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 Post subject: Awakening: Jinomaru Kai Hugo
 Post Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:06 am 
Moirai Student :: Genin Level Member
Moirai Student :: Genin Level Member
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Joined: Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:53 pm
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Unique Trait: N/A
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Alignment: Good
Name:Jinomaru K. Hugo
Alias: Forgotten Light, The Light's Shadow

Bloodline Trait: Gentai/ Kai Genke/ plasma

Elements: earth, fire


25 five years ago...

The cries of two baby boys echoed through the halls of a very large underground cabin. Only one light glared in the shadows of a single hallway. Rumbles of an on going battle shook the atmosphere. This cause small debris to fall. The shouts of a medical team could be heard. " We are losing her!! .." said the doctor.He would put a gas mask on her face and turn on the oxygen. Her lungs would fill with air but her heart was still weak.

She would soon go dead as a dead tone would swell the room. The cries of one son made a song even more sore. The doctors would grab the two children, quickly cleaning them and moving them to a saver location. They would meet the father of the two and he would take them to a valley that was deep beyond the forbidden woods. Once there he was to meet a friend.

12 Years Ago...

The brothers known as Lin and Jin were know as class weirdos. They didn't speak to anyone, they had no friends. No one spoke to them, they never wondered why they did. But it really didn't matter to them, they had each other. Jin grew up alongside his brother Lin until they were 13. They both had graduated academy and were separated into different teams. Jin's teacher wasn't the best one, he struggled to understand how to make a team work . Jin lost a squad member. Another one moved away. He was now alone with his sensi. Lin his brother was advancing so quickly he had already be came Chuunin. A shame with his sorry for an excuse sensi, he felt.

He would hunt his brother appearing everywhere throughout the village fighting Lin. Knowing his brother would fight back. This allowed Jin to advanced among levels he never imagine. But it still wasn't. Enough..

5 year's ago..

Lin came to Jin as a Jounin, he showed his brother he had power beyond his imagination. That Jin was no match for his syrength. This was all true, but, Jin challenged him anyway. Lin would end the battle quickly and entrap him in a world known as Juden.

On Juden; Jin traveled into the mountains of the his clansmen. There he trained to unlock a hidden power known as The Gentai.. The power only those who are truly the blessed children of the clan. The power of the great Dragons of Light. Jin accepted the role of the last light the forgotten Dragon. He was old and weak. His scales lacked the bright glow of the elders. They were black and his eyes red from the aging. Jin came to understand him after training under him.

Jun once again would fight his brother and a would be student of his. They both would surely defeat Jin together. Somehow, Jin had escaped the confines of the world that served as his prison.

Reborn from the ashes of the once great Veritas came Moirai. Jin would enroll at the University, his story begins anew.

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