Tobari of The Flying Needles

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Tobari of The Flying Needles

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Name: Tobari
Age: 21
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Light Brown
Height: 5’7
Species: Human

Central Pillar:
Born and raised in the Neo-Nightmare

Contrast Pillar:
Trying to redeem his clan due to a majority of them betraying the Neo-Nightmare, defecting to the Dragon Clan.

Active Pillar:
Currently hunting down multiple Dragon Clan Bases of operation and erasing them off the map, and talking care of any former clan members that might be at the bases.

Crossing Pillar:
Michio Kham, Atra, Cross, Sheng, Kayla


Kakei Style:
This is a fighting style created by my family which involves using large needles for very precise and dangerous hits. This fighting style also incorporates techniques from acupuncture, shinjutsu (needle techniques), pressure points, and chakra flow to create a variety of techniques that can weaken/destroy a persons body from the inside, or heal/augment the body depending how the needles are used.

Shinjutsu (Needle Techniques):

Summoning Technique (Needles)- A basic summoning ability allowing me to summon an almost endless amount of needles from scrolls at projectile speeds. However, by having summoning seals on my hand I am able to quickly add needles to my hands.

Shinjutsu: Needle Shot- This is a very simply yet powerful technique that I normally use. After summoning a needle I will charge it with chakra and have it launch toward my opponent with the speed and power of a bullet from a gun.

Shinjutsu: Rising Impact- I will place my hand on the ground activating my summoning ability underground and cause hundreds of needles to erupt from under my opponent.

Shinjutsu: Acupuncture- With my needles I will place them within different pressure points on the human body to cause many different affect depending on where the needles are placed. Although I can also use acupuncture on myself to help heal wounds and even cause the density of my skin to harden and change depending on the pressure point and amount of chakra uses.

Shinjutsu: Hardening- Placing needles in a certain spot on a persons arm along with the right amount of chakra I can cause the skin around the affected arms to become as hard as steel increasing the offensive and defensive capabilities of a person.

Shinjutsu: Healing Technique- By placing needles into the body along with a decent amount of chakra I am able to increase the speed of a persons ability to regenerate causing minor wounds to heal almost instantly. While this is also able to help deal with more major injuries this is simply a patch up job to keep the person stable long enough to get proper medical assistance.

Shinjutsu: Body Pathway Derangement- I will add a bit of my lighting element to the needles before injecting them into the body (mainly around the spine). Being hit by these needles with disrupt nerve signals around the body making it difficult if not impossible for an individual to move around.

Shinjutsu: Pain Nullification- A very basic form of acupuncture where by placing needles in specific sections of the body I am able to take away an individuals sense of pain. However, that is all there is to this technique so while a person will be unable to feel any pain their body can still give out from the damage it has taken.

Element Natures: Lighting


Lighting Element:

Lighting Release: Lighting Armor- I will create a thin but strong coat of lighting around my body which will act as armory protecting against different attack. This armor also allows a noticeable speed boost and make it difficult for my opponents to use physical attacks because of the chance of being shocked.

Lighting Release: Lightning Ball- I will create multiple spheres of electrical energy and launches them at my enemies. When they makes contact with the enemy, the spheres electrocute them.

Lighting Release: Overdrive- By striking specific acupuncture points with lighting infused needles I am able to speed up the signals that are sent from the brain to the muscles to increase the user's striking/movement speed. However, this is only a temporary boost and after usage the affect with be hit with a large amount of fatigue usually resulting in them needing to take a few minutes to catch their breath.

Lighting Release: Thundering Needle Storm: While in my Lighting Armor I will create a set of hand sign and then place my hands together toward my target causing the two summoning seals on each hand to merge into one. After enough time a a large wave of needles each covered in powerful coats of lighting will erupt from my hands. Every needles that exited from the seals around my hands will make the sound of bolt of lighting shooting though the sky. This needles not only have 3x the speed and power of a normal needles but the powerful lighting around them make them very dangerous to be hit by.


My main weapon of choice are large acupuncture needles which are used in combination with my Kakei Style fighting style. While I do keep a set of needles physical on hand my main supply of needles can be summoned to the field via a set to summon scrolls or via the summoning seals on my hand.

Microfilament Wire Gloves:
While normally relying on my needles to get most of the work done during combat when need I can also rely on a pari gloves with metallic fingertips with thin microfilament wire threads running through them. The wires are so thin they are barely visible to the naked eye however, are sharp enough to slice through steel with little resistance. With proper control tho I can use them to bind and restrain targets without damaging them. Overall these wires are not really used for direct combat but instead are used as a means to trap opponents in closed environments leaving them open to be hit by incoming attacks or risk be shredded by the wires. I can also weave the wires as I like, creating mesh screens out of the wires to block incoming attacks.


Greetings my name is Tobari and since before my birth my family have been members of the Twilight/Neo-Nightmare. Though the years my family has been in this village they have always been forever fateful to the only true leader of the village Mahk-X who time after time saved the village for destruction. The main goal of my family though the years has been to create talented and powerful ninja that could join the Neo-Nightmare as a ninja and work his/her way to the top and even possible be offered the chance to join Mahk-X's Mafia, Weapon X.. This is where me, Tobari comes into the picture. Out of my family I was seen at a young age to have the best potential to make this family dream a reality. It was around the age of 4 that I was quickly put through hard and intense training not to learn my family's secret needles based jutsu. While not sounding so bad because my family wished to make me a ninja before I was too old my family made the training five times harder the. It could have been pushing passed limits one so young could not even begin to understand and only ask "why". After 15 years of training finally I made mine.....I mean my families dream come true and became a Genin of the Neo-Nightmare. Although this was a short lived victory because no sooner after becoming an Genin the village found itself under attack by thing I would later learn where powerful beings known as Arrancars. While I was able to escape to the create shelters underground when I returned home while the home was being quickly restored my family was nowhere in sight. Soon enough I would stumble upon a note that was addressed to me from my family that read:

"Tobari you have been able to reach levels none of us could have thought for you.....but while it might be hard to believe there are many people in this village stronger then you can imagine so we have decided to make it that there will be no turning back for you so be safe and rise to the top of this glorious village and it's Kage, Mahk-x."

With that my family was gone not dead or even captured by the enemy no my family had simply abandoned me thinking it would make me a stronger ninja. After reading that note without a word I took all my belongings from my old home and right after sealed the doors shut for what could be forever. I would then go to start my new life but not exactly how my family might have wanted. For years my family has told me how great the Kage of this village is....but to me honest I never understood what made Mahk-X so great. So I become a ninja of this village not just to make my family's dream come true but to test my own strength and witness Mahk-X power for myself to see if what everything my family has told me is true.

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