back where the Zodiac Animals are contained within their respected symbols. From Sheng’s increase in power the Zodiac Animals have evolved into beings known as the Celestial Brush Gods. This transformation has its up and down which is while it has given them greater powers and abilities Sheng is no long able to transform them into weapons or summons but simply merge them with his soul. While giving him different abilities these new abilities come with multiple limitations. For starters while being able to use 12 different Zodiac Animals, Sheng is only able to use 1 animal at a time as trying to channel more then one would cause massive internal and spiritual damage to Sheng's body. Also, to change between his differently animals time must be taken to first deactivate the currently active animal and the active a new one. Each animal also has its own sets of limitations depending on what, or how their grant their abilities to Sheng.

Amaterasu (Dog):

The evolved form of the dog of the Chinese Zodiac, Amaterasu takes the form of a white wolf with crimson markings who wears a fiery stone on her back. When merged with Sheng he is granted to the ability to harness the power of the sun and it endless amount of energy. During this merger Sheng’s cells have the ability to absorb solar energy and convert it for use as physical strength. This allows Sheng to for a time move faster, hit harder, and heal faster than normal. Although this ability is limited to only when to sun is openly out meaning Sheng cannot use this power at night or during cloudy/rainy days. Also in this form Sheng is given and enhanced
sense of smell.

Bakugami (Boar)

The evolved form of the boar of the Chinese Zodiac, Bakugami appears as a boar running on top of a large bomb usually followed by piglets carrying torches to light the cherry bomb. Bakugami when merged with Sheng allow him to use the power of the Cherry Bomb. This allows Sheng the ability to generate psionic balls of energy which explode with concussive force in the form of fireworks. The balls of energy can range in different sizes and power meaning it is hard to tell how much power each ball with release when thrown at and opponent.

Gekigami (Tiger)

The evolved form of the tiger of the Chinese Zodiac, Gekigami is a hot-tempered tiger with an enormous bow and a quiver of lightning bolts on his back. Gekigami grants Sheng the power of the Lighting Element allowing him to release multiple surges and bolts of lightning from every part of his body. When merging with Gekigami a small bow of lighting will appear around his wrist which can change size and shape at will for battle purposes.

Hanagami (Monkey)

The evolved form of the monkey of the Chinese Zodiac, Hanagami are a trio of monkeys, known as the flora gods. Sakigami plays a shō. Hasugami plays the shakuhachi. Tsutagami plays a pair of cymbals. When all three of these monkeys merge with Sheng he is able to use the power of the Wood Release being able to not only control existing wood in the area but produce and grow trees in just a little amount of time. Also in this form Sheng is gifted with a large amount of agility making it easy for him to maneuver around the area.

Itegami (Ox)

The evolved form of the ox of the Chinese Zodiac, Itegami is a large ox carrying a large block of ice around his neck. Once merged with Sheng the Ice Element become available to Sheng allowing him to release large waves of snow and ice and the ability to freeze some object solid. It should also be noted in this merger Sheng’s strength is greatly increase and also his body become denser to the point where in combination with his increases strength Sheng can charge through a mountain without feeling a thing.

Kabegami (Cat)

Because of Sheng increase in power when reclaiming his Zodiac Animals he was actually able to awaken a new animal. Kabegami represents the cat of the Chinese Zodiac whole was tricked out of being a true animal of the Chinese Zodiac but with Sheng’s increase in power Kabegami as awoken to its power and has joined the Chinese Zodiac. Similar to its nature of being somewhat of a ghost in the true Chinese Zodiac when Kabegami merges with Sheng, he obtains the ability to phase through most physical objects making it easy for him to sneak around certain areas. Although this intangibility does not work well with energy based objects as the properties of some types of energy can either block this ability to still do harm the Sheng.

Kasugami (Sheep)

The evolved form of the sheep of the Chinese Zodiac, Kasugami is a drunken sheep with a large gourd on her back from which she often drinks. When Kasugami is merged with Sheng he is able to release and control a strange type of purple mist. If this mist comes in contact with the enemy they are subject to a wave of pleasuring illusions putting them in a drunken/intoxicated state making them much more relaxed which makes it easier for them to be taken out.

Kazegami (Horse)

The evolved form of the horse of the Chinese Zodiac, Kazegami is a horse with a battle fan on his back. Once merged with Sheng as seen in his name Kazegami allows Sheng the power to use the Wind Release. This allows Sheng to unleash powerful gales of slicing wind which can carve through rocks with ease. This merge also allows Sheng the ability to fly by manipulating the air currents around him.

Moegami (Rooster)
The evolved form of the rooster of the Chinese Zodiac, Moegami is a rooster who appearance wise looks as if he is a phoenix who usually carries a smoking pipe. When Moegami merges with Sheng this merging of souls grants Sheng the power of the Fire Release. In this merger Sheng is now able to control fire with a single thought and release massive streams of fire from his hands or mouth burning anyone who stands in his way.

Nuregami (Snake)

The evolved form of the snake of the Chinese Zodiac, Nuregami can be seen as a snake sealed with a jar filled with water. Upon merging with Nuregami the ability to use the Water Release becomes possible for Sheng. With the power of this animal Sheng is able to summon large amounts of water which he is then able to manipulate at will against his opponent. It should also be noted in this merger Sheng’s body is far more flexible then before and he is able to quickly pop his joints in and out of place to avoid some attacks.

Tachigami (Rat)

The evolved form of the rat of the Chinese Zodiac, Tachigami is a small mouse who wields a tachi (large sword). Tachigami actually has a unique merger with Sheng because of the face when merged together Sheng is able to create multiple swords out chakra which he can then use against his opponent. Although this is not a weapon created from Tachigami but instead Tachigami provides Sheng with increased chakra control so the blades can be constantly made as long as Sheng has chakra to spar.

Yomigami (Dragon)

The evolved form of the dragon of the Chinese Zodiac, Yomigami is a huge dragon with a scroll attached to his tail. Yomigami when merged with Sheng grants him the power of rejuvenation. This ability gives Sheng the power to heal himself or others when they have taken massive/life threatening damage. While this ability is able to heal wounds as severe as missing organs or limbs because of the amount of time, concentration, and chakra this ability takes it is pretty much impossible to use it during battle.

Yumigami (Rabbit)

The evolved form of the rabbit of the Chinese Zodiac, Yumigami is the mochi-making rabbit in the moon, which ability wise is the exact opposite of Amaterasu. While Amaterasu allows Sheng’s cells to absorb solar energy and convert into physical power Yumigami draws power from the moon. This allows Sheng to for a time move faster, hit harder, and heal faster than normal. Although just like with the sun ability is limited to only when to moon is openly out meaning Sheng cannot use this power during the morning or and cloudy nights. It should also be noted in this form Sheng’s legs a much strong then when in his base form and his eyes can see better in the dark.


Brass Knuckles:
These are a small pair of brass knuckles that Sheng will normally keep around his hands at all time. The main purpose of these knuckles are not only to increase the power of Sheng's punches but along him to continue fighting close range against people with bladed/hardened weapons. Despite the name the items are actually made a strong steel making it easy for them to clash with different weapons.

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