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Jace’s Bio

Post by Jace » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:13 pm

Name: Jace
Age: ???
Hair color: Dark Purple
Eye color: Gold
Height: 6’4
Unique marks: Nope. Flawless, light brown skin.
Species: Omnikronian

Central Pillar
The Planet Omnikron, closest living celestial body to the star Polaris.

Contrast Pillar
Retired Cosmic Deviant



The lifeblood of The Planet Omnikron and all of its native creatures. In its rawest form it takes on an emerald green hue and produces catastrophic levels of thermal radiation. Its metrics are incalculable but loesly comparative to that of a supernova. This energy fuels all of Jace’s physical, mental, and chemical functions. He can manipulate it from any pore on his body with ease, but doing so at a planetary volume would leave Jace weakened until his body can replenish itself.

Super Strength
A byproduct of Genesis enriching his muscle tissue, Jace’s physical strength is TREMENDOUS.

Blazing Speed
Jace can travel at velocities that near light speed, typically by flight, without expending much effort at all.

Alien Physiology

Jace looks human but the similarities are only aesthetic. Due to Genesis fueling every meticulous functions, Omnikronian cellular structure is several thousand times more resilient, and biologically more effective than human tissue. As an alien, he possesses several organs whose functions are not yet disclosed or understood, but are believed to be part of or the catalyst to his production of Genesis. Jace’s body actively utilizes Genesis for everything.


Omnikron, otherwise known as The Hollow Realm or The Sun Eater, was less of a planet and more of a celestial dwarf that drifted far too deep within Solaris’ gravitational orbit to survive.. But it did.

In comparison to its jovial brother and sister planets plotted throughout the solar system, Omnikron was a TINY molten emerald of gas and rock. (About the size of Earth, maybe slightly smaller) But what it lacked in size, the planet made up for riches and resources.

Every year, Omnikron’s orbit brings it closer to the sun than physically possible, making its surface more or less a broiling inhospitable wasteland. However, this hellish exposure is limited to a forty year epoch, which is followed by an a hundred year ice age where the planet’s orbit takes flings it billions of lightyears away from the Solaris’ warmth. This cosmic anomaly plunges the celestial dwarf into a frost ruled regime, cooling the smoldering globe into a crisp, desolate rock that should’ve crumbled into a thick cloud of gas and ice in vacuum of space. Fortunately, the interworkings of primordial Omnikron was fueled by a process known as Nuclear Insurgence, which allowed its core to not only absorb the Sun’s raw Solar Energy but digest its chemical entropy into a malleable force.

This geological dynamic keeps the planet comfortably rotating despite its scarce exposure to solar radiation. Even in the darkest recluses of space, Omnikron blisters with an emerald nebula oscillating around it like a halo. This cloud acted as an atmospheric vanguard to foreign invasions, intergalactic debris, or cosmic plagues for nearly two hundred million years before the first intellectual organism lifted its neck from the caustic soil.

And even at its finest the realm was only comparable to a prehistoric crucible where only the absolute strongest, most ferocious of creatures survived. They endured days that boiled the air into sporadic solar storms and nights colder than death itself. These natural catastrophes forged tough hides. Tough enough to hibernate through perpetual nights that trapped all life in crystal. Demons, monsters, gods, and devils stomped their legacies into Omnikron’s resilient crusts after cementing their might against its seasons.

Jace was among the initial, and only bi-pedal species native to planet known as the Shi’Ar.
Their people were far from unified, absent of concrete culture or customs aside from hunting. Omnikron was a savage planet where sentience alone was a milestone. The archaic conditions imprinted on its natives, and if nothing else taught them survival.

Every every key and branch of evolution was forced to adapt to insensible circumstances or face extinction. Billions were scorched to oblivion before they could age into fossils, others were buried beneath eons of snow and ice. The Shi’Ar were no different. If they weren’t defeated by the cosmic elements or the wicked deviants skulking the surface, they killed each other for sustenance. Omnikron’s natural selection barely allowed anything to live longer than fifty years..


Omnikron died millions of years before Jace or the Shi’Ar was born. The luminescent atmosphere of energy protecting the planet receded into its core, which slowed all geological activity to a crawl. Its rotation skidded to a halt and a cold darkness swallowed everything. However, that didn’t quell the storms. Omnikron’s core was swollen with a molten sustainable force that became highly coveted throughout the cosmos. The technologically advanced caught wind of the planet and found that its incredible power source would eventually implode, generating a blackhole big enough to shrink the space time continuum. So by the droves, intergalactic enterprises, smugglers, even space pirates endeavored to the demon planet to mine its resources before they destroyed it.

Jace was four when they arrived. He had no friend or guardian when Commander Yakwbe discovered him buried within a cave, dying in a nest forged from foliage and gravel. A bronze coat of dirt and dried blood caked his beige flesh. He had matted knots in his hair, rank odor and other foul features that made it painfully clear no one looked after him. Yakwbe originally landed on the planet to mine it’s energy and market it as a renewable power source to the highest bidder. She was an excellent space pilot that led a squadron of likeminded scientists. She took the boy, along with enough data to end her enterprise.

For two years, Jace was raised aboard The Patheon by Commander Jazlyn Yakwbe and her enterprise. She taught him common and foreign knowledge and found his intellectual potential to be light years above his age. She managed to work him through a ditch of violent outbursts and primitive sensibilities. However, before he could build a decent repor with the only mother figure he knew, The Pantheon was boarded and destroyed in a deal gone sour. Yakwbe’s squad was slaughtered and raided for the incredibly powerful, radioactive source of energy she mined from Omnikron she termed “Genesis”. After extensive studies, Yakwbe believed Genesis to be more than just a mysterious, sustainable fossil fuel. Her arithmetic broke down its chemical reactant potential and considered its catastrophic power to be a cosmic catalyst of creation. Unfortunately, she was decapitated before she got her chance to crack the code any further.

Jace avenged his fallen family with extreme prejudice. Despite being so young, being raised in Omnikron’s EXTREMELY hazardous ecosystem gifted the child with celestial abilities. His genetics akin’d him to an average human boy but his every cell had been overclocked with Genesis from birth. They had to exhaust the extent of their arsenal before realizing it was no use; plasma rifles, vacuum rockets, even meteoric ore sharpened into blades were shattered against the child’s soft skin. Their bones snapped like ice chips in his teeth. Their flesh and innards were chunked beneath his nails after literally ripping them apart. His rage roared through the void of space but with the Pantheon absolutely decimated, Jace was left with no choice but to board the enemy ship and made it his home.

Growing Up

The enemy ship was ENORMOUS. Bigger than a mansion with more rooms than Jace bothered to check in the three years he spent aboard. He didn’t know how to pilot the machine so he stayed in isolation until he ate threw the rations. He was less than twelve years old when he found the courage to steer the ship through the scattered cosmic bits of his former home and even then, he almost immediately crashed it unto the surface of some nameless planet. He survived re-entry and the molten collision with less than a scratch on his cheek, but psychologically, Jace was still haunted by the loss of his loved ones. Spending all that time alone didn’t help shit either.

His savage rage boiled over into an abstract vindication for all things that he used against any and every ecosystem he came in contact with. He was wild, angry, and unchecked for the length of three hundred years. The first world he encountered had been reduced to planetesimals by the time he crawled from his crater.

He razed every planet he ever encountered; using their life forms and their civilizations to sculpt his abilities into jagged edges. Psychological damage crippled his mental aptitude and emotional For a long time, Jace just hated shit. People. Things. Not so much animals, but whenever he utilized Genesis, nothing within an astronomical mile survived. Indiscriminately, Jace took life by the billions until he mastered his abilites. That was when he came to Vescrutia.

(Finish Up Later)

-Despite his old age and malicious history, Jace has developed an almost aloof personality that many would describe as ditzy or air headed. His bright, pearl white smile is among many of his distinguishing features. Along with his disarming charm and charisma. By all means Jace seems like an “everyman”, but the guy is far more removed from social contracts and ethical standards. Beneath his thin layer of compassion, Jace is a war hardened scab. He’s ruthless outside the company of his friends and familiars, borderline homicidal. His battle instincts are vast but his unnatrually durable body makes him less reliant on his skill and more so on his biological talents. Jace knows maybe one person in the cosmos strong enough to make him sweat.


Jace looks much like his avatar. He stands a firm 6’4 and his physique is diamond cut. He has chest length, wavy dark hair and beige skin. He wears nothing aside from black loose fitting pants due to them typically being destroyed midfight.

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