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 Post subject: A time to Fight..
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:13 am 
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Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
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I'm sure my baby brother's long winded history lesson about our tribe filled most of you in on the origin of our hidden clan. Rather than given ya another ear full of something to yawn through, allow me to fast forward to where my naive brother story differs.

You may have heard from my brother about the turmoil the tribe endured in both the original plane and later in the Mirrored plane. Although, what he has said is true their is information he may have left out. One thing in particular would be the importance of the seal that placed our tribe in the mirrored plane in the first place. There hadn't been a seal of that caliber performed ever in history back then. The weaving for such a complex seal took several days, and 10 of the tribe's best weavers had to sacrifice their life force in order to form a seal capable of such a feat. The Tribe made certain that they could not be tracked or followed into the mirrored Plane, and made certain no one in the tribe could break out in order to get back into the original plane.

The fact that our tribe was separated from the rest of civilization started the feud amongst the clan members. Feeling that it was a decision made without the consensus of the Tribe stirred negative feelings in many of my fellow tribesmen. During the conflict with the "Mirrorland Indigenous" a secret faction within the tribe had formed; one that opposed being kept in the Mirrorland against their will.

Within this faction was a talented young girl who performed amazing feats with her sealing that no one else could. She created her own seals on a whim and had the ability to call what she had sealed back to her. This girl was very talented but her skills only applied to simple material objects. However, she was still a vital member of said faction; she was a thief, and an amazing one at that.

I know at this point you all may be assuming that this young girl was myself, but unfortunately I wasn't even a thought in this time period. The young girl in which I spoke later met a law abiding man, which she shared little in common with. The girl was adventurous, free, and untamed, yet the man was stiff, strict, and by the book. With all these opposing characteristics she found herself foolishly and completely in love with him. They changed each other, and learned from one another, and together developed away to fight the creatures of the Mirrorland and protect the tribes borders for good. Then soon after, the young girl became a women and bore children; My younger brother and Myself.

My brother and I were only 3 years apart and we grew up closely with one another. Our parents loved us both equally and never showed favoritism no matter the circumstance. I was the first to start my training so of course my skill was suppose to be higher than his and he claims to not being able to compete on the same level but my baby brother is very intelligent, naive but intelligent nonetheless. He began weaving seals earlier than I, and was able to grasp onto summoning easier than i ever could and excelled in his own category.

I learned everything I know from the tutelage of my mother however, and in my eye she was the "original Summoner." Yet my tribesmen only recognized my father for the achievement of discovering the summoning aspect of out blood line trait, even though it was my mother's all along. However, not being recognized never bothered her. She supported my father even when he didn't want to take all the credit my mother still urged him to do so, and that is where she made her mistake.

My brother may have convinced you that my father started to change when my mother died, and perhaps from his eyes that is his truth but, I assure you he is wrong. My father began to change way before that, as soon as he was appointed Leader of the clan. He made less and less time to spend with his family. Becoming obsessed with his role of power and work. My mom noticed this and took his separation harder than my younger brother and I. She too then became obsessed but with a way to get my father back. Her obsession lead her to a new discovery, a way out of the Mirrored Plane.

As I had mentioned the Seal that was woven years ago was highly complicated and wasn't intended for anyone to slip in or out. Yet my mother the genius that she was, used her advanced summoning knowledge and applied it to the seal keeping my tribe in the Mirrored Plane. My mother weaved the several "exiting" seals onto scrolls that allowed for a few people to exit at a time.

My mother's attention was to leave the mirrored plane with my brother my father and myself but her efforts were halted. My father found out about my mother's research and what she had discovered. In his blind state of power he saw her actions as rebellious and that she was going back to her old ways. I guess my father felt betrayed, and sent his lover to rot in "prison", and covered this act by saying the faction she was a part of killed her because of her betrayal. As for the father hid them rather than destroying them. But what he didn't know is that my mother hid one also, within her daughter's void.

I loathed my father for what he had done, and what he had become. He was no longer the man who raised me, the man who looked at his family as his greatest achievement. No, that man had died and as far as I was concerned I had one parent left and that was my mother who he kept "sealed" away. I knew I had to retrieve her in some way but I would need help.

My brother was young and innocent and still had light in his eye for my father so, I did not want to get him involved. Therefore I secretly went to the faction my mother was once a part of and told them what he had really done and that they can have an opportunity to leave the mirrored plane if they retrieved the scrolls from him. They were at first skeptical of my intentions seeing as I was the daughter of the chief, but I soon earned their trust by proving myself in other daring feats.

I hid my affiliation with the secret faction well from my father. To his knowledge I was still his first born, his rose, and beloved baby girl. That was until I discovered the inhumane experiments he was performing on our people...and my brother. I saw him myself overseeing these horrendous acts as I was clad in the faction's uniform and mask. I was suppose to be part of a covert operation with other members of the faction to follow up on these rumors of father having "special projects" but we were discovered. My father and his agents some how sensed us and engaged us in battle. As my comrades and i struggled to flee my mask was torn by my fathers hand. His realization that his daughter was one conspiring against him gave me and my partners the distraction we needed to make our escape back to base, and there was no turning back for me at that point, nor did I want to.

A week or so later a full assault on the castle i once called my home was initiated. I could not stand by and watch as my tribesman were manipulated and used by this monster of a man. My first goal was to find my younger brother and get him out before anything major happened. Unfortunately he wasn't in his room or any other spots he usually spent his time at within the castle. I thought the worst may have happened. My thoughts roamed as I made my way from room to room and suddenly I found myself face to face with my father within the main hall.

I forgot what i was originally trying to do and rage took over me as I issued battle with my father blindly. I fought hard but it seemed as if father was just toying with me, and felt the need to lecture me as I was trying to end him right then and there. As I continued to fight my father I heard the clamor of my compatriots engaging my father's subjects in battle. Screams and roars of battle echoed within the castle walls.

Suddenly the doors to the main hall was forcefully blown down. With a group of my companions flailing through the gaping hole, and there was my brother simply standing where the doors once were. One side of his face was bandaged blocking one of his eyes but his other eye looked at me and I saw so much pain within that one eye. His pain drove me over the edge and somehow i gained power I never knew I had. I actually began overpowering my father to an extent and was ready to strike the final blow, until my baby brother intercepted me. I couldn't believe it, but I soon realized his actions wasn't his own. The bandage that hid his eye was unraveled and a foreign flux of energy erupted from within him. But it was the look on my younger brother's face that told me he was being controlled.

I had to get him away from my father, I couldn't let my brother be a puppet to this mad man's cause. So I did the only thing I felt was right. I retrieved the scroll my mother had sealed within me and activated it. the runes that were woven on the scroll formed a barrier around my brother and I, and i could tell on the look of my Father's face that he knew what it was that I had activated. I heard him screaming "No!! Where in the hell did you find that?!" my only response to him was a fulfilling smirk before we were transferred out of the Mirrored Plane.

A certain relief washed over me once i realized the scroll had actually worked. It was never tested but I trusted in my mother's abilities. I am pleased to have gotten my brother away from the clutches of my father and I hope he can find a life here in the original plane. But i know I have to go back, there is someone I left behind...

 Post subject: Re: A time to Fight..
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:15 pm 
The Great Destroyer
The Great Destroyer
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Approved, it was welcomed for you to tie the feels of your character into this story whilst offering a different perspective to you and your brothers as well.

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