Birth of the third Emerald King

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Birth of the third Emerald King

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Name: Dazuma Ains Ri'ore Denkou

Age: 16

Hair color: Snow White

Eye color: Deep Blue

Height: 6'1

Personality: Dazuma is a simple yet complicated guy. A scholar and adventurer at heart his curious demeanor is often the reason he is scolded by his family. But it is this part of his that makes his genius capabilities even more of use. He isn't afraid of the unknown known and is compelled to discover truths however well hidden they are. When one takes a quick glance at Dazuma one might take him for a nonchalant and apathetic being, which is some cases inst to far off because even though he loves his kingdom he isn't interested in any of the roles that being of royal blood embodies. But on the contrary Dazuma loves for his kingdom has been what occupies his times, always ready to help others he at his core is a genuine person and has the insight of beings far passed his age. Though he still can be rambunctious Dazuma intellect is uncanny and his analytical process is virtually unheard of. He acts only in necessity and seeks to always improve himself. Unlike most royals of his family a royal snob he is not. Though he hold himself with grace and intentional he is far from pompous.

The XX Kingdom: Denkou

Species: Human, though amongst the first. The entire kingdom of Denkou are lightning mages that have walked the face of Vescrutia for ages. In their early years as nomads, they often would go on intense pilgrimages around Vescrutia to advance their hold of magic. Searching for more versatile ways to wield their mother given gifts as shapers of the sky. Firm believers that the gateway to the knowledge required a body strong enough to equal the knowledge sought. And what they sought, what they prayed to every star above, every moon that orbits Vescrutia, was for them to find a place to call home. That their line be etched upon her. But alas those were not simple things to offer and thus for eons they underwent trials testing the mortal limits of mental and Physical being which granted them tougher hides than most typical humans. Though not to superhuman degrees.

Few human bloodlines have withstood the omnipotence of time. But the illustrious legacy of Denkou withstood with tenacity and grace. Their reward for their undying will and prayers for growth was being blessed by the union of a powerful Raijin and the then current Chief who became the First Emerald King. A being who commanded lightning to a degree that no known being in Denkou nomadic history ever had the ability to do and was given the favor of the Storm, no longer a simple mage but now welders of lightning in its esoteric might. With this bond, wisdom untold was flushed through the Emerald king’s body, his life extended to the reaches of 1000 years. All those who pledged themselves to him were also blessed given to them the magical capacity to safeguard their home through all time. (Basically, they were turned into esoteric magical batteries with the ability to generate and manipulate this force too much smaller degrees than the King)

But even amongst them are a line of weavers and shapers of an even higher tier. The Ri'ore, in the magically advanced society of shapers that created the Denkou Kingdom they are second to none. A Bloodline that has consciously existed since the Second Astral age. The paragons of their kingdom, among the Ri'ore, are the pure blood descendants of the First Emerald King. Their mastery of the arcane supersedes their brethren which is why they have been unmovable forces from the throne

Government: Though originally led by civilian appointed chieftains after the coronation of King Ains a Monarchy was birthed. From this a long line of Denkou would Govern over the rest; The Ri’ore. Though the descendants of the emerald king sit at the pinnacle of society they are not the sole reason the Denkou have flourished through the last twenty millennia. It has been through the intense combined efforts of the other three great houses.

Each has contributed greatly to the daily strides taken to actively improve Denkou stability and progression. Presiding over respective departments they take the utmost pride in their efforts. The house of Flonne resides over research and experimentation, standing second only to the Ri’ore in terms of intellect they are directly responsible for a lot of the concepts that have been handed over to the House of Gamallow who industriousness knows no bounds. The house of Flonne are also the progenitors of one of the not only most economically sound and open medical systems but they are also keepers of some of the most ancient and potent of healing magic. Some of the most powerful and versatile of the shapers the mighty house of Gamallow have handcrafted every piece of both the kingdoms architecture as well as its technology.

From communication devices to the plethora of Conduits used in everyday life for either medical, transportation or even those used in battle and self-preservation the House of Gamallow have touched it all. The famed Grizzly mages the Vanguard and Protectors of the house of Ri’ore the house of Urso have since the founding of the Kingdom served and preserved the house of Ri’ore. They are the larger of the Denkou and boast offensive power to match. Passing also the greater number than the other house they make up the brunt of the kingdoms mighty military might. Within this house resides a leading faction known as the Raijin Valkyries. In the house of Urso, the women possess greater physical and magical power and larger bodies than their smaller male counterparts. But they’re power does not exist in sheer magical ability alone, they are incredibly well versed in war and combat and have led the Ri’ore and the Denkou kingdom as a whole through many harrowing battles.

Last but not least is the Monarchy itself the Illustrious House of Ri’ore, the only Bloodline in the Denkou kingdom to produce the Emerald King as well as the great and wise Weavers the Ri’ore have lead with an iron fist laced with fair and equal treatment and distribution of wealth through the Kingdom. The Ri’ore are the literal amalgamation of all the presiding household in one. Brawn, Brain and a unique flair for the magic they are the true guardians of Denkou and the preserves of their legacy and blood. But they are not infamous in name and blood alone.

Unlike a typical monarchy the Ri’ore do not use members of other households as ambassadors for other lands or important political meetings, nor do they use them in the arts of sabotage subterfuge and assassinations, of which the Ri’ore have no rivals. Doing so constantly puts their lives at risk for their ay many who would want to get their hands on the kingdoms vast resources, but theirs is a code that has not ever been broken; We are the Keepers of Rai, The progenitors’ of Denkou and we are the Blade of the Weak and the Shields of the Strong. This motto has echoed through the ages and has been the founding reason that these Warrior Diplomats can be found at the front line of every war. This willingness to lay down their lives and fight with all they are to protect their kingdom has earned them respect aside from their great bloodline.

Glossary: Denki Metal-The foundation of the Denkou kingdoms prosperity. This metal is a highly durable yet surprisingly malleable resource that just happens to be virtually the best conduit for electricity. It was first discovered through the pilgrimage of a group of Denkou nomads who happened upon it at the top of the largest and most dangerous mountain in the Emerald Ascension; Mt.Vulkan. Through the will of the First Emerald King, the great storms of Vulkan were quelled and allowed for the mining of the metal. The resource is plentiful as the mountain itself and as such is intimately interrelated through most of the Kingdom. Denkou architecture allows for them to have a constant pool of energy being fed into acting as lightning rod like constructs that distribute this energy through the Kingdom.

Conduits- Alongside Denki metal, Conduits are the innovative birth child of Denkou ancient understanding of Lightning and energy and their natural knack for progressive ingenuity. In the early stages of their creation conduits were little more than the basic magic tool to help better focus the power the awesome natural might of the Emerald Kings blessing. But after ages of research and engineering Conduits have no become the most versatile aspect and advanced creation produced by the Denkou, now ranging from vehicles to everyday necessities to top-notch military arms and one of the most advanced medical equipment known to man. The stronger the user the more efficient the use.

Shapers- A Mage class which makes up 80% of the total Denkou populace. While all Denkou has the ability to use lightning magic at varying degree only the truly masterful can call themselves shapers of any real renown and where that mantle with pride. In order for a shaper to effectively wield their power, they must use what is known as a conduit. Through these, the shapers are able to utilize their magic in a way that does not directly endanger those around them. Over the ages, however, it is these very practitioners who have contributed to the overall industrial and societal growth. Having mastered the metal they have created a Kingdom that has withstood the test of 20,000-year reign.

Weavers- Magical precursors, the originators, Birthers of Rai, those of the Denkou line who are able to manipulate Lightning magic through free of form. These mages are rare even amongst the Denkou for in order to control the great force of the sky one would normally use a conduit. But weavers are said to be amongst the First Denkou kind, and as a result, have moved and swayed with the naten of the skies much longer than the average line. Up until now, they were thought to all to have been women for all the men of Denkou have shown themselves to be Shapers. But Dazuma is the first amongst the blood line to be capable of both.

Emerald King- As exceptional as the Denkou are at lightning magic and as powerful as the Weaver class of mages that stand above them are, there exist an exception to the exception. A cosmically blessed being that no blood flowing through the Denkou line could possibly hold a candle to. That otherworldly machination would be The Emerald King. The title of Emerald king is one stepped in prophecy. A deity of the sky bound in human form, The Rai-Father. Bringer of life, wisdom, and millennial (Through their unique thousand-year lifespan) prosperity for the Denkou Kingdom. A living breathing Raijin. Over the vast Eons the Denkou have traveled the body of Vescrutia only two Emerald King has ever been said to have existed; He who started the Kingdom of Denkou after quelling the Storm of Mt. Vulkyn, Guided and cared for his people over the face of the mother The First Emerald King: Ains Vulkyn Ri'ore Denkou

Unique marks: In the middle of his chest lies a single emblem. Branded upon him is the combination of the House of Ri'ores symbol and his own Seal of the Serpent. ... eview.html

Parents: Queen Onohall Savantis Ri'ore Denkou(Living) Former King: Dracovis Siegfried Ri'ore Denkou (Deceased) ArchShaper-Former King-Grandfather: Luvian Nocturne Ri'ore Denkou(Alive) Former head captain of the Raijin Valkyries- Grandmother: Sha'ren Francesca Ri'ore Denkou (Alive) Current Emerald King- Brother: Sheng Vulkyn Ri'ore Denkou (Alive)

Central Pillar: Dazuma hails from the Kingdom of Denkou which rest atop Mt. Vulkan in the Hazardous lands of the Emerald Ascension. It is here he has spent the entirety of his 15 years of living, and it is from where he seeks to escape.

Contrast Pillar: Despite Dazuma amazing potential, his motivation factor is virtually nonexistent. He has no desire really to be nor does he covet his brother current place as king. Though he to was born with the Same Emerald Blood as his brother Dazuma in his heart of hearts is a scholar and an adventurer. He longs to travel the world around him and learn the True origins of his people place here. He knows they were nomads from several millennia ago, but what really intrigues him is what in god's name brought them here. The textbook reasons his mother and father taught him weren't enough. But as a direct descendant of the Emerald King and one of the head sons of Ri'ore Dazuma is prevented from leaving the kingdom let alone the castle and even then he is constantly oppressed by the leagues of servants and escorts. Oh, how he wished he could walk the earth in search of his ancestors used to.

Active Pillar: Currently Dazuma is suffering from the windows of his room. The glass domes that surrounded the Planetarium with scarce visions of the outside. He longs to leave this lavish society behind so that he might see this great expanse of life upon Vescrutia. He knows deeper meanings echo in this world. But deeper meanings to what he is unsure.

Crossing Pillar: Dazuma Ains Ri'ore Denkou Second son of Queen Onohall and King Dracovis Denkou Brother to the Second Emerald King Sheng. He has an entire Kingdom of family, his only outside connection is his Twin brother, The Wayward Prince, Nazuma

Anthem: Soul of the Emerald King- A power that is not one to be taken lightly. The flaring soul of the Emerald king is one stepped in eons of power concerning the forces of esoteric lightning an ability born from the melding entities of Lightning God and Man. With this Dazuma is able to conjure, manipulate lightning in ways that have been lost to the ages. Dazuma magical affinity has astronomical potential and his use of his power shows this. Not one for flashy bangs and forces unlike his brother Sheng, Dazuma possessing possibly one of the greatest minds in Denkou history utilizes the flare of his soul with precise subtle and efficient strikes. Having also chosen to wield his gift differently than his brother and in conjunction with his great love for his people, Dazuma has focused his attention on healing magic.

A natural born scholar and healer Dazuma healing magic stems from his relations with the Great house of Flonne and has blessed him with a vast understanding of the human body and the essence of life. His ability ranges from healing small scraps and bruises to even reaching and regenerating lost limbs. Though the timeless knowledge of the Raijin has granted him an unnatural learning ability when it comes to the arcane and much more of this knowledge slumbers within him. The full extent of his present abilities are unknown for Dazuma strength is only tailored to his knowledge. It is for this reason he seeks to understand the secrets of the world around him. Whereas Sheng was granted supernatural strength and power Dazuma was blessed with the Rao father knowledge...part of the reason he is shackled to his kingdom. His ability to process, analyze and formulate a plethora of contingencies have made him a pivotal aspect of Denkou excellence, he has a helping hand in all of the affairs of the houses and is favored by them. Some even call him the True Emerald King.

Element Nature's: Lightning, Light

Weapons: Dazuma has a vast array of different tools and Gadgets known as conduits(See Glossary for clarity) at his disposal. Being a Prince does have its perks as his coin has allowed him to purchase state of the art equipment for virtually any contingency. These gizmos range from Denki metal forged shuriken,bombs, smoke pellets with various abilities and superconductive wires to communication devices and other things he might need for the journey ahead. Though the three most notable Conduits one Dazuma person are his Blade Umina, His Scarf Lucio, and Fulgear a pair of Ultra Conductive gloves. This being so because they have been imprinted unto his soul by their previous owners and can only be fully used by him.

Umina: Meaning "Hope" this katana is one of a kind. Sacred treasure of the house of Gamallow, Umina was forged in Denki metal that has marinated in an isolated pool of natural lightning essence from the storm of the Emerald Ascension and light magic for ages. Steal tempered in the Frozen stormy winds of the mountain spanning the metal into brilliant Emerald Blade One of the greatest creations amongst the Gamallow's many achievements Umina aside from harboring otherworldly sharpness possess the unique ability to not only channel Lightning and Light energy but also its shape and size can be altered through magic. It takes incredible naten control to perform this yet use it with as much Versatility as Dazuma progressively doing. It can be extended to lengths of a single meter and widths 2 feet. But does not increase in weight at all. Its size can also be decreased to as small as a dagger making it a dastardly weapon indeed. However, Dazuma is still rather rusty with the blade to use it to its full capacity. He aims to polish his swordsmanship to better wield it.

Lucio: Meaning " Light" Dazuma most treasured possession Belonging to his Mother. Lucio his a predominantly lime green hand stitched scarf that has been handed down through the women of the Ri'ore royal line since the first Year the kingdom was formed. It fibers included intricate threading of Denki metal, emerald, diamonds, sapphire, malachite, gold, and a copper alloy of which with transformation magic were made malleable into the gorgeous reflection of decorum and ability held by the Weavers of his Household. But this marvel is not one in terms of aesthetics alone. When the Denki metal is stimulated and resonate with the magical essence of light it grants the wearer the ability to not only manipulate the shape/size of the scarf but also its density as well making it as durable as diamonds. But the unique power of the heirloom is that it can mask and camouflage the presence of its wear. Making it one of his most vital tools when sneaking around the castle and entering forbidden parts of the castle. This coupled with his stealthy and conservative way of fighting make it a great tool in battle as well.

Fulgear: Or has known in the Great house of Urso the "Hands of Rai" are a marvelous pair of gloves that amply magic energy and lightning currents to wondrous heights but more importantly they allow incredibly meticulous manipulation of said energies granting their wears the ability to wield vast amounts of magic yet freely shape and manipulate that energy with the demon like finesse. In terms of use and everyday wielding there are Dazuma personal favorite of his gadgets. Mostly because they were gifted to him by the only son of the Urso family and his Personal guard Evant Black Urso Denkou. Knowing full well Dazuma love of being handy and his gifts Evant personally oversaw the process of these gloves. From the brainstorming to the creation to hand in them to Dazuma himself, using their bond as a base for the bonding of the gloves to Dazuma soul, making his ability to masterfully weave the arcane second nature.

Favour Of Rai Lvl1

Old and powerful healing magic handed down in the line of only the most advanced and competent of healers stepped in the art of Mysticism. Originating from the hands of mages dating back to the Denkous' nomadic origins who did not have textbook means of teaching and learning. Their wisdom was the byproduct of the eons of traveling, pain, learning, experiments, failure, and success. This culmination was granted to Dazuma through his tutelage under the Leader of the great house of Flonne, His favorite aunt, Esmeralda Liana Flonne Denkou. It was she that showed him the path of the people and she who opened his eyes to the founding principal of magic, what you know and believe to be possible is possible. With this and the proficient hands-on erudition of the craft, Dazuma is in all rights a soon to be a master healer. But there are still areas of his heart that doubt, levels of his existence cloudy.

These prevent his growth. Only the truly masterful of this magic can wield and shape its mystical energies to heal even the most fatal of wounds, illness, and curses and in extreme cases resurrecting the dead. Though Dazuma is a progeny of Flonne, when it comes to his overall ability he can at best regenerate the lost limbs of others. That would be much easier than trying to perform such feat on himself because, through the magic of Kiss of Rai reinforcing the bodies natural healing factor with his magic, it would be little more than guiding (With the practical knowledge) and accelerating the bodies natural healing factor and own separate naten supply. But this does not mean that with his capability and knowledge he cannot perform numerous smaller feats such as neutralizing poison, stopping bleeding, curse/hex absolution(depending on the power of the curse)and even minorly complicated surgeries. Each of these takes several different hands signs to invoke and take time and energy depending on the task. The Kiss of Rai is invoked through hand signs and even magical circles can be used to boost its power but these are the lv0 spells and require time and proper setup.

Denki Runes Lvl1
Dazuma, however, has found a battle effective means of using the founding spell as reinforcement magic. This particular brand of magic is unique to Dazuma alone as a weaver shaper hybrid. It is the combination of his training and the intense edification of his upbringing. A rune modeled after each of his house brethren fashioned in the likeness of their respective seals. Though this magic is strong because its effectiveness feeds of the funding spells principle of belief and hope it is also potent because of Dazumas' overwhelming love for the people it stands behind making difficult to maintain under emotional strain. Being that light is his recessive these invoking take the necessary prep time to effectively take root within him and he is only able to use one at a time. But once they settle in to provide him the means to tango with some bad bosses, or prevent losses.

The Bear: Taking pride in his experiences with the house of Urso his personal Guard Evant and Evant father/ Dazumas' Sensei Igor, Dazuma weaves together his magical energy to create a defensive spell like armor around his torso that is as strong as his resolve, fluctuating in density depending on Dazu emotional standing. It can either be as hard as diamonds or as fragile as glass. That density also depends on his available naten. Dazuma typically only invokes it In risky up close battles

The Mantis: A rune that is among his favorite, though a practitioner of magic Dazuma is infatuated with swordsmanship. This rune embodies his bonds with Esmeralda and provides access to her unique magic known as Sharpening magic. It is a basic magic that can be applied based on the naten used to invoke it or regulate it. With this Dazuma is able to increases the spareness of whatever edged object he uses it on. When used on his blade in conjunction with his lightning magic Dazuma is more than capable of cleaving through something as dense as diamonds. If used on himself its properties heightening his natural reflexes making his reaction time lightning quick, which is not a claim in name alone.

The Ant: The industrious nature of the Gamallow house gave him inspiration for this rune. Being that the ant in one of the hardest working creatures and the prideful mark of the Gamallow house Dazuma has chosen this rune to be the one that boost his physical attributes. Acknowledge that ants are capable of carrying up to 50 times their weight and running at speeds of 300 meters a minute which is about 800 times their body length. This magic allows Dazuma similar characters given him the Physical strength to withstand weight and pressure 50 times his own body weight which comes out to about 10,000 pounds of force. If this is used offensively he can dish out about this much force. Because this magic i so powerful however it rapidly drains his magic so he uses it as a trump card mostly.

Orochi Mage Style

Dazuma though a scholar has not neglected the training cultivating his body whatsoever and along with the already above average physiology of all Denkou has molded a frame that allows for swift yet potent impacts when he strikes. His movements are so fluid and nimble he his often are referred to as the winged snake. Taking this nickname to heart Dazuma has learned and studied varying martial arts whose focal points are pinpointing and assaulting vital parts and nervous systems of a beings anatomy. This knowledge coupled with his awesome lightning magic and Fulgears' impressive amplifying might allows for him to dish out some seriously quick and dangerous damage to his foes. Though a mage at heart Dazuma is not traditional and uses the brunt of his magical capabilities to boost his physicality. Being sound of mind allows him to effortlessly switch between his understandings of the physical and magical granting him lethal ability as both a knower of the arcane and warrior with heart.

Bio: *Will Add at a later date*


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