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 Post subject: A time to flee...
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 1:07 am 
Void Genin: Class E
Void Genin: Class E
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"...I guess i should start with my name, I go by Artier, Artier Excieo. My tale is not an extravagant one, nor is it filled with any more obstacles than any other poor soul on this ever tumultuous planet that we reside on. I hale from a tribe of warriors who have the ability to "borrow" and combine powers of different origins. The Excios practice sealing and summoning, and those two facets of our power work hand in hand with one another. From what we seal ranging from energy, beasts, demons, weapons, and even supposed "Gods" we can draw power from, and other things. But we we did not always have the power to summon, originally our true talent was that of the former. Our sealing techniques were different from any other, intricate and woven in varying levels of runes. The summoning bit was a latent bloodline talent that was developed much later in our history...

A long time ago many People feared the clan name Excio because, of our inordinate potential for saving or destruction. Not being able to predict our motives and because my tribe didn't have a allegiance to a country was the cause to drive these many of people mad. Although my tribe was rather discreet and careful with our gifts, tales and exaggerated myths about us began to spread and fueled the flame, causing dangerous outbreaks of riots, and man hunting. My clan eventually was forced into hiding and was successful in doing so by separating ourselves out of the plane by producing an intricate multi level seal around the tribe's boarders and intern we placed ourselves in a sort of mirroring plane no longer connected with the rest of the world.

However, my clan was foolish in believing that seclusion was the key to conservation. Upon entering the mirrored plane my tribe was quick to discover that they were not the only ones to take up residence there. Foul creatures stronger than what they had encountered in the original plane dwelled in the mirror and although they no longer had to worry about being hunted by men, these creatures more than sufficed in dwindling the Excio Tribe's forces. These creatures proved to be difficult even for all our sealing prowess and fortifications. Years went by and my tribe continued to remain in the "Mirrored Land" feeling it was safer there than it was in the original Plane. They felt no need to hold back in slaying monsters and yet killing other warriors like themselves was much more "complicated."

It wasn't until my father had developed the means to push back the colossal powered creatures that my tribe actually began to feel safe. He pioneered a new evolution of sealing that not only separated the beasts from the mirrored plane but also allowed the Excio's to tap into the power of that which we seal. This turned the tide in our favor as we were able to match the force of these creatures with their own power.

Many years passed since the dark days of the war between my tribe and the "Mirrorland Indigenous." The new technique my father developed earned him many accolades and the knowledge of how to perform them became integrated into the tribe's customs, and soon every Excieo practiced some form of both sealing and summoning.

The appointed leader, My father, later took a wife and had two offspring: my older sister and I. We both were held in high regard but I could never be as a natural as my sister. However, I never felt resentful towards her because of her talents. My sister and I were close siblings outside the field of battle but, no matter how similar and close were were she still effortlessly mastered combat sealing and I had to work twice as hard in order to even keep up in the slightest bit. Even so I could never be as masterful, graceful, and powerful as she in physical combat. But I was quite adept in "Energy and Beast sealing." People tried to convince me that I was as good as my sister or even better but, I knew I didn't hold a candle to her abilities...they all just felt sorry for me. how did I end up back in the original plane you may ask? Well to put it simply I am a coward,deserter, and constantly in need of saving. Quite frankly I probably don't deserve to be breathing right now...but i guess someone else thought differently... After my mother had passed away my father began acting differently he began to become obsessed with power, and many within the tribe noticed. These people even tried to help him out of his intoxicated state of power but, he retaliated by either execution or banishment, and this drove my tribe into two opposing factions.

The opposing factions were constantly at odds with one another and, and my sister and I were of course allied with our father, or so I thought. My father had found out that my older sister was an operative of the opposing faction and was furious. He began performing experiments on the people who were still aligned to him in order to gain the upper hand on the "Rebellion." These experiments included unnatural growth steroids, chakra transplants/mutations, and body implants. I was unfortunately one of the ones who had undergone a body implant; My own left eye was replaced with that of another. Its a strange opaque eye, but With it I gained the ability to see further, through objects, and most importantly the flow of chakra in ones body.

Shortly after my operation my sister raided the main compound with many other "rebels" in a furious rage. I found myself caught in the fight as well crippling those I once called allies, and friends I made my way into the center hall where I saw my sister challenging my father foolishly even with all her natural gifts she couldn't touch him...he was after all the one who developed our way of fighting how could she hope to overcome him. I plead for them to stop fighting but my words where to no avail.

All of a sudden my Sister's attacking powers took an exponential leap, forcing my father into a corner, figuratively and literally. As I stood still witnessing her assault, I was taken over by a foreign power and intercepted her. My body moved on its own and no matter how hard i tried to gain control, it would prove to be futile. I was somehow possessed, and forced to attack my sister. It was then I realized that the power implanted in me by my father is what overcame me, and I was coerced to be my father's savior, his tool.

Next thing I knew my sister and I were surrounded in a seal that I had never before seen. As the intricate runes formed around us forming a barrier I saw my father's face become twisted in rage; his mouth was moving but I heard nothing but the weaving of the seal around us. After a quick flash of light I regained control of my body, but I was also instantly aware that my sister and I weren't in the Mirror Plane any longer."

 Post subject: Re: A time to flee...
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 12:58 pm 
The Great Destroyer
The Great Destroyer
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Well written, pretty descriptive and intricate. It appears thought out and full of potential development. Normally I'm quite apprehensive of people who come in with Avatars as grown ass men, but I've been known to give chances. Either way welcome to Vescrutia, or if you're already here, Welcome back.

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