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 Post subject: The First light....(NPC)
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:05 am 
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Unique Trait: Onmi-Magic/ Alchemy
Age: 0
Sex: Female
Alignment: Good
Name: Asu-Hyne Hugo

Alias: Ahyne


Elements: None.

Kekkei Genkai: Sound Manipulation/ De-Blade/ Gentai

The eldest child of the known Hugo clan.. She is the first born child of the four Hugo Originals. Her coming is brought upon the presence of her mother, JUDEN..

The night was dark, she heard the cries of her two brothers in the room just down the. Hall from where she was being guarded by her families soldiers.. Her home was under attack by a evil, known only as The Darkness.. It turned allies against one another. Like a virus it took control of everyones mind. Giving them illusions of their worse fears. Many would murder their own kin and comrades. The village in the light was now a hell that no one could escape...

The girl buried her face deep into the folds of her arms. Her sorrow sound a song that filled the room with warmth.. Hope... Moments later the room went pitch black.

The sounds of limbs being cut and blood sprewing from open wounds echoed behind silent cries of death. A sheet of blood rained down upon the girl as a single glare of light manifested just meters away from her... A man, no, her father stood just before her. His face as clear as day; She couldnt believe it was him. The light would power back on and he was now visible. His breathes were heavy as his blonde hair was barely seen through the layers of crimson from the blood. His eyes were pitch black and his skin was pale white. His soul was lost... He had given in to the darkness..

Being the Eldest child she has the purest of the Gentai. She is the first light. Her father stood just before her as a lost being. The darkness gave him a power to be unmatched. She was saved by her mother Juden. Her mother would appear infront of her just as her father made his attack. She would place a barrier around yound Asu and transport her somewhere safe. She then was met by other allies and tooken to a secret location.

The day the tree of life fell, a light shined that caused her to awake from her sleep. She was put to rest to train in the spirit world with the Elders of the clan. There she trained under the most powerful master of the clan Ryu-Kino.

With the fall of the tree, she came to wake her training complete. Her brothers alive in the world known as Vescrutia. She came to the alliance and wants to join ber family at Moirai U. She would join the staff as just a regular counselor..

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