Shiro Kazuma, The Wandering Spirit

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Shiro Kazuma, The Wandering Spirit

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Name: Shiro Kazuma

Age: 30
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: Hazel Brown.
Height: 75 inches.

Unique marks: Multiple scars patterned across his back and thighs. One single slash place across his chest from left to right on visible with no top on.

Parents: Koshiro and Sumiye Kazuma

Species: Special Kind of Human to say the least. One outside the hands of time.

Central Pillar: Iunvale

Contrast Pillar: Finding his place in the current state of Astral City.

Active Pillar: Struggling to find himself.

Crossing Pillar: ZK, Kham, Zeik, Kay-no, Kayla, more to be listed later.

Anthem: Heart of the Sacred Flame: Dragon Install

Dragon Install is the name of the forbidden use of the Kazuma bloodline, granting a fusion of a dragon’s soul into the user’s body, giving them a destructive power.

First Flame Lvl 1 Using a specific form of hand signs, a burst of naten surges through Shiro’s body, signified by a fierce red color within his eyes. Opening the link between him and the spirit conjoined within him, granting drastic boost is given to Shiro's Fire prowess and slight build in his naten generation.

Second Flame Lvl 2- The second increment of the installation. This increment takes place when naten begins to pour out of his very body, Shiro's speed and strength are increased passed his normal ability. The spirit is now taking control of Shiro’s body, a process that is extremely painful for the duration as it serves as the middle ground for the transformation. With this installment, his Lightning prowess is doubled.

Final Flame Lvl 3- WIP. Will reveal as story progresses.
Element Natures: Fire, Lightning

Skills/Abilities: Always open to Improvement, but for now, this is it. Will put more as time goes on.

Buster Wolf Lvl 2

Covering his entire hand in flames, he forms a fist and punches forward to connect with a target. The punch he sends is increased in both power and speed, for this attack uses both the momentum and a massive amount of strength mixed with the intense speed and a compressed naten to deliver a devastating blow, allowing him to emit which ever element covering his hand in an explosive blast upon contact. He also uses a Lightning variation of this punch as well.

Energy Rain Lvl 2

Filling both of his hands with compressed naten, Shiro can emit the stored energy in blasts of pure lightning that will explode on contact into a ball of electricity. If an opponent is struck, they also have an increased chance of being paralyzed from the intensity of the shock.

Dragon Howl Lvl 3

This technique is on of the few that requires Shiro to be holding a sword. By swinging a blade at a high speed, the motion creates a sonic boom that can on contact impair an opponent’s hearing and focus.

Dragon Dive Lvl 1

Requires Shiro to be airborne. Turning his body downward, he engulfs himself in his signature blue flame and uses the momentum of his fall to deliver a blast similar to Buster Wolf. The higher Shiro is, the more speed her gains.

Lighting/Fireball Lvl 2

Simple use of either element to create a ball respectively and fire it from either hand.

Hand Signs Lvl 0

Using his hands, signs can be forms with either one hand or both to help channel naten into a physical form and conjure one of the elements he is proficient in.

Weapons: Shiro carries a broken reverse blade sword that remains in its sheath strapped to his waist. Was forged for him by Kham containing a unique metal but was broken in a recent scuffle. He also wears a traditional katana as a back up.

Now, normally there is some sap story about how he lost his parents in some cruel and unusual way and left to face the world alone with a plot to seek vengeance on those who destroyed his family. Sorry to burst your bubble kids, but that’s not the case. In fact, Shiro grew up in a simple place, both parents alive and well.

Born in Iuvenale, a village secluded from the normal societies of the world, Shiro was born into a pretty fortunate blood line. The village surrounded by a glorious forest with the snow-capped mountains serving as the border of their host nation, the people were humble, and some would even say blessed. This would all be because of a gifted group of people who resided in Iuvenale and played a major role in the village’s survival and security. The Kazuma’s were considered special, their gift more like a devout “religion” as it payed respects to some of the most mythical creatures known to man; Dragons. Eichi Kazuma, the head of the family and grandfather to Shiro, told multiple stories of how their ancestors had been granted a wish of extraordinary power. Of course, this would always seem like nothing more than tales to entertain the children to those who lived on the outsides. Only those of age would be able to utilize this talent, bound to a contract that their abilities would only be used to keep the family within their code of respect and honor, never as an act of aggression or power. But the events to come would change everything, when war had come to their doorstep.

A campaign was spreading throughout the nation as a king hungry for control was seeking to conquer every people that came across his path, and the mountainous border was now in his sights. Eichi was being pushed to help partake in the battle to save the current nation that housed Iuvenale in their borders and in the words of their leaders, “protect the people.” But the head was adamant about not using their abilities as a tool to shed the blood of others. Though, attempting to keep their morals while serving under the nation’s leaders, countless people were lost the senseless campaign that was sprung upon their home. Many young men and woman who volunteered their services were lost in the chaos, many who were natives to their home. A young and talented Koshiro continued to watch his friends being brought back in boxes. Being next in line to become the head of the Kazuma family, he was expected to enforce his father’s values. Though, he was unable to see the reason behind Eichi’s decision. Koshiro and a gifted Sumiye, the young parents of Shiro decided to make a choice that would soon label them the outcasts of the family. Believing that they could help keep their home safe from harm, they both offered their services and took part in the devastating fight to restore peace. Against the head of the family’s will, Shiro’s parents dove into the chaos and created the “sinful” use of their power to strike down those who fought against the nation and drove them from the graces of their family lineage.

Though even in the dark times of war, life was simple. He was brought up in the militant lifestyle and had grown accustomed to the harsh realities he had to face. From his parents being gone for months at a time to having to grow up in a sometimes-broken home. It was tough, but what it taught him would stick with him to this day. How to remain positive no matter the outcome, how to be disciplined and motivated in any situation presented to you, and how to fight for what you love and believe in. Because they wanted Shiro to be able to defend himself, they began to teach him the secrets of his bloodline, and the history behind it’s true potentials. In times of war, one can only wish for the outcome of peace. Each side clings on to their form of justice, in hopes of finding such an outcome. Though, the journey is what always proves to be the most difficult. Shiro was no stranger to the sounds of battle, being surrounded by the nature of the beast. But this is no story of revenge or sadness, but simply one of someone who has witnessed everything first hand.

Naturally, Shiro is not a native of the Great City. It was still young, tensions high from the warring nations. Placed at the front lines, he fought for a place he couldn’t even call his home on countless occasions. Though, as a wanderer, moving around was evident. It seems his name was being put to the test, as tensions rise within the place he currently resided. Because he was one to test the waters, he decided to take a chance on fate. But little did he know; this chance would take him to the very head of something he wasn’t ready for.

((Will update as needed. ^^))

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Re: Shiro Kazuma, The Wandering Spirit

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