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 Post subject: Life sucks (REBOOT)
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:03 pm 
Void Jonin: Class B
Void Jonin: Class B
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Joined: Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:00 pm
Posts: 518
Unique Trait: Daku Daku Yumi Yumi!
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Name- Sena k.
Aliases- The bloody one, The ruthless Conqueror, The black flames
Identity- Unknown to most.
Place of breath- The royal city.
Occupation- Killer of dreams, Bringer of chaos.
Known relatives- Father (Dead) Mother (Dead) Sister (Missing)
group affiliation- None as of yet
Education- Beyond smart
Physical attributes- Hight- 182cm Weight- 74kg
Kekkei genkai- Comet flames.
Abilities-wind control, beast summoning.
Weapons- Nullification charm.

Likes- Reading books, Older women, Bring chaos, Learning new things.

Dislikes- Exerting herself, Trying her best.


Sena is quite calm at most times. Tho she hates to work, she only does things is absolutely necessary. You can tell her personalty reflects her fighting style: Her moves are quick, but are powerful in their own way. She may appear shy, but is really outgoing.


Being born in the royle family, sena had it all the money, power, girls anything she wanted, was right there. Sena's parents were among the riches people alive "Rich as hell" But? That was just the tip of the iceberg, everybody was envious of the because of their wealth. Sena's family became wealthy after discovering hidden technology in some old runes. After discovering how to use the the teck, sena's family came up with and idea, why not sell it and make a profit from it? Upon doing so sena's family became rich, and powerful. As I said before many people were envious, and sena's family was offiten attacked. But most attacks were harmless, nothing to bad but then some were over the top. The last attack was when the people tried to burn the castle down, failed but still this lead to sena's father ordering the, execution of any who dared defy the throne. But said to say that sena's family would not live to see tomorrow, during the night someone snuck into the castle. Shrouded in black, a knife pierced sena's father in the hart, and another knife did the same to her mother. As the sun rose a scream was heard, sena's eyes gazed upon her mother, and father's lifeless body's. Crying until the tears could not fall anymore, sena screamed for help! help! Someone anyone please help please. the hartack sena felt, the thought of never seeing his parent's again broke sena, by the time gards made it to the castle sena was gone. The gards looked around but could not find anything, sena had lift and took her parents with her, the alarm was set off. The whole kingdom was in an uproar, trying to find the king, queen, and the princess. But on the outskirts of the kingdom, sena was digging graves for her parents. After barring their body's sena heard something, she turned around and saw her? Her eye's widened seeing this person dressed in all black, sena was so terrified that she could not move. The person in black spoke, and said "Whats wrong you seem like you don't know me." Sena said who are you her words dropped; the person in the black removed their black cloak. At the moment sena's mind snapped, the person in the black was none other then her sister miya, She told sena that it was her who killed their parent's, as she spoke she seemed as if she loved doing what she did. Sena asked why would you do this, and miya simply said because I wanted to! I took joy in killing them the look on their faces Awwww yes it was so great.Their blood that worm wet red sweet blood, I never felt like that before hahahaha etc. Sena could not believe that her own sister could do something like this, and feel good about it. Miya asked why are you crying? It's not like they ever did anything for you, but yet and still you love them ha. Sena's mind had it she was sent into a dowered spril, her sister took her and embraced her telling her "I'll never let you go." Being in the state she was in sena listened to miya,and in a flash of dark energy they where gone, never to be seen again.

After 17 years passed sena was all grown up still with her sister, during this long time sena realized she had special power, that power was comet flames Miya already knew of this because she to had that power, and during their time together she taught sena how to use her power. Over time sena mastered her power, day after day sena and miya traveled from town to town. But after days of walking miya came across a small village with many people, miya was thrilled. A smile appeared on her face as she walked into the village, sena knew what was going to happen. Boom! an explosion went off fire set to the village, miya was the cause of it. Miya was using comet flames, she scorched people to death she broke into hoses, killing all who where inside. Sena took no part in this massacre, she just watched; sena could hear her sister laughing as she killed people. Miya came across a mother and her two month baby, miya said "Well life's a bitch heh." Miya took the baby, and threw it into the air, and with the snap of a finger the baby was turned to ash. Miya laughed and laughed, she was so happy she spazed out. The feeling of taking anther's life, was just enough for her to get off, miya looked at the woman and smiled. Miya garbed the woman by the hair, and looked into her eye's. The woman cried but miya only smiled as she took a blade, and slit the woman's neck. Miya healed the woman over herself, letting the blood just fall all over her face, miya's face was red with blood. She licked the blood off her fingers, then her lip's sena looked on as she saw a kid hiding. The kid ran out with a blade aiming for miya, sena would appear in front of the kid, and in the blink if an eye lay stabbed the kid in the face killing him instant. Miya said nice job sister, sena simply said what ever. After the burned that village down the two headed to the next place they could fined.


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 Post subject: Re: Life sucks
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:56 pm 
Void Jonin: Class B
Void Jonin: Class B
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Joined: Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:00 pm
Posts: 518
Unique Trait: Daku Daku Yumi Yumi!
Age: 18
Sex: Female
(A much needed reboot for Ena. Everything before this reboot is none existent and basically never happened +-+ so hence the reboot part lol.)

Birth Name: Rena (Her last name was taken from her because her father didn’t want a child that was not male, so he deemed it unimportant to fully name his child.)

Sub names over the years: Sena K. was her former name, but she later changed it to Ena and later on removed the K, further on changed her last name to Bambina.

Aliases Names: The little Conqueror, The Watchful Eye, Mom.

Place of Birth: The Royal City on the far west side of Vescrutia, hidden among the many trees in that area of the planet.

Race: Chinese

Clan: Sima Clan

Occupation: Hired Bodyguard, Odd Job Hunter, School Teacher and a Mother.

Known relatives:

Sima Yi- Great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather
Zhang Chunhua- Great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother
Sima Shi- Great, great, great, great, great uncle
Sima Zhao- Great, great, great, great, uncle
Wang Yuanji- Great, great, great, great aunt

Sima Zhen- Grandfather
Sima Li- Grandmother
Sima Li- Mother
Sima Ly’o- Father
Sima Kio- Husband.
Sima Ju/Anju- Daughter. (Not her actual daughter, but Chusin’s daughter; however she sees Anju as a member of the family and her daughter. While Chusin is more so just a friend.
Chusin- Well known friend for some reason she can’t explain.

Physical attributes-
Height: 5’0
Weight: ?

Rena’s appearance varies from time to time, it all depends on where she is at that point in time. Rena’s hair is long, very long, which most people in her family find weird because no one else has their hair grown out like she does and it's somewhat frowned upon by most of the people in her family. Her hair is silky jet black, which shines when it’s hit by light, this is one of many things that make her stand out from the rest or anyone for that matter. Her skin is pale looking, this is due to her having her mother's genes which were passed down to her. Her skin is also silky smooth to the touch.

Rena’s clothed appearance is very out there in her opinion, because she wears a one piece outfit that comes with a hat, cape, belt, boots and leggings. The outfit is white, black and gold. She wears this outfit wherever she goes because it’s just something she’s grown accustomed to wearing, however her at home outfit is a long dress that in colored purple/blue, which is her clan’s traditional color.

Rena’s height is the bane of her life, it’s one of the few things she hates about herself because as a child she was always made fun of for being short from time to time and not living up to her parent’s height when they were together. Being 5ft period made life hard, but over time she got use to her height and grew to use it to her own advantage.

Adult ... 0528222933

Teens ... 0718082821

Child ... os_640.jpg

Rena’s personality is actually quite complex and complicated. She appears as any wife of a nobleman would, sophisticated and headstrong with an air of superiority and haughtiness. She places herself on the pedestal of upper-class life and looks down on anyone not of the same station because she believes that this is the way normal people would act.

This is all an illusion, however, an elaborate veneer of a truly gifted mind. Rena is a highly capable strategist and declarative genius with an intelligence level that pales only in comparison to her great(x6) grandfather Sima Yi, known in his day for his impressive battle strategies and theorycraft. Rena, however, views this enhanced intelligence as a weakness, rather than a strength and curses the gift bestowed upon her. Because of this, she’s insecure in her ability to communicate in a way that she perceives as normal. So she dumbs herself down, using her facade as a haughty noble, to communicate in the only way she’s ever seen people of her given station communicate with others. At times, she can grow… emotional, filled with anger, frustration and sorrow when she isn’t able to properly express herself in this manner. During those times, she tries to remove herself from company in order to be alone with the only person she feels she can be herself around… herself.


During a time of peace before war, there was a noble family called the Sima clan; this clan was among the riches and well respected clans of that time, they had all anyone could ask except for one key thing… and that was a child they could leave to rule over the clan when they passed away. So the time was now and a son was needed, because in the Sima clan, only the male could take on the last name of the father and rule over the clan, but things didn’t always go how they were supposed to. So Ly’o the current head of the clan and Li the current wife of the head of the clan, started the process of baby making and hoping that they would bare a baby boy, so that their baby could rule the clan once they were gone.

After several times of baby making, Ly’o finally manage to impregnate Li and now with that done, it was waiting time and that was the hardest part for the both of them because they weren’t getting any younger at the time. So after months and months of waiting, it was finally time and that was the day that the beautiful baby girl Rena was born. However, once Ly’o heard of this, he immediately grew enraged at the fact that he didn’t have a proud son to call his own, but he had a worthless girl that he couldn’t leave anything to. His rage was beyond normal and without any other outlets, he turned to his wife and yelled at her and asked “Why do you not bare me a son!?” Li was speechless at the moment, for she had no control over this matter.

Li could only look at the child she bore and she smiled a bit, but at the same time she felt just as upset as her husband because she couldn’t entrust the clan’s future to her baby girl; however, this didn’t stop her from loving the child and even naming it. As she held her baby, she came up with the name Rena…meaning peace, but that “peace” wouldn’t last long because her husband Ly’o was still highly upset over the matter and he looked at this wife and told her “That thing is not my child and shall not take on the SIMA NAME!” and his wife simply nodded. After that, Ly’o stormed out of the room and went on about his duties.

Over the years, Rena grew and grew and over the period of time, she started to notice that she wasn’t very well liked by her parents; her father more so than her mother. However, at this point in time, Rena was 5years old and was already highly intelligent for her age; she had already surpassed every child her age in terms of intelligence and was often picked on because she found everything they talked about to be boring and everything they did was boring and childish in her opinion and she often voiced this opinion. This thinking, this way of treating people came about because she picked up on her parents disliking towards her and the way they treated her and channeled that feeling into the way she treated others, but in a twisted way she forced herself to think that this was how people treated each other and yet….

Over time, Rena grew more and more antisocial and soon enough she stopped talking to the people she knew and she even stopped trying to talk to her parents; because she knew that they were a loss cause and she knew that no one could keep up with her level of thinking. At this point in time, she was 10years old and had already gave up on talking to people and her parents parents because people bored her and her parents treated her like crap, but her mother tried to love her as much as she could, but due to her father always being around her mother couldn’t show the affection needed to show any child that they were loved. Her father on the other hand didn’t show her any love whatsoever; it was so bad that he didn’t even acknowledge that she even existed half of the time. The only time he noticed that she was there was when he needed her to do something that he felt too lazy to do himself, such as picking crops, cleaning up, and basic household thing. This only pushed Rena into thinking that this was normal and every time she tried to talk to people, she would treat them like dirt and when she didn’t get the response she wanted, she deemed them as a waste of time and left.

However, every time she left, she felt bad and that’s when she came up with the idea to dumb herself down, so people could talk normal to her and she could hold normal conversations with them.

Now with this new look on life, Rena felt happy for once, she felt like she could “fit in” and be “normal” but while one problem was fixed, a new one was born! At this time she was 15years old and her parents weren’t doing too well; her and her mother had grown so far apart that even their conversations had come to a stop. This was something that Rena couldn’t take anymore, she wanted to fix this, she wanted her parents to love her and talk to her! Even though she at first gave up on them, but now she wanted them to back. She wanted someone to talk to, someone other than herself, other than herself…

So she came up with a plan to make her parents notice her and love her, and that plan was to be the son they always wanted! This plan was awesome and couldn’t go wrong, just like her plan to play dumb in order to talk to normal people. So she had to change everything! She started to act more boyish so that her father would noticed her and if she did that than her mother would also notice her once more.

Over time, she did everything a male would do, she wanted the love of her parents… but sadly even acting the way she was only made her father wish that her hadn’t put his seed in her mother and even worse he often struck Rena out of blind rage; while her mother only watched as this happened from time to time. However, this didn’t stop her, NO! She kept at it and even joined her clan army in order to fight alongside everyone else; so that she could show that she was just a good as anyone else. Though she quickly learned that she didn’t have any fighting skills or any skills that would put her up there in the front lines of any battle, but she soon found that her intelligence made her stand out above everyone else in the clan and was said to match even that of her great (x6) grandfather Sima Yi. Once this was found out, Rena was put through a few skirmish as head of their strategies and being the brains behind the group, she easily won every battle she was put in; the other people she fought angest never stood a chance. Her skills were amazing and she was praised for it, however, there was one person who was didn’t care for her skills or anything she did… that was her father who still found her to be useless. Though her mother was proud of her, even if she didn’t show it, she was very proud of her little girl.
At this time, Rena was 17 years old and was given the title “The Watchful Eye” because she always oversaw everything that went on and made she it went right, but even with all this fame she was getting she still found herself dumbing herself down to talk to people and often using her fame to put herself of a level that others couldn’t reach.

Over time Rena started to grow angry with not being able to talk normal to people, and at times she’d burst out yelling at whoever she was talking to; calling them all types of horrible names and this only made her lose respect from those who gave it to her. So whenever she reached her limit, she would vanish without telling anyone where she was going. When she left, she would always go into a room she found in the back outside her clan's main army base and she was just talk to herself over and over again, she needed an outlet for the random mood swings she had. In time, she somehow manage to control herself whenever she started to get moody around people… and at this point in time she was placed at the strategist for her clan’s army and with her in charge of the plans; her clan never lost a battle. That’s when a second title was given to her, which was “The Little Conqueror” and that name made her feel somewhat good about what she was doing.

With the time passing, Rena had become a legend in her clan, her name was well known throughout the lands as the smartest person to ever live! However, some people found it weird that she was never seen with her parents and that she should more masculinity than femininity. She never wore dress or even acted lady like, whenever she was approached by anyone regardless of who it was, she acted like a man rather than a woman.

But during her time as a manly woman, she often ran into guys who talked about her in a negative way, saying that maybe she acted like a man because her parents wanted boy and got a girl. This wasn’t anything new in the clan, because a lot of families wanted males, but somehow got girls and so the end result was a girl that acted like a man.

However, where many laughed and poked fun, there was one person who took a stand for Rena and defended her every time he caught wind of people making fun of her and that person was Kio Sima, the heir to his family's name and household. When Rena found out that he was standing up for her, she felt something, something she couldn’t explain… but she knew that is was sending her into one of her moody moment and so she went off to be alone.
It was at this point that Rena was a 25 year old adult, her parents were on their dying bed and she was still doing what she’d been doing, but still nothing had really changed. Though there was one thing that stood out more than the other and that was Kio, who somehow found himself beside Rena all the time; she noticed it from the moment her tried to hit on her and she told him “No” and moved on. Yet somehow he didn’t quit, he made her accept him being around her and his feelings towards her. He couldn't explain why he was attracted to her, but something about her made him crazy, and over time they grew closer and closer to one another and Rena was somewhat slowly opening up to Kio. She felt like he got her, like she could be herself and not her other self she portrayed to others, this was nice and she really enjoyed being able to talk normal and be normal. Though she was starting to find her happiness, she soon lost it, this was because her parents had passed away… even though they never got along whatsoever, she still loved them and their passing sent her into a downward spiral; this tragic event caused her to flee from her clan and become a runaway. During this time away, she changed her name many times in order to hide who she truly was. She went by many names such as Sena K., Sena Kusanagi, Ena and Ena Bambina is her current allies name.

This was who she was now for the most part, but there was one thing she forgot… well one person who didn’t just let her leave, one person who followed her and watched her while she went through her phase and that person was Kio. He understood what she was going through better than anyone ever could, and soon enough her confronted her about why she ran and what had happened when she left. They talked it out and that’s when everything was spilled and from that point on, Kio stuck by her and helped her through this mess.

Later on down the line, Rena and Kio married in secret and made a life together, they were happy being alone together… even if the old wounds never closed completely.


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